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    My location? Somewhere out there, over the rainbow....
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    Oh wow.... I like a lot of stuff... It would take forever to tell me all of them, but here are a few: I like swimming, animals, nature, my cats Kinky, Camelot, and Samantha, I like my friends, laughing (my friends say I laugh too much), going crazy, DragCave, Chickensmoothie, Pokefarm, reading (oh yes I like to read), badminton, stalking people, annoying people, poking people, science, macaroni and cheese, pasta, blue, lime, and purple, laughing, being random (do you like onions?), curling up under the covers with my kittens, watching the stars at night, hiking, playing around in the river, listening to waterfalls, breathing in fresh mountain air, feeling alive, listening to music, Owl City, school, playing in the rain, swinging on the swing, playing four square, playing on the computer, volleyball (even though I seriously stink at it), oh, and I also like that fact that this thing allows 50000 characters and I've only used up less than a thousand :), helping others, making someone smile, I also like quotes: "Don't walk behind me, I may not lead; don't walk in front of me, I may not follow, just walk beside me and be my friend.", meeting new people, being happy, spending time with my friends, and lots of other stuff, life is great! :)