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  1. FINALLY got my very last attempt to work on an adult...they kept dodging my attacks but I finally got it...*sniffle*
  2. ok my first year of this....One revived, 2 desintigrated(*tear*) and one is dodging my kills so its earned its life...question, does it have to be hatchlings or can i use adults?
  3. HAHA Finished! Yay! Super fun! I only wish I got to keep the pint sized hero...he was so cute!
  4. I am missing one item but I have no clue which item it is...help someone? please?
  5. is the rainbow chicken the 40th item or is it a bonus? if its not the 40th then I'm still stuck missing something....rawr
  6. *sniffle* Help....im so stuck...
  7. I love the heroic little pygmy! I just want to keep him forever! As for solving the whole thing I'm up to 33 items...Time to continue wandering in circles!
  8. granted but its missing several pieces, mainly, the handle bars, wheels, and all the nuts and bolts. I wish I didn't have an anxiety disorder.
  9. Waaaah! why did my computer decide to crash friday night? I've just gotten it back up and running! I just hope there are still some of the new eggies to grab! theyre such pretty colors and I cant wait to see what they look like as hatchies and adults!
  10. *hits camera against keyboard in hopes of transferring the perfect picture that she took a long while ago* must...find...link cable...and I will enter! promise!
  11. I'm one of those crazy people out there who want to work with children. Some people may know us as teachers. I specifically want to work with the ones that have behavior issues or are autistic. Also I want to get my children's books published because they mean a lot to me because they are based off of experiences I had when I was quite young and could have really used the lessons I want to present in those books.
  12. *drools over all the yummy looking fruits* I have to figure out where my cord went to hook my camera to the computer >< then I will enter
  13. I'm up to the standard one piercing per ear...what other piercings are considered attractive? I've been trying to decide what to get pierced...
  14. I'm totally a cat person. We have 5 cats(four adults and a kitten) living in the house plus a mother and 6-toed kitten living in our barn...they all love me...I wish I had my own place and my own cat(which may be soon happening and I might be taking the 6-toed kitten) My current own cat is a giant fluffy black one(about 18lbs) who thinks hes a total snow ninja...he thinks he can totally blend with the snow when its there to get closer to birds....suffice to say...GIANT black fluff ninja in snow does not equal good plan for close up bird watching....
  15. Granted, you are now an insider in the Imprinted Sportswear Shows...have fun in Atlanta Ga! I wish my cat was a dragon.
  16. my giant black fluffy kitty pretending he's a snow ninja...and yes...thats the first thing that came into my head...lol (hes not a very good snow ninja either....)
  17. I really want more piercings(I only have one hole per ear atm) but my problem is the fact that to get it done right, ie not with the gun that supposedly can really screw up stuff, it costs so much... also, to those who have both, which is more painful in your opinion, getting tattooed or getting pierced?
  18. iahguhgoruhue I am hating guacamole until hot gourds or red urchin has uselessly ended waefhalwie
  19. keapdfklds kids eat apples peaches daffodils for kind ladies doing stuff oejafihke
  20. Bridge to Terabithia had me sobbing as a little kid the first time I ever read it...then when I saw the movie I started crying at least ten minutes before the part that I knew would come...that has to be the strongest tearjerker part in any movie I've seen and it was so much harder cause I knew it was coming!
  21. I have one tattoo, my first, that was what i paid for. I am happy with it and it is nice, although I know it could have been better and I have plans to go to a new artist to get it retouched so it looks better. It was a bit of a impulsive tattoo that broke the rules I have been taught but I thought it was a good step into the world of tattoos. A wise friend of mine told me if I wanted a tattoo to find or draw up a design and sit on it for at least two years, if in all that time I still wanted it, the tattoo would be a good idea I would not regret later on. Right now, my dream tattoo that Ive been holding onto for about six years is a large back piece of my own design. I'm afraid to let just anyone tattoo it because of the level of detail and perfection I have in mind for my tattoo, that and the cost and hours of work it would take to tattoo it aren't helping me get it anytime soon. But I'm holding on to the idea and the plan for someday as well as a few smaller ones.
  22. Elery died due to her obsession with eating cheese dragons...apparently they don't care for the being eaten as much as the eating others...
  23. Hmfsysir His Magnificent Fluffiness Sir Yabba sees in retrovision wdjiafjin