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  1. (On a borrowed computer since my motherboard is dead. Yay i can finally post!) I was another long day of work for Cory as he wiped some water off his mostly soaked clothes. They had received new batch of Kohaku koi since they were the cheapest to buy and most locals couldn't tell the difference between a high end koi and a goldfish. Though it didn't matter to him he was always a fan of the simpler patterns. Most of the new batch seemed to be in good health but he knew better than to be more than hopeful for cheap farm raised fish. It would be a solid month before he knew for sure and his days even in winter never seemed to end. He enjoyed his work more than anything he had ever done but luckily it was a good time for a break. He gathered up his notebooks and data sheets to look over while he put physical work on pause. The rush of cold air made his face tense up after hours in the warmer greenhouse that housed the park's fish over the snowy winter months. It was a good thing he wore water proof boots as he trudged along what used to be a green field of grass now covered in white snow. He was almost blinded by the glare but it was also calming to know he was mostly safe during this time. Only a few shadows dared to brave the intensity today and they were always the least likely to strike out. Over the years he had tried to catalog a good number of the creatures doing his best to understand the biology behind them. The back of his notebooks on fish held a few loose pages containing short descriptions and tidbits of information on a handful of "Them" As the bell chimed he noticed the round of local faces he had seen around town and nodded politely. Though the golden eyes caught his gaze and he stared for a split second longer than was respectful of a person. These were not the worst of them but he never liked people to be around the golden eyed ones. Pulling himself away he moved forward to the counter behind a young lady that was already ordering. He shuffled the papers in his arms to reach for his wallet so he could be ready when his turn came. Although he didn't notice the loose piece of paper slip out and fall to the floor label "Merfolk" in blue colored ink. Cory's penmanship was rather poor but it was more or less readable.
  2. Merek awoke to the sound of waves lapping close by. Sitting up with a grown the view amazed and confused him at the same time. "Where the..." he exclaimed before looking down at his clothes. "Crap the best clothes i've ever had and now they're dirty the boss will kill me." Though he didn't have much time to think it over as something was definitely alive behind him. He jumped to his feet getting Nido and Nida from their Pokeballs calling for a line. With in a flash the two appeared throwing down Toxic spikes between them and the rustling. Merek grabbed his knife, and they waited ready for anything to appear.
  3. Character name: Merek Age: 16 Gender: Male Appearance: Currently Wears a small moon stone on his necklace. Personality: A survivalist since he was left on the street means he isn't opposed to stealing, lying, and fighting. Though he prefers to get out without fighting if at all possible. This made him a perfect candidate for team rocket to recruit and as his best option at the time he gladly accepted. Unless your goals align with his or you're down on your luck like he use to be, he will not make friends easily. Nido, Nida, and Pokemon and people truly struggling to survive are the only things he shows compassion for. Partner pokemon: Nidorino 35, Nidorina 35 Other: His last job for TR included infiltrating a fancy high class dinner party so he will still be in his waiter clothes. Items: Pens, paper(possibly wet), moonstone, pocket knife, random small coins or jewelry snatched from guests. ((You said you might make an exception for pairs but if you don't think that's a good idea i'll just change my partner to a butterfree)) ((Also when i say he a survivalist i mean more city survival than a perilous jungle just so i'm not accused of power play .))
