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  1. I would like to be put on the donors list! Forum Name: Wildcard999 Scroll: Wildcard999 Stipulation: I have a long wait list already, so it's going to take me a while to get to anyone from here. I take breeding requests for any breed or dragon so long as they're breedable. If you cannot respond within a day of my PMing you a link, I'll probably give the egg to someone else unless you tell me this is a problem beforehand.
  2. I like that idea. Why would you need artist permission to just create an overlay for that dragon?
  3. So basically you're talking about a specific sort? Why not just say that? That'd be awesome. If I ended up with too many dragons to sort all the time, I'd just go with that one. It'd be way easier than trying to fuss with page up/down for twenty new dragons.
  4. I don't understand, why are you talking about views? What do views have to do with sorting? It doesn't look like you're sorting according to number of views.
  5. Okay. And I edited to add that same thought before I saw your reply. I just thought it'd be a convenient way to work in that frozen egg-trophy idea people seem fond of.
  6. You can't get a cave-born from breeding. Idk about moss, but I'm pretty sure lichens sometimes bore into whatever it is they're covering in order to leech nutrients from it. In that case, it makes sense that the lichen would've gotten into the egg and covered the developing dragon. And by that logic, you could end up with a dead or 'empty' egg from an egg getting covered so completely that the embryo has died.
  7. Yes. I always put the babies at the top. Otherwise, how am I going to track their development? Makes it real easy to figure out when I'll have more room for more eggs, either for myself or for people who need them in gifting threads.
  8. I sort for a variety of reasons. 1. to make dragons I plan to breed or use for BSAs easier to find and 2. so I can see my prettiest dragons first when I get into my scroll and 3. so I can group family members by either lineage or made-up description (yeah, not really paying attention to how they're actually related sometimes). So I clicked 'other' in the poll since there's no A&B option and C isn't even up there.
  9. Good idea, but I'd hate the fake-out. I want to know what I'm getting.
  10. Actually, the spreadsheet said the 'squished owl' one was a game reference, I think. Idk, maybe that is what it is...ew. The rl pic looks like a trilobite. Any relation?
  11. Either way works. Point is, you don't have to keep staring at the screen, just look away from the TV for a second to see if it's there. A laptop you could sit right next to you instead of in your lap. Makes it easier to not look at it while you're watching the movie.
  12. Lol, the new eggs appear on the screen regularly. You don't have to check each page, just wait about five minutes or so, click a new page and voila, there it is. Sometimes you have to go to a second page, but usually the first new page gets it to you.
  13. If you paused every now and again, it'd work. Lucky me, the computer and TV are in the same room, so I can do both.
  14. 'Dismiss' probably lets you get rid of the message about the Easter event, but I keep it around so I have a quick link whenever I need it. I kind of hate having to go to the dragon viewing page every time I want to get into an event.
  15. There's no exact time, but for me it was around five minutes, sometimes a bit longer.
  16. So far, there are only 51. There might be more, but people are doubting it since some people would have no chance at getting them, having gone to bed already.
  17. Yeah. Count your eggs. If you have 51, you have all the ones available so far. If not, you still need to look.
  18. What are you talking about, Vic? The site isn't screwy. It's been working fine for me, and probably everyone else. They added new ones, but it sounds like 51 might be it now.
  19. Oh. I guess I misunderstood. People were saying 'make' and I thought that meant doing the pixel art, not...adding code? Idk. I've never done any more than post in HTML.
  20. Sorry Meru, no guarantees. The 50/51 and 12/51 is just people showing how many of the total eggs that they've caught. If you just found out, you'd have a low number out of 51 possible eggs. Anyway, the pixel artists have until the deadline of this event to add new eggs. They added two about ten hours ago (it had been 49 possibles) but I haven't seen any new additions.
  21. Aw, no more new ones yet? Oh well, there's still a few hours left. How many is it now?
  22. It's less than 15 minutes. More like a little over five. I could refresh a page right at a commercial break, then wait a minute or so after it came back and I'd refresh again and get another egg. It's pretty quick.
  23. I know, that's what the spreadsheet description says, but I still don't really like it. It looks weird. Btw, the missing eggs are missing from the spreadsheet because they were only recently added and the person that created the spreadsheet hasn't seen them yet. And yes, once the dolphin egg becomes a dolphin, it stops cycling. I've found it starts the dolphin cycle only when I switch to another internet tab or window, then go back.
  24. You're welcome. And if you've got a couple, maybe three hours to kill, you ought to be able to get them all. You can get a new one every five minutes or so. Idk where the 10-15 minute estimation came from.
  25. Yeah, but I'm not really a fan of the one with the J's on it. They look weird. Like really bad cartoon chest hair.