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  1. I am so happy that I didn't have to complete the holiday cooking to get to redecorate my house! 😁 My Tree My Wreath My House My Old House: Happy New Year Everyone!
  2. I really appreciate having a chance to get a Christmas Tree, since I missed that event when it was new. Honestly, though, why is it so hard to get sugar? Also, do we have to get everything in the cooking game all over again to get to redecorate our gingerbread houses from previous years? (I really hope one of the doors just opens up to a gingerbread house and I can forget about cooking!)
  3. What a nice birthday surprise! WooHoo! New Eggs!
  4. How funny that I just found out about this release and started hunting these dragons during an actual thunder/lightning storm! *Cool Sound Effects, TJ!* It certainly makes for a very immersive experience! LOL! j/k
  5. WOOHOO!!!! Bright Pinks & Frills are BACK!!! This is probably the happiest I've ever been on D.C. ever!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING THEM BACK!!!! Also, the new biome art is AWESOME!!!
  6. I agree with this! I'm left feeling a little "Oh..." by them myself. So, I've decided to use mine to trade for scroll goals...Marrows and Shadow Walkers are the only Halloweens that I can say I really love to collect.
  7. Great job to whoever created the treat banner/separator for this year! It is beautiful!
  8. I like the Horses...I'm mostly okay with the Holly tweak...(Really glad to see that the sprite wasn't completely changed!) The Nilia just looks odd, though.
  9. I liked the old default skin just fine...Right now I'm using the St. Patty's Day one, so I hope it stays!
  10. I thought the dead white egg on my scroll looked strange... After checking the wiki page and then the news here, now I know why! I hope I will eventually be able to unlock the 2nd Pair of Alt Black Adults in the encyc.
  11. From the looks of the hatchlings, and the brief glimpse I got of the new dragons' shadows in the encyclopedia, they seem like something that would look good when bred with Avatars of Destruction.
  12. My eyesight isn't the best when it comes to seeing tiny things. I kept looking at this thing and wondering what it was supposed to be!
  13. I don't see why this idea couldn't be worked out somehow to where you could only take one dragon from the Wilderness every few months or so, possibly on a quarterly/seasonal basis, to prevent hoarding and keep it/name it/breed it! Other games have similar things, like WoU for example, has a "Sanctuary" page that lets you get other people's released creatures and there's a limit on the number that can be taken by one person in a certain time period. I wish D.C. had something like this.
  14. This has been my wish now for every past Halloween that I've been here! A werewolf dragon would be awesome!
  15. Missed out on clicking a CB Gold in the early hours of the morning due to stupid brain fart moment of me thinking about "not needing anymore Tinsels" atm. *facepalm* I really did need that CB Gold egg as a mate!
  16. WOOHOO!!!!!! I love Halloween!!! I just wish the eggs would drop for longer! I celebrate all month long by watching Halloween movies, dressing up & eating candy, and of course ending the month right by playing the annual event here on D.C.! I like that I was able to finish this year's carnival fairly quickly and easily with 24 items.
  17. It would have to be a CB Frill for me. I have wanted that dragon on my scroll for as long as I have been playing D.C. I wish I could adopt them from the Wilderness page! Oh, well, dare to dream...
  18. I just have to say that I am absolutely against the idea of having any more dragon breeds be retired, just because a few people don't have them as favorites! I don't think it's really needed here and it adds more unfairness to the game. (I am still upset about not being able to get any Frilled Dragons, since they were retired around the time I started out as a new player here.) If you don't like it, then don't collect it, but don't take those breeds away from the people that do like them!!!
  19. I like the look of the pink eggs. I can't wait to be able to catch some of the new releases and see what hatches from them!
  20. I wish we could choose which one we wanted it to be! I really like the tri-colored Snow Angels.
  21. Beautiful eggs! I love blue and sparkly things!
  22. I'm happy that I was able to pass on some holiday love by breeding my 1 Holly dragon that I caught last year for others this year. (I got 4 eggs! I wasn't expecting to breed that many! ) Wish I knew who they went to! Anyways...Congrats to those who caught them in the AP!
  23. I really like the female's pose and the way that she's showing off the markings on her wings!