  4. ((Terribly sorry about that, work has been exhausting lately. Also i'm changing Talia's Pokemon a bit)) It was nice to see they had accepted her into their group, even Lilligant had found a new friend as Brandon commented on the pair of grass Pokemon. "Yes it's nice to find new friends" Talia replied sharing her Pokemon's satisfaction before turning to Nikola. "I believe i have most of it, and Crobat should be back in a moment i don't live far." She nodded at Brandon remark on three Pokemon Nikola could be the champion of. Though she decided not to announce that Darkrai was the best candidate since off handed mind reading probably wasn't a comfortable thought to others. Course she really didn't know if she could even turn off this access to information. It wasn't until they had reach the treeline that a blur of orange jumped in front of them carrying a backpack and a purple bat on its shoulders. "Ah! Arcanine you came to say goodbye" Talia exclaimed with joy hugging the Pokemon. The large canine bowed to allow Talia access to the pack of supplies her father had likely put together. He always worried more than necessary, but she shrugged taking it from the Pokemon. Though instead of leaving Arcanine handed her a white pokeball with a note inside while Crobat landed on his trainer's shoulder to watch. "I know you have grown up to be a strong person, but you're still my little girl so i'm entrusting Arcanine to watch over you for me. Stay safe for me Talia, and i wish you the best. I've packed food, water, blankets, a knife, etc etc....." Talia quit reading after her father started to ramble, and she had already packed most of it before she left. "Well i guess welcome to the group Arcanine" She announced. "Alright now i'm ready."
  5. As Talia stood by letting the others speak she listened to the conversation both verbally and mentally through her powers. One of the newly arrived champions, Nikola, showed several signs he was displeased mainly with the turn out. Even if he hadn't said anything about it Talia could tell and the mind doesn't lie. Though another champion stepped up to challenge him as he turned to leave. This one seemed to understand Nikola's feelings, but had just the opposite view. She began to enjoy his thoughts as they expressed courage and a strong desire to help the world. The outburst seemed to halt Nikola for a moment to taken in the information before he turned and introduced himself. The older man's thoughts about Brandon definitely had not swayed greatly, but perhaps he now saw him in a different light. As he took his leave, Brandon now in tow, Talia reached her hand out to grasp at the question he had presented only to withdraw it. Though it only took a moment more for her to scan the rest of the group to make her decision. The two seemed to feel confident enough in their abilities, and Talia had taken a likening to them. Grabbing a Pokeball she released Crobat, and handed a letter for her father to him. After her obligation had been complete she shouldered her bag and running to catch up joined the duo with a smile. "Hi I'm Talia if you didn't catch it" she announced while Lilligant waved again. -- Kiara had just got there and now the group seemed to be splitting up. Man had she slept in that late? "Hey i don't mean to burden anyone but could someone possibly fill me in" Kiara said looking around puzzled.
  6. Kiara and Talia will probably travel with anyone who asks them. Talia is pretty easy going, and Kiara won't mind too much though there will be a limit to the greater extent of personalities she can take. I'd say Kiara can be a leader or join others as needed.
  7. ((Sorry guys work took a good deal more of my time then i had thought it would.)) Talia didn't like the way things were going for the group. The general emotion she could feel from the people and Pokemon around her overwhelmingly consisted of anger and hate, which she couldn't stand. Thanks to Lilligant's calming aroma and the drive to help others Talia kept from running away due to the tension. "They can be hard to deal with sometimes, but i believe they'll come through. Why else would we put our survival in your hands" Latias chimed brightly in her head. Talia brightened a little at the legendary's words, but still remanded wary of most of the other champions. She would have to get along with a couple of them if she was to join a group as they proposed, so making friends would be beneficial. "I'm Talia, Latias's champion" she announced along with the other introductions. Talia could feel a strong wave of doubt and panic coming from the boy who Rayquaza had chosen. She could sympathize with him as she too was doubting what they could do that the legendary Pokemon could not. Slowly making her way over to him she stood by his side, and flashed a smile as if to say "We'll get the hang of it, don't worry just yet". Hopefully it would help ease him if only a little, and if not Lilligant's sweet