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  1. Thread update complete! Thread formatting has finally been fixed; I've been away with school and other activities. I've also opened a Thread Helper position for the thread. One would be responsible for doing Activity Checks (using the Search function under the Members heading to see when there last post was) and to send out simple Happy Birthday PMs to listers. Forms can be sent to the group account or to me (flower1818) ~flower1818
  2. Gifts given out Gifts Given Out October 21st 2011 - November 18th 2012 2nd gen Tsunami egg (O9grv) to kishing flower1818 CB Autumn Seasonal ( k7F7t) to Lady Artemis Moranna White Stripe dragon (bHcpq) to Raphy flower1818 Vampire eggs (Zd2Rq) (EGDoR) to Aercalima Ryoneko Pillow egg (dcOqS) to BronzeDragonell flower1818 CB Harvest egg (jdiCn) to Dsnake1 Erithan 2nd gen PB Red egg (jWZ3C) to ImHelpFul RoseRedAus Royal Blue (HSYsf) to Laufey flower1818 CB Tri-Horn Wyvern (m1d04) to ShadowFraught Erithan CB Magi egg (XXT6H) to LauraJae Erithan CB Nebula (cqNrj) to panic siren Erithan 2nd gen Pink (tbOXl) to Nrogara flower1818 2nd gen Royal Blue (lYUd3) dellessa flower1818 CB Dark Myst (tFkdE) to darkflowernightshade cucu8873 6 EG White (LYvnX) to MissVampire13 cucu8873 White dragon (qOSuN) to Angeles Dirtytabs CB Purple Ridgewing (pdO97) to Nectaris Dirtytabs 2nd gen Day Glory Drake (LNLWu) to Nectaris Crystalsetsuna 3rd EG Red (eZVlI) to simkim flower1818 4 EG Stripe (4TKcX) to dessdie cucu8873 3 EG Tsunami (i463J) to michiyoLove cucu8873 2nd gen Winter Seasonal (ditih) to TaraR16 Keolah Daydream dragon (l4Y7k) to Mow Lord Sevtrix 2nd gen PB Tsunami (aJBnQ) to cheese456 cucu8873 Black dragon (IU2QD) to TroupeMaster Lord Sevtrix Pink dragon (QIXFp) to MsTina Lord Sevtrix Valentine egg (GWivA) to gardentoaster flower1818 Sunsong egg (uJUag) and Striped egg (Q8W24) to ubbydubby Nrogara CB Nebula (UKo4q) to Artisteri Erithan CB Sunsong (RadoK) to ubbydubby Erithan Sunsong dragon from Erno (hfgPY) to ubbydubby flower1818 Thunder dragon (HTrLj) to Halfschool flower1818 2nd gen Nebula egg (1DM3J) to Aangs-sister flower1818 CB Sunsong hatchling (YaWOg) to ubbydubby Snuffles Nebula dragon (UfSgZ) to Sif Elbereth91 Nebula egg (TKHIG) to joliver1998 Elbereth91 Gold Tinsel egg (03r6d) to sara4cows Elbereth91 CB Royal Blue hatchling (SkcSX) to rayden54 Erithan 3EG Blue Stripe dragon (QNZv0) to journeyhere cucu8873 CB Dark Myst Pygmy dragon (Ai6tN) and CB Nila Pygmy dragon (TE7HV) to blerg42 cucu8873 CB Harvest egg (VDGTN) to Rhynn Collins Erithan Speckle Throat Dragon (3kTWt) to Pensfan1829 cucu8873 Red egg (op2Oi) to Ice_SW flower1818 CB Nebula egg (s3XNJ) to Wandering Mew Red Dragonette CB Mint (8QvX3) to Danne cucu8873 3 EG Winter dragon (kT3UX) to ManateeDragon cucu8873 Silver egg (BI6fW) to Pensfan1829 cucu8873 Nebula dragon (h2D45) to bubinator palpitation Nebula dragon (3MM61) to Kishing palpitation CB Pink egg (WnO5C) to blerg42 Snuffles CB Golden Wyvern (gbcM0) to Pensfan1829 Snuffles CB Vine (nKCyg) to Valkiepoo Snuffles CB Black (K9Xyt) to sanderj Snuffles CB Pink (AcAm5) to Forgotten Muse Erithan Red dragon (e5d5G) to