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  1. Happy valentines all! so excited for the new release!!
  2. Congrats to winner, another year another loss but i guess theres next year!
  3. It would be cool, but chickens are so hard to get and this will promote killing
  4. ozys


    I study when i have nothing to do (loner) but its worth it in the end!!
  5. I always tell the truth when I sleep talk, so its strange
  6. Mine is a kitty sitting like a buddah
  7. Anyone heard of hockey pockey
  8. I dont really mind, but i make lists of what i need to collect( because i want to collect every dragon) and if there are too many it can get frustrating
  9. I didn'nt think of that now that you say, i think it should only be used temporarily. Maybe the person blocked will be notified?
  10. Well when i was younger, i used to always eat chicken and duck feet
  11. Blueberries and rasberry, well any berry and fun fact a banana is actually a berry!!
  12. Not sure if this is exotic but, a goat. It was an orphan so i had to bottle feed it and all. No i did not eat him and i never will
  13. ozys


    It seems cool but at nightime, its creepy
  14. 1.Yes 2.yes 3.no 4.yes
  15. ozys

    Pet Peeves

    Balloons, dat squeaking
  16. Yes it would be awsome, but there shouldn't be something that blocks them from trade permanently only that trade. EDIT on the other hand maby it would be good to permanently block someone (because of spam or other reason)
  17. I'm not sure if this is off topic but maybe we could have a trophy cabinet after you get too many badges, or we could choose what badges to display!