smell would. -- Kiara jumped so far off her pillow that the soaked rag on her forehead flew to the other side of the room. Had it been just a dream? She remembered the encounter with Raikou and the thugs, but she drew a blank on what happened after she fell unconscious. Kiara knew she had beaten back the criminals but it wasn't Jolteon or Raichu that had shocked them. "Perhaps you used a bit too much power early in this process" a familiar voice commented. "So it wasn't a dream after all" Kiara replied still exhausted. "As i said, i am not a mere figment of your imagination" Raikou said, clearly annoyed. "Now you must go to the fields behind Fortree the others will be waiting." Kiara heaved a sigh and slowly but surely got out of bed. As she made her way to the bathroom for a much needed shower, since she was covered in mud from last night. She nearly scream at her long purple hair when the mirror appeared behind an open medicine cabinet. "Again Raikou i said i would help not that you could change my appearance" Kiara muttered reaching for the scissors. Once she was prepared Kiara shouldered her backpack and hoped onto Pidgeot for a lift. Though it wasn't too long of a trip Raikou told her she was already late. "Alright girl lets get going." Pidgeot took off with a powerful thrust of her wings and before long they were on their way to Fortree. The journey that would have taken several hours by foot was shortened considerably, and Kiara thanked Arceus for the gift of flying Pokemon. Though sadly it would seem she'd have to finish the journey on foot as a storm grew closer. They soon landed and Kiara returned Pidgeot for a well deserved rest replacing her with Jolteon for companionship. The two both seemed to feel a spark(pun intended) in their step as they continued on through the storm. It seemed she was indeed late when she overheard the group talking about splitting up. Though luckily they were still in introductions as Kiara approached. "I'm Kiara, chosen by Raikou" she added. ((I changed Raikou's speech to purple because bright yellow is such an eye sore.))
  8. ((Wall of text incoming my apologizes, first posts are always long)) "Why do I always have to work so long" Kiara muttered to herself as she sloshed through another puddle. Surely there was enough people able to cover all twenty four hours of shifts at the power plant? She knew it was a straight miracle to have a job in this world, but she was tired and who could blame her when she worked the night shift. Though Kiara couldn't care less thunder crashed over head again as the storm went on pounding her umbrella with rain. Storms were constant all over the region ever since nature had been thrown out of whack. Course they were a good omen in Mauville, "the city that still brightens the world", or what ever crap they said now. Suddenly thunder, louder than usual, crashed over Kiara's head surprising her a bit. "Girl you have been chosen!!" a voice boomed from everywhere as thunder crashed. Kiara wheeled around looking everywhere for the source of the voice. Maybe she had just made it up and the lack of sleep was getting to her. "I am not some sleep induced hallucination" the thunder crashed again as it spoke. "I am Raikou the Beast of Thunder and i require your service to help free us from this mad creature. The speed and power of lightning will be with you always that i can promise." She didn't really want to write the legendary dog from her home region's voice off as nothing so looking to make sure she was alone answered. "Do i at least get the a choice" she called back questioningly. "Of course you have a choice" Raikou replied. "But would you really like to turn down such a powerful ally?" The Pokemon made a fair point and Kiara knew from stories that if Raikou needed a human's help thing were bad. The legendary beasts were not known for their love of humanity as a whole but sometimes reached out to a special few. "You don't seem all that powerful if you need a human's help" Kiara stabbed at the Pokemon. "I accept your offer what am i to do?" The thunder this time seemed to shake as if it was laughing. "I knew i liked you girl. Go to the outer fields beyond Fortree City there you will meet the others." As the rumbling died off a bolt of lightning fell from the sky striking Kiara but she didn't feel immense pain. There was pain here and there but it was no were near a normal lightning strike. Kiara could feel her body changing: the muscles on her legs bulked up, her facial features changed, and she felt electricity flowing through her. As the lightning dissipated Kiara knelled on the ground breathing heavily. She caught her image in a puddle and began to examine herself. It was a bit egotistical to make her look more like Raikou didn't the Pokemon think. Then again it was a legendary Pokemon so ego came with the job. "Hey i said i'd accept your offer not that you could change my appearance" she shouted back but if Raikou heard