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  1. I think my egg caused some confusion as to what it was referencing, while it's handy that HTTYD2 is coming out soon, I really wasn't intending to reference anything, but it was a certainly interesting reaction! Originally I was wanting to do a hummingbird but I couldn't seem to get it working the way I wanted to XP
  2. Happy Easter everyone! It's been interesting seeing how folks are trying to interpret some of the eggs!
  3. Hey Ruby, I think Nakase's a little upset that someone reposted it and had asked for it to be taken down o_o
  4. Sets was fun to play a few rounds on, and so far for treats I have smirking pumpkin, black and gold koi, perfume bottle (?) and bobbing dragon ghost, bedtime for me!
  5. "Eat well, sleep well, and laugh often. You're starting to look a little worse for wear." My.. that is surprisingly apt right now! Especially when it comes to getting around to arting!
  6. Haha, my nautilus is being evassiiiiiivvvee >_>
  7. Hmmm.. I hazard it's to do with the AC-130 crew buried in the Arlington Cemetery?
  8. Hmmm, in that event I would hazard it is in relation to a specific crew then? There seems to be a portrait silhouette in the egg, though I know the AC-130s have that neat flare display..
  9. Hmmm.. is it in reference to the specific model AC-130 Spectre or also known as 'Spooky'? or did I take a different tangent?
  10. Back from works I'm surprised folks managed to guess at my egg - unless it was an insider who gave that away >_> But anyways - little tidbit about why I chose the egg design that I did. I picked the Nautilus because I was always fascinated by this living fossil's shell and had been wanting to do one since the easter event in '11. My folks have a nautilus shell half at home, and I enjoyed studying the intricate layers of colors and layers within as a kid, and the smoothly striped texture on the outside. When I went to create this egg I was torn between doing just the outside, or just the inside, so I decided to do a fade-away from outside to inside to show the subtle beauty of the outer shell and the bold brilliance of the inner shells.
  11. 8C But... but.. it was just a quick last minute version of my avvie! I'm only barely halfway.. aaaaand I gotta scoot off to work >_<
  12. I agree with you Zovesta, and since people are revealing their eggs, I'll have to say that now that I did mine which was an idea I was sitting on for a couple years - I have to find other ideas now!!! D: ;
  13. @sheppardkid - Haha, still, we're in the first two hours of the event, there's probably still some load bearing the coding has to handle with over 1k users flocking on the site pages ;3
  14. Happy easter everyone! There might be a little lag happening for those of you who seem to be having problems finding their third or fifth eggs - give it some time;3 Another trick page to go to and simply refresh with little to no scrolling is go to the lineage page of a bred low gen dragon - no scrolling at all and you'll be able to spot the egg in no time when you refresh!
  15. Leetle bump - Online again! Come watch! Doing more work on the Gouger adoptable, and hopefully tonight also doing some coloring!!!!!
  16. Already got one egg! Nice little b-day giftie - Happy Valentines folks!
  17. I do aim to change that eventually in the near future.
  18. Unfortunately my mac's os is not the updated one, so join.me won't cooperate with it :C
  19. :C That's not fun, I'm done streaming tonight, but I plan to stream again tomorrow if there's another way for you to watch?
  20. Livestreaming! Streaming some work of my adoptables for a couple hours before bed. There are five designs that are going to be put out. Not sure on the prices yet but you'll be able to see them here and decide which ones you'll want to order a custom of! These will be to help pay off the ER bills :C A preview can be seen here!
  21. o_O Oh good lord.. Here we had a month of classes (two classes a week after school), and six driving sessions, followed with a six month period on supervised permit before actual license, which is still six months later before you can drive non-family.
  22. Haha, the packaging prices I've been familiar with for years as it's not just the medications that take it out of you. My trick with the rest of the grocery store is not to look at retail price, but packaging price in that little square, and go for the better deal that way ;3 Don't stress to much about the car lessons though when it comes time to learn! It's really not that difficult and it's amazing what you've pre-absorbed riding with family ;3