pisceslion rukii_bii White dragon (U9ev7) to TikindiDragon KatPhipps CB Red hatchling (g56tC) to cbvla313 Erithan CB Stripe (L4tP8) to Anna Selka Erithan CB Pink (isuQj) to joelouisvachon Erithan Ember (HNWUX) to WatersMoon110 mpolo 6th gen Gold Tinsel hatchie from Gold x Ice (gg71n) to horserideraaa Erithan Golden Wyvern egg (7gNPR) to Sannois jennyshin24 Silver egg (yzEFT) to Spyrofan2000 cucu8873 CB Skywing ( MO3nw) to Infinis cucu8873 CB Guardian dragon (ORkzW) to ytak cucu8873 8G clean bronze tinsel (rrlWR) to Bunns cucu8873 8G clean silver tinsel (GqdzS) to Sakura_kyoraku cucu8873 Silver egg (P4dhI) to zalcsi98 cucu8873 CB Swallowtail (cLJWI) to whitedragon313711 cucu8873 CB Nilia (O1aHg) to Nazgod cucu8873 5EG White ( tbRkb) to dragonnheart1999 cucu8873 Silver hatchling (Is9pn) to Ashura09 cucu8873 Gold tinsel (mj9ge) to Rinah cucu8873 CB Skywing (alQqB) to Infinis Dirtytabs Silver dragon (exs7N) to Infinis TikindiDragon Silver Tinsel (Ms5AJ) to Infinis Wolke Even gen Blue Striped dragon (OXbje) to Rogue Seirei Red Stripe (MOeUl) and Red dragon (g2vHw) to aangs-sister warriorjames Cb Nebula (CQmgt) to Bunns Snuffles Gold Tinsel egg (gqc2s) to zalcsi98 Snuffles 5th Even Gen Sunsong (XhsJk) to Denwayasha rukii_bii CB Pink egg (V7r7Z) to PonyTales Snuffles Vine dragon (Y43e9) to PonyTales dirtytabs CB Dark Myst Pygmy (CuAMQ) to Nazgod dirtytabs Golden Wyvern (j0llP) to Emerald01 thenameisplissken Magma dragon (Vd944) to jeky91 thenameisplissken Silver dragon ( hQaC5) and (kfPVI) to Ashura09 thenameisplissken Pink dragon (KGGHV) to Shibunari thenameisplissken Harvest hatchling (c39Qq) to Ashura09 dirtytabs Silver eggs (2Hc0L) and (vuvMt) to Ashura09 warriorjames CB Stripe eggs (BX6f6) and (z69SJ) to dragonheart1999 warriorjames CB Dark Myst hatchling (eCZsC) to Evilminion cucu8873 CB BBW dragon (5A2ly) to BayouBecky cucu8873 Magma dragon (6Ywiu) to white_ti_wolf_14 cucu8873 Bronze Tinsel dragon (VKXly) to Iluvkittycats cucu8873 Harvest egg (UMPZA) to Ashura09 flower1818 Ice dragon (m97aY) to lluvia Snuffles Spotted Greenwing dragon (LzOeJ) to PitbullLover101 missy_ Silver Tinsel dragon (Zm7vW) to Sarramy ImHelpFul Clean Spotted Greenwing hatchling (9BfYv) to PitBullLover101/horsesforever cucu8873 Ice egg (guxMv) to Vertrose flower1818 Bronze Tinsel dragon (eqicO) to IvoryRaven15 Milorganite Silver dragon (wy2KP) to Kigyptnee thenameisplissken Silver egg (6HcVt) to DragonRider13 rukii_bii Bronze Tinsel (mJC7S) to draak rukii_bii Vampire egg (LmffV) to Raptor of Dragons Melisande CB Black egg (WB19T) to IvyJaclyn Azaria Ice egg (mkpp2) to IvyJaclyn Naruhina_94 Moonstone (3rd EG GW and moonstone checker) {LVIqn} to herk Naruhina_94 Pink (ojt3m) and White (oX4DB) to velvet_paws flower1818 Lumina egg (Zu4Ue) and Moonstone egg (ODWXt) to Woof123Albinos flower1818 Gold Tinsel egg (Mwuam) to AzureMist ruki_bii Green Striped egg (qqgZS) to Gluria ruki_bii Gold Tinsel egg (kw6Y3) to Mamamaus ruki_bii Gold Tinsel egg (ohn8x) to Silvaerie ruki_bii Mint hatchling (CJQmi) to sparkle10184 ruki_bii Donors List Forum Name: flower1818 Scroll Name: flower1616 PM link: here PLEASE name my gifts. Please don't freeze