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  1. Maybe an alternative would be to have a BSA for the chickens. An option to "fry" them or something and then for 24 hours they appear as a cooked chicken sprite (similar to what we had at Christmas). Then after a certain number, you get the KFC badge. I'd prefer a system like that than killing them. It just seems really counterproductive to the game to collect a heap of chickens just to kill them and remove them from your scroll again.

    So its like splash?

  2. I'm 100% against this. What if they are tired and give you the wrong one? What if it was a misclick? Can you also imagine the amount of people who'd do it simply out of spite because of a disagreement on a thread or some other silly reason?


    This would be abused very easily.

    I didn'nt think of that now that you say, i think it should only be used temporarily. Maybe the person blocked will be notified?