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  1. The hatchlings are so cute, too bad i didn't get the opals
  2. I dont think this would be much use for me but for the others it may be helpful, I think i saw something like this before
  3. did i tell you to syep on the fkierts> Type: Why did you do that!
  4. It could work but, maybe you should make it that it can only go back 3 gens ~EDIT~ Maybe we should have another dragon have a BSA for this, because lots of people breed 2 dragons together hoping to get one of those.
  5. I have a night glory drake with the code McUsB Mc Usb is the drakes name
  6. I want to have a Scroll Helper! Forum Name:ozys Scroll Name:ozys Scroll Link:dragcave.net/user/ozys Wishlist: 2nd to 5th gen stripe Preferred dragons (Which do you want first off your wishlist?)stripe Certain Helper? (Or a random one): random Anything else?: I have a bite fail on my scroll thankyou!
  7. So does the 40th item apper ramdomly?
  8. cool! thanks for letting us know!
  9. This was the first fansited I used more thqn half of all my dragons were hatched because of this site. I love the site!!
  10. Well I like the Biomes and ive seen lots of paper eggs
  11. To me its shallow water. because of my dc friends told me that its hard to breed and its true. I tried to breed them a few times and they all turned out t be water dragons. Though most of them eggs died
  12. Im locked oh no! i was suposed to get a magma tomorrow
  13. There are so many people on i cant get on!
  14. YAY wonder what they will look like??!!