any gifts without permission. No biting for vampire attempts. And please say thank you! Forum Name: Dragonhatchling Scroll Name: Dragonhatchling PM link: here ya go As for rules about my stuff... I can breed/catch nearly anything (all except a CB Metallic I've caught- I even had the '12 Vals but I gifted all away for others) and I don't mind holding the eggs until they hatch. Once they hatch I will hold the hatchlings until they grow up. I don't mind freezing or killing on accident, I just prefer that no one kills them on purpose (obviously, we have no true way of knowing this). Forum Name: Erithan Scroll Name: Erithan PM link: PM link A note: I'm pretty decent at catching eggs in general, minus the ultra rares usually. For breeding I seem to be having really good luck with Geodes and Blunas, shallow water as well. A few things I'd like to ask of those who I gift to. 1. Please do not kill the dragon(freezing is fine), this includes biting. 2. If the dragon is a bred one I would prefer it be named (if you realllly don't want to you don't have to, but I would prefer it. ) 3. Please do not trade away the dragon if I've gifted you one. Forum Name: Azhure Scroll Name: Scroll PM link: PM Forum Name: cucu8873 Scroll Name: scroll PM link: pm Stipulations:Whoever receive my egg please don't do anything beside raising it or re-gifting (that mean no killing, trading, vampire, earthquake, freeze, abandon, etc). Re-gifting is ok IF you ask me before you do it. If you are not going to follow the rules then don't even bother to accept the egg(s). A simple and fast refuse is what I love if you don't want it(them), because the gift(s) can go to someone else who will love it(them). Will not hold egg for longer than 24hrs. Forum Name: Keekeecat Scroll Name: http://dragcave.net/user/Keekeekat PM link: PM Forum Name: sfate Scroll Name: http://dragcave.net/user/sfate PM link: PM Forum Name: Lord Sevtrix. Scroll Name: Lord Sevtrix. PM link: Click! Forum Name: Tenyasyugan Scroll Name: Here. PM link: Here Forum Name: rukii_bii Scroll Name: gggirl1997 PM link: PM Forum Name: Dragongirl00100 Scroll Name: http://dragcave.net/user/Dragongirl00100 PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=04 (I can breed anything on my scroll, though golds and silvers are extremely stubborn) Forum Name: Spitfyre Scroll Name: Spitfyre PM link: PM me! I don't bite! Forum Name: KimberKitsune Scroll Name: Scroll PM link: PM Forum Name: Azaria Scroll Name: azaria_123 PM link: here Forum Name: Naruhina_94 Scroll Name: http://dragcave.net/user/_Hinata-Hyuga_ PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=166473 1. Please do not kill the dragon (freezing is fine), this includes biting. 2. I prefer it be named 3. Please do not trade or abandon away the dragon if I've gifted you one. Forum Name:LoveloveNightmare Scroll Name:LoveLoveNightmare PM link:Link Forum Name: DoggyGuy Scroll Name: DoggyGuy's Scroll PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...E=04&MID=204572 Would not like my eggs frozen, killed, bit, or use Earthquake on them Happy to hold eggs for certain amount of time Look on my profile for list of dragons I can breed Forum Name: 0023567467 Scroll Name: 0023567467 PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=203048 Forum Name: Rekha Scroll Name: http://dragcave.net/user/rekha PM link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=47636 Please do not Trade, Bite or Kill any of my gifts. Freezing is OKAY! Make sure to Name!! Banners Dark - [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?