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  1. Lugia_Salad Better than Chicken Salad, that's for sure!
  2. *concentrates hard* hjsdhjhyum Hello, Joey! Say, did he just have your unions modeled? yhtgfjefkyjtg
  3. Too bad, you missed it. I wish I had a bag of cheesepuffs. And stop syaing it spontaneously combusts! That isn't very fun and gets boring
  4. It's an eraser... that erases your brain. I wish that I had an nonpoisonous, perfectly normal candy bar on the floor in front of me right now.
  5. My first freezing was just now My plan is to get as many different breeds of hatchlings as possible. I will, of course, raise to adulthood dragons with BSAs or those that are required for breeding-only dragons. Everything else will be a frozen hatchie :3 Of course, this limits my dragons to ten each week... Obviously, I have never had a problem with frozen hatchlings.
  6. Volcano. I'm hunting... well, pretty much everything there. Embers, Hellfire... Jungle comes second for the pygmies.
  7. Avatar: I hated the movie, although as an avatar it works well enough. 5/10 Name: Seems very boring to me, too many numbers. 4/10 Signature: A bit too cluttered, but you get bonus points for being a mentor. 7/10
  8. OoC, all the way. One of the first games I ever played, and I still remember it (along with the N64 in general) fondly.
  9. Pokemon Red/Blue. Still has my favorite boss (gym) battle music ever.