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  1. Well, the media seems to have most people believing that gays are physically different. So guys apparently have nasally voices and act..."fabulous"... that the right term? And lesbians are all butch and muscley. And they supposedly sexually harrass others more than straights. I haven't met many lesbians, any offline to know the difference in their case, but being gay myself I don't really see any "physical" difference between gays and nongays, and I'd assume the chicks aren't all that outstanding either. While it doesn't really have anything to do with race, it would probably be more outwardly effective to classify it as one though, 'cause frankly you call someone "homophobic" or "biggot" and they just blow it off, but go ahead and call them a racist and they go all defensive psychopath on you. Maybe the "racial trait" should just be not being straight. The govt would certainly get off their arses to fix this damn mess quicker if they thought it'd be racism to deny it.
  2. A water, deep-sea and I don't know what the other two started out as but they ended up turning into neglecteds and dying 'cause I had no idea what clicks were. I recall being absolutely baffled the dead NDs had like almost 30 clicks and actually made a topic asking why these creepy people were poking my dead things and accused other cave-goers of having roadkill fetishes. So two of my first four dragons were almost ex.rares and all I thought of it at the time was "good god what is wrong with these people THEY'RE DEAD STOP TOUCHING THEM This is the only of my first four I still have -> http://dragcave.net/view/8ZA9 Poor Aodas. His keeper is an idiot. x]
  3. I recently (a couple weeks ago) dreamt I was a demon flying over some sort of locke to get to a city floating in the middle, but had to fly super high to avoid this humongous leviathan hellbent on eating me. I finally managed to get to the city but the thresher had this rediculously long neck and could reach me anyway so I still had to run, but this time couldn't really fly away because there was this person there (only one, odd) and the monster was chasing her too... and she was obnoxiously distractable so I had to actually hold her hand and walk her through to a fricken hideout, like every step of the way she'd stop to pick up a shiny rock Dx Finally got her somewhere safe and then flew off again, don't remember the rest. Probably woke up. Had this other dream when I was like thirteen that there were these demons or something disguised as my family, and I went through this whole quest in some dark city, I don't really remember all of the actual quest part so much but I know that around the end, I thought I'd finally killed the demons. So I cut open the one that looked like my dad, drowned my "mom", beat the fake dog to death, and stomped on the mouse. And then after killing them I wandered off to rejoin my "real" family. They looked quite pleased with what I'd done. I remember those creepy grins confusing me a bit until I got real close to them and noticed the ones I hadn't killed were actually the demons. And then there was that dream where I was posessed by my World of Warcraft character, and he spent the whole time laughing maniacally, running me off cliffsides and making me get drunk and run naked through instances as some form of well-deserved revenge for purposefully and enjoyably getting him killed all the time o_o
  4. Odd dream where I was in highschool again, and there was suddenly some old rollercoaster outside our school made of rusty, broken traintracks and nothing else, and the students just finished some pep rally thing and as a "reward" the staff had the entire student body cram themselves into minecarts with eachother and ride on the deathtrap of a ride. The one I was in fell off the tracks and everyone in it got eaten by a mermaid that was hanging around below it ._.
  5. Had a really long, intricate dream last night, but the only part I can remember is trying to give a mystical caterpillar sage a ride on my sleeve, and then my rat popping out of my backpack and eating him. And then somehow I ended up getting the leftover caterpillar bits in my mouth -_0
  6. Dreamt that I was with some small group of acquaintences, and at first we were hanging around this humongoid version of my house. Mainly trying to escape from living plastic dinosaurs. We ran into what looked like a plastic icebox with a computer desk in it to hide from the little six inch tall creatures while the cat attacked them.. apparently he's some sort of mega invincable cat or something. But it was a really long-ass dream and I of course don't remember much of this part of it cause it was towards the beginning. Then, I forgot the entire thing between these parts, something about running from something else but this time outdoors, but now there were a couple more in our group (this is when I noticed I was the only adult there) And we were outside a house, on the snow, kicking at giant animated fruits that were attacking us... or so I thought they were attacking all of us... but when they were all knocked out I noticed that my groupmates were either ignoring what just happened, or laughing at me for spazzing out so much over giant fruit with faces. I was going to finish them off, to prevent them from hassling us again, but before I could get the strawberry someone lifted it up by the tongue and said something like,"Not (some odd pet name)." So I began kicking at the lemon until it rolled into a gutter. It actually looked pretty helpless, at second glance, and I noticed one of the groupmates standing beside me. I asked him if I should finish it off, and he replied with,"Well, it's not necessary. But if you want to learn more about them, stick your hand in its mouth." Before I could respond he'd disappeared and the group was heading into the house. Of course I followed them. We went into the house, and as we were running up the stairs I heard one of the girls complain that we needed some flashlights. I was actually thinking the same thing but I think it only counts as a jinx if you announce it. Near the top of the stairs was a bedroom, looked to belong to some teenage girl. Messy, cluttered, and would probably be bigger if it weren't so jammed with crap. I'd assumed it was one of the girls' in the group who the room belonged to, and so while they rummaged around for clothing (Uhh, why??) I was looking for something I felt more useful, like knives and flashlights. I found nearly if not more than five on top of the TV cabinet and announced to them,"Hey, found some flashlights." I remember one of the girls responded,"Awesome. Just not the purple one." But I wasn't sure that's what she actually said, as they all just looked black to me, and yelled for her to repeat. She just let out a small, muffled laugh as the others drained from the room. I went to follow them, and then reallised that she may not have responded because this wasn't her house. It occurred to me that aside from that one room, everything in there was broken, weathered, and most likely abandoned, and while I forget most the parts of the rediculously long dream that weren't silly, I'm pretty sure some parts of it were actually genuine frightening and serious, and it probably wasn't a good idea to be too loud in an abandoned house, you can probably guess why. And then before we all fully left the room the damn alarm rang. I only get dreams that long (and not feeling alone in them) like what, once every two years? And of course it has to fall on a work day. Grrrrrrr....