he did not care. "Who are you shouting at little girl" a new voice muttered. Kiara turned to see several dark figures appear from an alley all carrying some sort of weapon. "Instead you should be giving us everything you got" the voice laughed triumphantly. Gangs were just as common as storms now in Hoenn, and carrying strong Pokemon with you was immensely important. "Jolteon, Pidgeot, Raichu lets go" she said angrily. "You people are what's wrong with this society." ---- Volcanoes shoot hot lava into the air as lightning light everything else on fire. The storm that ravaged the land did little help to calm the flames instead it only added to the destruction. Talia quivered in fear as the lava poured past her legs and into a town quickly melting it. It was indeed strange for her to have such a weird dream like this usually they consisted of happier thoughts than the destruction that surrounded her currently. Sweat pored down her face as she sat up out of her comfy plush bedding. "Terribly sorry to scare you like that but that is what will continue should you not prevail" a soft voice spoke. "You are an extremely kind person, and it is why i decided upon you to be my champion." "Uh who are you exactly" Talia said meekly still shaken by the dream more than a voice in her head. "Oh again my apologize. My name is Latias and i am guardian of this region. Though currently my brother, the other legendaries, and i are being held captive by a mad creature." At the sound of Talia's voice her Pokemon woke up wondering who their trainer was talking too. "Alright well how can i help if the legendaries have no power" she answered Latias. "Ah well become my champion and i shall grant you my power in return" Latias exclaimed happily. Talia was always trying to help others which was why she was in Fortree City in the first place. Her father was head of a relief effort to aid the ravaged city. He had even build the log cabin she was sleeping in since they would be there for a while. "Well i do enjoy helping others, of course i'll help you" Talia smiled. "Excellent" Latias cheered. "Now you may feel a slight tingling." Talia could feel a tingle start growing all over her body mostly concentrated around her head. As it began to subside she jumped towards her full body mirror to the surprise of all six of her Pokemon who reeled. "Guys i got a new look" she shouted in joy. Talia's long blonde hair had been cut at her shoulders and turned snow white in color. Two toughs which turned out to be hard bone grew out of her head, and her irises had shifted to a brilliant gold. Other than the new additions to her hair the other oddity she noticed was a red reversed triangle that had been imprinted onto her forehead. Though Talia was overjoyed by the change her Pokemon were more than wearily, Lilligant even picked up a picture of Talia's father. For some reason Talia knew exactly what Lilligant was thinking and she put the question to rest. "My father will understand i will let him know about the situation." Finding clothes to match her new color she raced outside, Lilligant close behind, towards her father's office splashing through the rain as they went. Her father's office wasn't much more than a tent, and as she approached odd stares were cast. Talia wasn't disturbed by the flood of questioning thoughts she felt and even heard as she entered the tent. "Father Father look! Latias has chosen me to help her isn't this great" she called. The feeling of surprise flooded over her as he turned around his face covered with shock. "Talia Anne Merek, what did you do" he exclaimed. Talia reeled at his tone as she knew he was not anywhere as happy. "Latias chose me to be her champion so i could help the other legendary Pokemon" she replied. "Look i know you don't understand but it's going to be alright i can handle myself." It took a fair amount of will power and time to convince her father that it would indeed be alright. After a good couple hours of arguing, explaining, and pleading Talia finally got her father's blessing to leave. It was only under the condition that she call when she got there and that she finished her chores till he could find a replacement. Talia hugged him tightly and thanked him as she left. Once she was done Talia packed her things and took off towards the clearing Latias directed. On the walk Latias instructed her in the use of her newly acquired abilities. As she arrived at the clearing waves if emotion washed over her: from anger, to joy, to confusion. "Hello there" she called to the group of odd shaped and colored hair people. She knew she was in the right place you didn't need to be psychic to tell that. Lilligant waved as her greeting. ((Kiara will join tomorrow when i wake up just wanted to fluff out her character and change a bit. Besides she can join lightning fast if needed. Also sorry if i messed anything up the Blackhawk's game ran late so it's almost 2 am when i'm finishing this up.))
