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  1. no dragons for my username but i found a ochredrake for my first, a yellow dino hatchling for my middle, and a male pink for a chunk of my last name
  2. orange juice makes red emus iesruhgn
  3. *pulls out secret novel shes been working on* this is awesome! a real place (virtually) to share my work with others... me http://campnanowrimo.org/campers/nekodiscord
  4. Granted, the days become longer thus your break is longer but so are the school days when you get back to school yay 10 hour school days! I wish I had a pet kitten
  5. I really was hoping for the Eragon movie before it came out but it really fell flat...*cry* tho i love the books...most recently my sister was watching Jonah Hex...I couldn't even stand hearing that movie from the other room...thank goodness for headphones!
  6. That is one of my biggest peeves with DC...It happened the other night right before midnight and clogged the AP for over an hour.... >.<
  7. Found a Dusk/Thuwed summer in the AP the same day I was gifted a beautiful Dusk/Thuwed white! I'm so excited, they're gonna hatch together! http://dragcave.net/lineage/gqOjg and http://dragcave.net/lineage/qmLnk
  8. I've been using Nekodiscord for years....I was big into anime in hs and had the nickname neko from my friends. Then I added discord because cats are very talented at creating chaos and discord...thus NEKODISCORD! woo! edit: as I was writing this post, my kitten was climbing up the back of the couch to try to attack my head, he succeeded and then fell on my keyboard, triggering random stuff on my computer, and there I have proof of the discord cats can create!
  9. *shivers* it makes me feel cold cause it looks like the skeleton is shivering...im good with my insanity cupcakes!
  10. I like the biomes even if they make me slightly insane at the hourly drop mark because I panic and jump through all of them to try to see what comes in each...also if you pay attention to the wiki it really helps for figuring out where a specific dragon is going to show, like the stripes vs the spitfire, each show up in different biomes from each other so you know you're picking up one or the other...if you move fast enough*sigh, bangs head against slow internets*
  11. EEE! so pretty and awesome! I want to hug them and cuddle them....darn it...whys there this computer screen in the way?!
  12. *snuggles new eggs* yay new eggs release!
  13. I've been through all of the seasons and this one is looking even more interesting than the last...which was super interesting and mildly psychotic...the only complaint I have so far is that they put out two episodes OnDemand and left it at such a spot that I've been tearing my hair out for two weeks waiting for the episode that comes out tomorrow evening! Its been cruel!
  14. I was running down a hill when I fell and broke three fingers in my hand and gashed something close to half the skin(at the time it felt like that) off of both hands. Then I got up, went with my friends(who didn't think to take me to a hospital or even give me ice) to feed their aunts dog, and then back to my friends house where I finally got ice and a migraine. I drove myself home at 3am, woke up at 8am(I had work at 10am) and went to my EMT dad, who promptly told me to drive myself to the hospital and call out of work because my hand was broken. Yes, my hand was injured, but I definitely felt it more on my spirit. LESSON: IF YOU THINK YOU BROKE YOUR HAND, YOU DID, GO TO THE HOSPITAL. >.<
  15. Spore is fun but it does not eat away at my sanity like cupcakes do...
  16. CURSE YOU STROMBOLI! the song really is playing in my head now....I wouldnt wish this avatar's power on anyone....
  17. Granted: too bad pikachu's electric attack is real now too...ZZZAAAPPP! I wish the kittens in my house would stop attacking me.
  18. There, no more DC gallery! and I agree, Flandre does rule.
  19. I think I have a total of 2...would someone be able to check them though and tell me if they are really true dorkfaces? All of their lineages are kinda sloppy and big...
  20. On DC the egg came first, then the chicken! Haha I know the truth!
  21. Can I just steal Spike from the avatar and keep him in my room? *sigh* he was pretty....
  22. *shudders at the idea of loud Justin Bieber* I'm completely paranoid that people can read thoughts, plus I really can't handle people criticizing or being angry and yelling at me so I barely ever voice my opinion because I think everyone will automatically shoot it down...
  23. I posted the newest post for this!