  7. Once upon a time in the place where brains sleep and act weirdly, I was hanging out with some no-faced friend and his little siblings, doing all fun things (nothing perverted) with them in some field. And then we all went to their house for lunch, presumably to later go back to running around. But instead of nom their foodage with them I waited for them to finish and dozed off underneath their couch. Apparently this was some sort of offense, because when I woke up and came out they were all floating around the couch and they were grinning, chanting and holding their claws infront of their chests like bunnies o_o So being the majour * I am (apparently also in my dreams) I bolted out the door. For some reason they didn't follow me and instead just stared at me from the windows... except for daddy who was now randomly pissed off and ran out of the house after me with a pimp gun and a tiny old fashioned one-seater corvette and he started chasing me down the road trying to run me over and pistol-whip me. Apparently if I slung my hoodie half off I could flap the pockets and fly around... which probably would look pretty damn stupid... and so now I was -flapping- around town with an angry bald guy in a miniature corvette, till we flapped into this house made out of an old quarry. So I flapped into a room, and when he followed me in to shoot me, I flapped out over his head, and continued this system until getting to this room with a couple of hippies in it, in which case i wasn't fast enough and got shot several times. It didn't kill or even really hurt me so he kept shooting at me until the hippies got pissed off and yelled at him,"QUIT DEFFECATING THE PEACE, MAN!!" ... Uhm. -_0
  8. Guys I'm gonna be off the RP, atleast for a while. A bit stressed out at the moment and it's just one more thing to focus on.
  9. Herse arrived to the cave and, reallising he'd missed anything interesting, hung his head in disapointment. He shrugged it off and went to lie under a tree beside the cave's mouth, ignoring the arguments within the caverns and dosing off.
  10. Herse looked up, having heard shouting yet again, though this time close enough to understand. He'd figured almost automatically that whoever was yelling like that would be headed to that cave he'd come across earlier, and a wicked grin sprawled onto his muzzle as he amusedly imagined what sort of welcome that'd earn them. He'd finished his meal quite a while ago, and decided that instead of just lasily sitting next to it for all eternity he'd rather go watch whatever fun was about to take place, and so trotted back in the direction of the cave.
  11. Unfortunately for your sense of having one less obnoxious blow-off, I'm still here too. :| Probably need some Raid.
  12. What's this Sharkling of which you speak?
  13. That's... not what I was referring to
  14. From what's apparent there's a group for good guys and one for bad guys, so anyone else is just npcs then?
  15. Now completely soaked over, Herse stood in what looked like an offensive position over the stream, nearly up to his knees, sputtering furiously. He'd have figured fishing would be easier than hunting, but now reallised that in all the time he'd spent throwing a fit at the creek he could have caught several land-dwelling animals, regardless of his ineptness in this environment. He shook his head and trotted off to look for something else. He wandered along in the wood for a while before hearing the rustling of dainty, fleeing hooves, which quickly gained his attention. He turned sharply to pursue the creature and within small time was able to catch up to it.
  16. So out of curiosity, are the "good guys" actually trying to stop whatever Thrymzen is up to, or are they just trying to get rid of him 'cause he's evil?
  17. Very badly allergic to coffee. Most medicines made for things like ADHD and ADD make me vomit. And for some reason, I'm not sure if this is actually an allergic reaction, but whenever I eat icecream my hands start smelling like cheap copper. -_0
  18. Herse stared at the water intently, before ungracefully jumping on it, not quite gotten the hang of fishing. He cussed and tried again and again, unsuccessfully. He eventually just stuck his snout under the water to attempt to fry them.
  19. Unless something was released this morning, there are so far 103 types, including alternates and the two discontinueds (yes I did count), there should be enough there to find something likable
  20. In World of Warcraft, you can do player versus player. Whilst in PvP and fighting someone of the opposite faction at close range, it's a good idea to move around a bit. Like a lot. So that they have a hard time targetting, hitting, and casting on you. Because players need to actually turn and follow you and have you infront of them at all times as they try to beat you down. In dungeons, instead of players, what you have to fight are elite NPC's, which are pretty much just empty shells with weapons. There is no player inside of them, all there is is programming. And NPC's aren't programmed to need you infront of them. Not only that but they're automatically moved to face your direction, and your moving doesn't interrupt their spells or special attacks. And they also don't lose their targets unless something else generates more threat than you. Sometimes the elites will cast AoE spells that can hurt you if you stand in it, however simply moving out of the way will suffice, seeing how most AoE's don't move... ever. Which pretty much means that using that PvP maneuver of jumping all over the place in a dungeon is completely useless, and in reality all it really does is make it nearly if not completely impossible for any close-ranged fighters of your OWN group to help you kill them, and a lot of the time makes it harder for the ranged DPS to shoot/cast on them, and for the healer to target you to keep your arse alive. Honestly? I don't give a flying crap how you play your damn game, just don't do THAT.
  21. Awesome having more environmental traits to go by like that would probably make it atleast slightly more interesting, and make it easier to come up with unrepeated things to do during downtime
  22. So is the OOC channel only for creating/reintroducing characters and making up new plotlines?