  9. ((Sorry I've not replied on time. Honestly House of Wolves just released and i got sucked into the newest of it all. I suppose i should help out with the gender ratio.)) Name: Kiara Aukior Age: 18 Legendary: Raikou Appearance: Before: Kiara consistently kept her onyx black hair cut short out of her green colored eyes, and regularly did her best to keep it from looking messy. She has the fit, tan, and slender build of a runner since it is her sport of choice. After: Raikou didn't change much in the sense of her physical build though he did strengthen her leg muscles allowing for longer runs and higher jumps. Kiara's hair and eye color on the other hand was altered greatly, much to her dismay. Only the front half of her once sleek black hair remained forming a kind of plate like shape above her red hued irsis. The other half turned snow white curling over her ears to end in light blue tips. Though the Pokemon did give her a long purple colored extension to the back of her hair she rebelliously cuts it off every time it grows out. Personality: Though she lacks the personality of a leader, and is perfectly fine with taking orders, her intimidating presence can always be felt in group decisions. Fiercely loyal to the champions of both Raikou's siblings and Ho-oh, she will never turn tail when defending them out of respect for the Thunder Pokemon. Kiara enjoys the feeling of euphoria she gets from being able to run at high speeds. She is never one to turn down a good competition, but on the other hand is not one to keep the game completely clean as it makes things more interesting. Pokemon: Jolteon - 25 Ninjask - 20 Pidgeot - 36 Raichu - 24 Trapinch - 10 History: Optional Abilities/Skills: Taser: Ability to knock normal people and Pokemon unconscious with a touch attack similar to the way static electricity works Element of Lightning: When it is thunderstorming her Taser ability becomes much more powerful but at the cost of a fair amount of her energy. Her speed is also greatly increased. Strength of Raikou: She can jump higher and run faster than normal humans, and is able to keep up with even the quickest flying Pokemon Other: Name: Talia Merek Age: 16 Legendary: Latias Appearance: Before: Talia's blue eyes constantly seemed to be hidden behind her long dirty blonde hair which she tried to keep off her face. She always wore a smile on her younger looking pale face. After: After Latias chose Talia her long blonde hair turned snow white and stopped at the top of her shoulders. Two tuffs of hair grew just behind her hairline line, the once blue tint of her eyes became golden, and an upside down red triangle appeared on her forehead. Talia's basic clothing though it can be changed at will. ((Sorry for the scroll the image link wouldn't work...)) Personality: Talia was driven by the need to help people almost to a fault some might say. Even before she gained her powers she was good at sensing what people needed, not perfectly but pretty accurate most of the time. She tries to stay away from fighting and will not step in to stop one should it occur. Pokémon: Lilligant - 20 Chansey - 15 Kirlia - 23 vespiquen - 21 (New Father's gift)Arcanine - 45 Crobat - 25 History: -- Abilities/Skills: Sense of Latias: Can sense beings emotions and thoughts Down coat: Can use refracted light to change appearance or turn invisible ((If LittleLizzie is up to it)) Shared Sight: Exactly like the movie see each others view Healing wish: Heals another completely as well as gives them extra power at the cost of her life. (Only to be used in extremely desperate situations. Say like towards the end of the RP if we get into a bad spot on Hoopa's island)) Other: Talia is made to be more of a scout than a fighter
  10. Awesome story plot may i join, and reserve Latias and Raikou? I should have my sheets up by tomorrow.
  11. I'm letting the group know now that I'll be gone for a little while. My internet is not working well at the moment, and as such my parents have shut it off. College is starting back up again soon so I'll post when I get there. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Hey guys really sorry I've been missing, and I'll be gone for a little bit longer. My internet has been shot for the last couple days so my parents have shut it off. Thankfully I'm heading back to college in a few day so I should be able to post then. As for now if you want, polaristar, you can play Merek since he is Licia's fighter or just omit him. Again sorry for the inconvenience, and I'll be back as soon as I can.
