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  1. merh...breakups suck...good kitten who still loves me after it all and has decided that cuddling is the best medicine
  2. I couldnt not name my ridgewing with his code... LOvXS, i got him on valentines day too!
  3. *pats her poor ancient (7years old!!!) laptop as she quietly lifts the golden wyverns cause she can't manage to catch them for herself* stupid slow computer... edit: case in point i'm way behind in this thread*takes royal blues instead*
  4. I care for all the friends I've made through the forums but I've decided to send most of my valentines as randoms so that hopefully everyone on DC will get one(i know i'll only be a small part of that but i hope everyone does get some!)
  5. *points* hey look over there! *grabs gold dragon and runs*
  6. You are allmanually breathing now lol i was close...yay hs keyboarding class paid off.... Don't see your course of internet? Of course.
  7. Haimi. pretty little Hawaiian name
  8. banned for not letting me see the holiday prize dragons early
  9. Congrats to the winners! *paces* but I wanna see the dragons, even if I didn't win one....*sigh* I'm so impatient....*continues pacing*
  10. Why oh why did I drink that Monster energy drink after midnight? *sigh*
  11. Boy My Neck Hurts because so many times when I have looked at the albinos I have thought the same thing.
  12. *stashes the guardians of nature and frills on her scroll*
  13. *wraps an albino in gold wrapping paper* hehehe happy holidays! *sneaks off with gold dragon*
  14. cause jumping under hyperactive bunnies can't fly up in window hampers najaofeorwsdcv
  15. *blows up silver balloons and leaves them in place of the silver dragons* yay!*snuggles silvers that she's always wanted*
  16. Banned for being a pirate at a ninja convention
  17. I totally just dropped my black egg instead of my dorsal...im ready to shoot myself because of it...oh well
  18. my pumpkins are Fear on Hallow's Eve and Fright of Hallow's Eve, my marrow Pishacha, and my ghosts Boo Shadowform and Gast Shadowsoul
  19. ^___^ yay new eggs! has anyone else noticed the cute codes for them? a little hint from TJ? *bounces* soooo excited! just hope i can manage to grab them in time!