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  1. CookieIzzy I've seem to lost a lot of dragons I'm positive I had too unless they were on an old scroll I lost access to due to time/passwords? I have no idea 😞
  2. So they've just randomly disappeared off my scroll??
  3. Hi everyone, it's been 5 or so years since I've been around, I have noticed there are no Vampire dragons on my scroll that I definitely had at least 3 of. I wonder if they're been removed from the cave altogether? Or have they just somehow disappeared off my scroll? Thanks!
  4. Just starting another game of Detroit Become Human (4th run through, finally platinuming it!!!) 😄
  5. Haven't been around in a long time, I just wanted to know if I've linked my image corrected and if it leads to something else. If not can someone please help me work signatures and links in photos!!
  6. I just can't believe it's been so long. I just thought I'd make some confessions haha idk if you remember me though
  7. holy cow, it's been 7 years, how is everyone?
  8. Because I'm bored I found a BUNCH of pics of me and I decided to upload them all on here My best friend and I :3 My friends made this of me -.- I was bored with nothing to do so I took this Waiting in the car and bored, so I added effects New headphones! :3 New haircut I was made to wear this all day Wow I had a lot of pictures cx
  9. (^ lol finished that gamelast night great game^) I'm sick of you, i'm not your object nor toy, I'M A HUMAN. Just like you were once :| Stay outta of my life, last time i checked i didnt want you to come up to my house, and FREAKIN DO WHAT U ALMOST DID TO MY LIFE. Jack... You freakin suck! Chloe, if I wanted a * i would have bought a FREAKIN dog! You are WAY too *y and competitive during a freakin game of handball! CHEESUS you make handball suck when you play! I want to just have fun and hve I laugh if I get out... Can't do it while your being the funpolice
  10. ChocolateIzzy was so silly to not have told you we went on holidays, so shes been inactive. She will be able to post, but not as frequently as Izzy used to, many thanks in advance
  11. CJ_The_Bold

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    ^lvl 3 already wow *praises* I will be able to donate next month
  12. SoiledLove my clock is one minute fast it was actually 3 Ashley is 23 and moved out i dont think she is on the forum 1? 1.Im short 2.I'm over 1m 50cm 3.i have brown hair
  13. 4/10 Now I'm awake! and shall be for awhile
  14. Sounds Yummy!! Red Rice Sushi it tastes really good!
  15. 4/10 Sarah I fell asleep at my 3ds thats why I went
  16. Same here 3/10 I rather like being new on a game site/game and your greeted by many nice people like you Sarah!
  17. Good Times ~ Carly Rae Jepson and Owl City good song!
  18. 1/10 lol I think everyone here is gonna be a 1/10 for me Sarah you knew Kai?