  13. I changed Merek around a bit since i don't really want to create problems. I can still get the same effect i want without the whole "how does he fight" issue, and not end up annoying anyone. ---- To say it looked like a tornado blew through his new dorm room was an understatement. Merek had always thought about doing something new with his side of the room last semester, and the end of break was the perfect time to do it. He had come up with a few ideas and was trying them out. Once he had figured out one wouldn't work it was back to dismantling everything and on to the next. Though it took him awhile he finally found the one set up he liked breathing a sigh of relief. After that it was time to hang up all his posters, and oh how many there were. All kinds, from his favorite games, to shows marathoned through, to the flashy band posters of Rock 'n' Roll groups. There was not one piece of wall to be seen which made him happy. He was finally free again to decorate his room how ever he liked instead of the stock, clean, and simple room his parents demanded at home. As he fell back onto his soft blankets he wondered how Licia was doing. He hadn't seen her since last semester, and hoped she hadn't gotten into too much trouble by herself. Laughing quietly to himself he remembered how much of a mess the little brown dog she had taken in caused the kitchen staff. "I should probably go find her" he thought yawning. However it seemed his body was worn out from the dozens of times he moved all the furniture in his room. "Oh well I'll see her soon enough, besides i gave her my room number if she wants to stop by. For now I'll just take a quick little nap." And with that he was out like a light.
  14. Yeah I guess I took "words and images" literally. I can change him to just a really quiet, holding his tongue character if you don't think it'll work. I have an idea for his back story to back up the reasons why he won't talk, and how he lost his ears/tail. I just started reading the manga, and wasn't quite sure how the whole spell battle system works.
  15. Indeed i agree with Shadow this looks awesome. Are all the individuals suppose agree on a unit name when paired? Also I'll make a sacrifice for someone's fighter, if they want, since I'm unbalancing the two. I just really really wanted to make a fighter. Name: Merek Vulpes Unit Name: Soundless Age: 18 Gender: Male Sex: Male Sexual orientation: Bisexual Appearance: [X] Brown hair, green eyes Ear/Tail: None Fighter/Sacrifice: Fighter Personality: Merek is not one to start conflict by himself, and tries hard not too. As a fighter he will give everything to do his job well, and tends to focus on defend more then offense in spells. He will of course attack if commanded. Though he can talk it is extremely rare for him to do so giving him the name Soundless. In fact the only ones that have heard full sentences from him are Licia and the Headmaster. Otherwise the only communication he has is simple gestures or the words he uses in spell battles. However he has not mentioned why to anyone as it is uncomfortable for him to relive the past he so desperately wants to escape. Other:
  16. Latios blew past miles of open ocean on his journey back home to Hoenn and his sister, Latias. The trip had only been a few days of sightseeing in Kanto, but he was eager to return home. Tucking in his arms to minimize resistance his speed increased, and with it the sonic boom he created. He only slowed when he caught glimpses of the sandy beach he knew all to well. Figuring Latias would be enjoying herself at the beach he decided to check there first. Though, when he had finally found her, he felt a wave of sorrow wash over his mind as he came closer. "She's looking at her reflection again," he sighed. Diving under the water, as not to be spotted by eye sight, Latios approached her. She would be too wrapped up in emotion to notice his presence psychically. From her perspective it would look as though her reflection changed to that of her brothers. "Dwelling on trivial matters again sister" he asked clearing his head of the water. She was always sensitive about her unique coloring no matter how much Latios and others persuaded otherwise. So, for a long time now, he searched for ways to cheer her up about it. Any example where shiny Pokemon were no different, or even better, than normal colored ones. He had shown her a wide range of examples: a gold Altaria that had won first in a beauty contest, a black Charizard that helped his trainer win the battle frontier, and a pink Mudkip that was the prize possession of a breeder to name a few. Though, his attempts usually ended in vain he still tried, for now he would try and change the subject. "Wouldn't you rather see what Kanto has to offer?" Through their unique ability to share what each other has seen Latios showed his sister all he had seen in Kanto. From the orange sunsets of Vermillion city, to the wide forest of Viridian, and the colorful variety of people and Pokemon that lived there. This was his favorite part of every journey seeing the look of wonder on Latias's face. She was able to learn about the world even if it wasn't yet possible to do so physically.