&act=ST&f=4&t=125292][img=http://i56.tinypic.com/2wgf0g6.png][/url] Kamiko_Cullen - [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?&act=ST&f=4&t=125292][img=http://oi53.tinypic.com/2hf3prl.jpg][/url] grishiu - [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=125292][IMG=http://i55.tinypic.com/2q9xac9.png][/url] lunardivinus123 - [URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=125292][IMG=http://i52.tinypic.com/20p9aiu.png][/URL] athdaraxen - [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=125292][IMG=http://i56.tinypic.com/2nks0ad.png][/url] Naruhina_94- [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=125292] [IMG=http://i43.tinypic.com/aa92rn.png][/URL]
  3. November 1st - Per Capita 1. Neglected 2. Alt. Vine 3. Chicken 1st - DarkPanther1. Gold, not inbred 2. Alt Black, not inbred 3. Paper 1st - Alexia761.CB metal 2.CB seasonal 3.Red (prefer Hatchies but eggs accepted, messy/inbreed welcome) 2nd - arya10- may not be on for birthday1. Male Gold 2. Male Silver 3.Male Neglected 2nd - ZhenVenin 1. Neglected 2. Olive 3. Harvest 3rd - HawktalonOfRiverClan1. Neglected 2. Alt Black 3. Gold Tinsel 6th - JessXanime(inbreds welcome)1. Neglected 2. Olive Dragons 3.Magma Dragon 7th - -Rinikka-1. Any prize dragon 2. Alt vine (if it's female... better!) 3. Day/Night Glory egg 7th - Germelia1. cb stripe 2. 2nd gen pb green stripe 3. cb purple 7th - methos2891. Tinsel (silver or gold, non-inbred) 2. low gen Gold (non-inbred) 3. low gen Black (non-inbred) 7th - Plant1. CB Neglected 2. CB or low-gen Metallic 3. Stripe 8th - hoboflotovoto1. CB or nice-lineaged Silver 2. Neglected, any lineage 3. CB Nebula 8th - Blear1. Golden wyvern 2. Silver 3. Nebula 8th - Sea Pancake1. Silver 2. Copper 3. CB White 9th - xeyla1. Tinselfails, 2g-5g, clean lineage 2. Any kind of ND, the last sprite I need on my scroll. 3.Chickens 9th - kursedfire1. CB Black 2. Chicken 3. Metallic 9th - Arkenidae/amandamidna1. CB Metallic (Gold or Silver) 2. Neglected 3. Any BSA 10th - sarahfish891. Neglected. 2. Alt Vines. 3. Pretty lineage, staircase or even-gen dragons. 10th - shannecy1. cb metal (gold or silver) 2. bright pink or purple x holiday checker 3.nicely lineaged purples for my purple army 11th - Veetles1. Paper 2. Ice 3. Any Dino 11th - Pallidsilversky/Jlee2281. Paper 2. Gold Tinsel 3. Anything PB or CB 12th - Guillotine/InnocentGuillotine1. Neglected 2. Low-gen, non-inbred Tinsel 3. CB Red 13th - ShinyDazzlight1. Tinsel (Preferably non inbred. Any color.