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  1. Some of these stores remind me of what happened to my brother when he was little. We had a friend who we called Danny in Wisconson where we used to live and our parents were best friends. Our parents decided to take us to McDonalds to get something to eat and when we got there my brother and Danny started messing around like boys do. They started running around the car trying to chase each other and my mom didn't see them come around the car. She opened the door of the car to get me out and my brother got his face smashed on the car door and had to have 12 or 14 stitches in his head because of
  2. You wouldn't like the students in the school I attend because they walk really slow for some reason. I find it to be the most annoying thing in the history of being in school besides teachers who never shut up. Here I am trying to get to the next class because I'm going to be late and these people are walking extremely slow.
  3. When I'm doing something and another person decides to shove me out of the way and take over.
  4. The total amount of animals in my house is 9 and the total amount of animals boarded at a stable is 1. We have the cats (Bootsie, Oreo, Whisper, Streak, and Gizmo). We have the dogs (Beau, Biscuit, and Alexa). We have my horse (Quinn). We have my betta who isn't named. There used to be several more animals in my house, but we found them great homes to live in.
  5. My favorite breed of dog would have to be the Pomeranians because they're adorible and their fur is beautiful. They may require a lot of grooming, but other than that they're great dogs.
  6. Cats are good pets, but mine aren't as great as my horse, Quinn.
  7. This is the same for me.
  8. In 2nd grade I was jumping on the trampoline with some friends and my brother. He thought it'd be hilarious to superbounce me as I was trying to get off of the trampoline and I flew forward with my feet on the stool to get up and my elbow landed on a tree root that was sticking up out of the ground. That darn tree root shattered my elbow. The worst part of the whole thing was that it happened on the last day of school for the year. I was so upset about it.
  9. Lets see, I have several disgusting things on my desk that require a cleaning. There's an empty Meijer Springwater bottle, an empty Mtn. Dew bottle, a Coke bottle that has almost half of the soda in it, a paper plate sitting on top of an empty Chips Ahoy container, a bowl, a Spore CD, and a Ricekrispies Treats wrapper. That's a lot of junk that shouldn't be on my desk. I'm going to clean it all up now that you've reminded me about it.