  17. Tentative post since my writing skills seem to have gone down. Hopefully, Doctortear, you like this sheet better then the last. I'm also going to apologize now for the future inconsistent use of proper grammar. I will however promise to read up on grammar rules as to avoid most errors. Latios will most likely be in the "Everyone else" section. That is unless of course Latias is harmed somehow by Suicune's group. Username: LD Gender: Male Species: Latios Appearance: / Personality:Though they are of similar age Latios is more mature than his sister Latias. He tends to be on the quiet side, and is exceptionally gentle with kindhearted beings. As pacifism is one of his main philosophies he does not involve himself in conflicts often. The only reasons he will ever show anger is if the life of Latias, or another compassionate beings are in danger. When he is not happily listening to Latias babble on Latios travels the world seeing and learning all he can. Since he doesn't stay too long in one place he has observed a great deal of the other regions, and shares most of what he sees with Latias. This habit of moving from place to place has also made him an excellent scout and relayer of information. Ability: Levitate (Normal/Mega) Moves: Healing Pulse Protect Luster Purge Ice Beam Held Item: Latiosite Allies: Latias, kind people and Pokemon Rivals: Pokemon with evil/misguided intent Other: Dark Turquoise
  18. Actually in the movie both Latias and Latios are able to shift into human form. Also if we are going more off games does that mean i must remove invisibility as well? Sight sharing is listed in its Pokedex entry so that should be good? I just feel that those abilities are what makes Latios and Latias unique. For example Dialga's time control, Kyorge's water control, and Celebi's time jumps to name a few. Though as leader of this RP i will completely respect and abide by your word. Also sorry about the grammar. It was never one of my strong points in school. I will work on it and hopefully not have so many errors next time around.
  19. This sounds really awesome, may i reserve Latios for now. I'll try to get my sheet done tonight.
  20. Gastly continued to play fun with Merek's clothes laughing as his trainer merely shrugged it off since he was use to the Pokemon's antics by now. Nothing seemed to catch his eye as strange as they walked along passing the Pokemon Center where many of the grunts hung out. Since they had taken over, the Center didn't see any other customers naturally. Though once he passed the building he finally saw a normal citizen and decided he needed as much information as possible because he wouldn't be fighting the trainers himself and only needed clues. He studied her as she drew closer noting the red colored accessories his teammate had relayed as a possibility. As well as the twinge of fear in her eyes but thought nothing of it more then the normal fear most people had when Rocket's were close. "Hey I'm looking for some information" Merek asked stepping in front of her before she could walk past. "Do you happen to know anything about a fight between two rouge trainers and a Rocket grunt?" Merek's eyes were blank as always and it was only his voice that held the seriousness of them conversation. He really wished that he didn't have to be so hard on people but then again it was better then the latter of beating it out of them with force. While he searched for information from the girl Gastly became extremely happy that he had a new person to "play with" and began floating around her head laughing as he did. "Gastly i don't need you giving her a heart attack" Merek sighed. Gastly gave a psychotic laugh but followed his trainers wishes, retreating to rest on Merek's head the Pokemon showed the girl a happily chaotic grin. "Sorry he likes to mess with people" he replied. "I just need to know if you've seen any recent battles happen around here." With none of the other grunts around he could finally relax himself and his conversation tone a bit hoping to help with the girls fright.