~) 2. Alt black (Any lineage) 3. BSA Pink (Any lineage) 13th - zanbh1231. Gold 2. Silver 3. Vampire 13th - WaterScorpion1. Any (preferably one I don't have) 2. Any (preferably one I don't have) 3. Any (preferably one I don't have) 14th - SandstormandFirestar1. Gold 2. Silver 3. Any alts 14th - Leneth.1. Neglected 2. CB Tan Ridgewing 3. Low gen Bluna 14th - PinkSkylaa1. Even gen Pink 2. CB Balloon Hatchies 3. PB Even gen Sunrise (All generations being Sunrise) 15th - Divo1. metallic (any but no inbreds) 2. stripes (any color but no inbreds) 3. gifter's choice - look at my singles on my scroll - missing mates preferred in non-inbred gendered hatchie form. 15th - artemis43421. any tinsel with stairstep lineage 2. neglected 3. any stripe 15th - LorePMejia 1. Chicken 2. CB Royal Blue 3. Short lineaged or CB Metallic (Silver or Gold) 15th - 16anumber1. Any CB Trio (Can be Thunder, Magma or Ice) 2. Low gen. or CB Metallic (Gold or Silver) 3. Low gen. or CB Royal Blue Dragon 16th - Feresa1. 2nd-gen Black 2. 2nd-gen Ultraviolet 3. 2nd-gen Olive 16th - Aine Silvera[-Contact either before or after her birthday1. Low-gen (pref. 2nd/3rd gen even) metallic not bred with blacks or whites 2. CB Stripe 3. CB Trio (pref. Thunder or Magma) 16th - BlightWyvern1. Any Tinsel 2. 2nd gen Stripe (any colour) 3. A nicely lineaged Black 17th - palpitation1. Neglected 2. CB Magma (Though, I wouldn't protest a low gen one, either) 3. Gold Tinsel (Color/Inbred/Messy/etc are all fine with me) 17th - chryse1. CB gold or silver 2. low gen tinsel 3. pretty lineages 18th -predatorfan4ever1. Nebula 2. Any Tinsel 3. Chicken 18th - blackhilllife1. CB Stripe 2. 3rd even-gen PB Vine 3. CB Magma 18th - PinkSkylaa1. Even gen Pink 2. CB Balloon Hatchies 3. PB Even gen Sunrise (All generations being Sunrise) 18th - dinofire1. CB Any of trio 2. blusang 3. Non-inbred Neglected 18th - crzyanimemom1. cheese dragon 2. 2-headed green opal dragon 3. 19th - kishing1. Any PB Blusang 2. Any red hatchling 3. 3rd even gen Tsunami 20th - Neo_Qwerty - Requests permission from any gifters to release/regift males.1. Swallowtail (female if possible) 2. Pillow (female if possible) 3. Magma (female if possible) 20th - gistofeverything1. Silver or Gold Tinsel, don't care about Lineages 2. Female Pillow - as close to CB as you can get, and if you can get a CB, I will loves you forever! 3. Vine Alt Female 20th - dragonstar321. Any Pink 2. CB Male Split 3. CB Metallic (If not possible, then CB Seasonal) 21st - Raphy1. Low gen metallic (especially Gold as mine are all messy.) 2. Pretty even gen dragon 3. Pretty lineaged Stripe 23rd - SPiRiT-cHaN1. Tinsel -any colour. 2.Blue/Green/Black stripe. 3.Magi 23rd - Lady Artemis1. Silver tinsel 2. Royal Blue 3. CB Autumn 23rd - CoughingCanary1. Chicken 2. Stripe 3. CB Gold 23rd - Hisa/Hisamishi1. Any CB Metallic 2.Any CB of Legendary trio 3.Any of the above non CB 24th - arisingprophet1. PB Stripes. Any color! 2. PB Blacks. Low Gen preferred. 3. Nicely bred Gold. Preferably under 5G, but as long as the lineage is pretty, no matter. 24th - elynne1. Neglected! 2. CB or even second-gen silver 3. Female sunset dragon hatchling 24th - Bianca_Beukes131. --- 2.neglected female 3.chicken 25th - Sen6Crow81. Silver (a Shadow Walker stairstep all Silver dragons male) 2. Blusang (any lineage) 3. -- 26th - SilverDarkness1. CB Ice/Thunder or one with even gen lineage like this Nebula with any other dragon, not neccesarily Christmas 2. CB Nebula or one with a lineage exactly as the one above 3. CB Seasonal 26th - Mr. Dude1. Tinsel (no preferences on anything) 2. Neglected 3. Alt. Black (I found a Chicken!) 