  21. Merek was quietly resting as he usually did when it wasn't his turn to patrol the city. Most of the time he hung out at base studying the Rocket's library of information that normal citizens were unable to access while Gastly went off to have "fun" with his teammates. It really was a good choice to destroy this place from the inside out rather then as a rouge trainer since it offered so much more to him then aimless travel. Though his thoughts were interrupted by another Grunt that returned early from his patrol rambling on about new rouge trainers he had found. Though by the looks of it "found" didn't translate into "captured" but merely "sighted". He knew his morning off was now over as the Captain of the station called for the other available grunts to meet with him in the debriefing room. Once they had all gathered within minutes the Grunt reported his finds between coughs and muscle twitches. Afterwards the Captain immediately called for extra patrols to find these Rouge trainers and strip them of their Pokemon. The order was followed closely by the excited cheers from the other grunts and a sigh from Merek would really just wanted to go back to studying. After they had been dismissed he and Gastly headed in the direction he has been designated walking along slowly since he really didn't care for the mission. As he padded along the gate where the Grunt had mentioned the fight happening was growing closer. Maybe he'd find some locals that had seen the fight go down. Normal citizens were usually extremely afraid of Team Rocket and would give up information without a fight, which is how he liked to operate. Even if he didn't look like the normal Rocket grunt the giant R on his back and the Pokemon beside him said it all.
  22. You could do Ruby and Sapphire twins, Techno, those gems are always closely related at lest from my perspective, Ahh Hoenn. Also can i reserve Moonstone, Abalone Shell, and Emerald.
  23. Once Opal saw the referee call the battle in their favor she jumped into Emilia's arms happily. They had won their first ever real battle together and the two couldn't be happier. Though Emilia's joy wasn't without someone else's lose and she turned to find her opponent but Cole had already made his way out. "Oh well" She thought and hugged Opal tighter. After the battle they both took a break waiting for the rest of the first round to finish up. It seemed that a good deal of the trainers she had left Nut Town with had made it on in the Tournament. As like the first round the eight winners were lead back into the arena among the excited shouts from the crowd only to be softened by the Game Master's voice. Though she was a little unsure about the new rule forcing her to use Bellsprout as they two had never fought together before. However she knew it would be alright as they really couldn't do worst then that sloppy, yet victorious, last battle. As they were ushered out of the arena for Larien's battle Emilia spent her time studying her opponent, Dana, wondering what tricks he had up his sleeve. After the first battle ended Emilia knew it was her time once again to prove she had the physical and mental skills to be a great Pokemon trainer not just what she knew from the simulator. She took her steps in stride as she made her way to the trainer's box Opal at her side and Ivy's Pokeball in her hand. Taking it she pressed the button and released the tiny vine Pokemon and knelt down in front of her. "Alright Ivy it's your time to battle now" Emilia smiled. "Lets do our best ok?" Ivy nodded before taking her place on the field. Emilia noticed Dana had already sent out his Pokemon, a Spinda that didn't seem to notice them. "Good luck to you" she called to Dana.
  24. "Move!" Emilia screamed as she saw the Murkrow soaring towards Opal. Though the pokemon didn't hear her as she was too busy shaking allowing the Murkrow to strike from behind with a Pursuit attack. Opal was sent forward by the attack, and flipping over onto her back skidded several yards before stopping. The fox pokemon quickly returned to her feet showing no signs of the fright that had gripped her before. Emilia was glad to have her friend back to fighting condition and surveyed their situation. Luckily she noticed tiny flecks of fire jumping from the Murkrow. It wasn't a certain victory but now they had a foothold and that was all Emilia needed to feel better. "Alright Opal lets use Roar to stun Murkrow and hit it again with Ember" She called a smile on her face once more. Opal glared at her opponent and let out a loud growlish type noise, though it was nothing to compare with an Arcanine it would most likely unnerve the Murkrow. Then she proceeded to release another barrage of flaming hot embers towards Murkrow.
  25. [aww man Razz got a Bergmite, best ice tank NA] Opal did well hitting the Murkrow with her embers but was still knocked back by the unavoidable Peck attack. Though unfortunately once she had regained her feet their opponent had already made his move. Opal about jumped from her skin when she saw the Murkrow's Astonish as it completely caught her off guard. "Opal use Roar to scare it off" Emilia called. The Vulpix however didn't hear or was too distracted and began twitching as though she had the hick-ups, flinched. "Please Opal you have to snap out of it." Emilia needed to find a way to break Opal from her condition or she risked loses the battle and possible her confidence as a trainer.