26th - rebelgoddess191. Silver Tinsel (staircase with black dragons in it?) 2. Curled Alt (I will freeze to add to my army) 3. Black Dragon from halloween gen (magi and blacks throughout) 27th - RainbowChris1. silver, non inbred, lower gen would be great 2.CB stripe 3.non inbred vampire 27th - ckcot1. CB Gold 2. CB Silver 3. Nice fifth or higher even generation 27th - loire1. CB Gold/Silver 2. CB Autumn (male) 3. CB Ice/Magma (female if magma) 28th - Snowytoshi1. Neglected 2. Red Dino 3. Neotropical hatchling 28th - AsheraAshtoreth1. CB Blusang Lindwurms 2. CB Tan Ridgewing 3. Low Gen Metallic with pretty stair lineage 29th - AndrewMav1. CB or 2nd Gen Metalics (Gold or Silver) 2. CB Trio 3. Striped 30th - Spirit_1. Low gen Tinsel (any, but not inbred) 2. CB Black 3. CB Nebula December 1st - Mustangs44 1. Tinsel/Prize dragon (any kind) 2. CB Stripe (male) 3. Low even gen Harvest 1st - lolturtle1. Prize dragon any gen, and lineage. 2. Any metallics 3rd gen or under 3. Alt vine hatchling 1st - alliana11. CB Black 2. CB Thunder (trio) 3. CB Nebula 1st - limsalva1.prize dragon (any color,clean lineage) 2.metalic (any color,clean lineage) 3.2gen stripe(black or green) 1st - Aercalima1. CB Ember 2. CB Moonstone 3. Vampire 1st - cfmftm1. Split/Two-Headed 2. Silver 3. Magi 1st - stitchstinks4461. CB turpentine or CB tsunami 2. CB tan ridgewing or red dorsal 3. Purebred black alt 2nd - bookwormofdune1. Neglected hatchling or egg 2. Vampire hatchling or egg 3. Any Trio 2nd - Denna_1231. CB Gold 2. Neglected 3. Black (not inbred please) 3rd - Tetra Kataki1. Low-gen stripe, any color. 2. CB Pink 3. 2nd-gen or CB Split. I need a mate for the one I got as a gift from a friend. 3rd - Piucca1. Dino - any 2. Tinsel - any 3. Hatching - any breed 3rd - kaylion1.any tinsel 2.any metallic 3.any egg with an interesting lineage (the more colourful the better) 4th - kizzikins1. Tinsel of any gen/colour 2. CB/nicely lineaged metallic 3. CB Sunsong 4th - Delivrance1.---- 2.CB black 3.CB nebula 4th - Dsnake11. Chicken 2. CB Electric 3. Harvest 5th - Twilightdreamer19791. Neglected 2. CB Stone 3. Magma 5th - Azuragosa1. Low generation Tinsel or Caveborn Gold 2. Caveborn Abino 3. Caveborn Guardian 5th - Darkella/DarkellaLord1. Neglected 2. Dino (any colour) 3. Gold shimmer 8th - wolf123- 1. CB black 2. even gen silverxblack Black egg 3. A ridgewing? 8th - Vampiresswolf1. Blue nebula [preferably under 5 gens and not inbred, but anythings ok =]] 2. red [any!] 3. any dinos/trios 9th - w4rg4zm1. CB black 2. Neglected 3. CB or even-gen hellfire 9th - FirebellyToad1. Any Metallics 2. Reds 3. Pale Pinks 9th - Lastalda1. CB metallic 2. Neglected 3. Pretty lineaged dragons 9th - Tyranisha1. CB royal blue 2. Gilded Bloodscale 3. Any of the metallics 10th - valarauka1. CB metal 2. CB nebula 3. Any tinsel (let me know if this is not okay) 10th - PixieStick9121. CB Seasonal 2. Any 3rd-4th gen stair/spiral lineage Tinsel 3. CB Magma or Ice 10th - dirtytabs1. Any tinsel 2. Red 3. Nebula 11th - qkurai1. 3rd gen even Thuwed 2. Low gen alt black male 3. 4th gen even Vine 11th - miro12111. CB Metal 2. low gen Tinsel 3. ------- 11th - tiger_rider1.Neglected 2.Cb Royal blue hatchling 3.Low gen metal 11th - BronzeDragonell1.Any Gen Two-Headed Dragon 2.CB Seasonal (Winter)Dragon 3.Low Gen Surprise Me 11th - creationist1. Paper? 2. Low gen or purebred Nebula 3. Vine 11th - KeoBong05081. CB Gold 2. Paper 3. Even-gen PB Blusang 12th - KoyukiZaku1.Any tinsel 2. Any Metalic 3.Any stripe 12th - oddsoxdi1.CB Green Copper 2.2gen GW from Male IceXfemale GW 3.2gen STD from Male TeaXfemale STD 12th - Tribea1: Magi 2: Grey 3: Hellfire Wyvern 13th - Gamergirl11.Purple dino 2.Pretty PINK dragon please 3. Ice (from the trio c: ) 13th - mayanightstar1. CB Metallic (would like a gold, but anything is wonderful) 2. Low gen Stripe 3. Tinsel of any lineage 13th - Erithan1. CB Metallic 2. CB Blusang 3. CB Sunrise 14th - Ivyeth1.Any metal 2. Pink 3. -- 15th - The Wolf of Red1. Low gen Tinsel (Non-inbred) 2. CB Sunsong Amphiptere 3. 2nd Gen Stripe (Green, Red, or Blue) 15th - nitewing1. CB Metallic 2. Metallic, preferably 5th gen or lower 3. Stripe, any color, preferably 4th gen or lower 15th - AlternateMew1. CB Stripe 2. CB or Even-Gen Mint 3. Green Dino 15th - ShadowRift1. Low gen metallic 2. CB Blusang 3. Something randomly nice? *cough, signature, cough* 15th - Marina-chan1. Silver 2. Neglected 3. Male Moonstone 16th - MollyElizbeth1. Any Prize Dragon (lineage not matter at all, silver, gold, or bronze) 2. Sunrise Hatchling 16th - nxtashaxt1. CB or nicely lineaged Metal 2. CB Stripe 3. CB Pink 17th - SageHawk1. Neglected 2. CB or low gen. Hellfire 3. Low gen. ice 17th - Ryoneko1. neglected (I know I'm dreaming) 2. CB blusang 3. 2nd gen pb stripes 17th - Azhure/tahli1. CB Black 2. CB Vine 3. Low gen Gold tinsel (not inbred) 18th - raistardragon1. Any Metalic 2. Cheese 3. Nebulas (prefer CB or PB but any is fine!) 19th- roughlandingholly1. CB Stripe 2. Neglected 3. Thuwed Pillow 19th - Storm_Dragoon1. Low gen Gold/Silver Tinsel, any lineage 2. Alt Black(Sitting preferred, Curled second) 3. I'll think of something 19th - Azhure/tahli1. Low gen Tinsel 2. CB Golden Wyvern 3. CB Tsunami 19th - Ruby Eyes1. Even-Gen Pure-Bred Striped - I love those color lottery results 2. Even-Gen Pure-Bred Nebula - for the same reason 3. World peace ^^ Can never hurt to wish for that, and it doesn't require a PM. 20th - dragonico1. ---- 2. ---- 3. ---- 21st - Chiisai-hime1. CB gold 2. CB or PB Hellfire 3. Any tinsel (non inbred) 21st - Fandom Addict1. A silver (any gen) 2. Any colour Dino 3. Any colour Stripe 21st - mo71. Neglected 2. CB metallic (gold/silver) 3. Surprise me, I like anything CB really 22nd - S.S.S.H.ryeong1. Black(CB/PB/ any pretty lineage) 2. CB Vine or White 3. Tinsel/Prize dragon 22nd - Shato1. CB black 2. CB GW 3. CB seasonal 22nd- LoveLoveNightmare1.Black 2.Vampire 3.CB White 23rd - annejeanne1. PB long-gen white 2. A Thuwed (would jump of joy if 1. and 2. combined) 3. Something fantastic I do not yet have 23rd - angel_jia1. Neglected dragons 2. low gen non inbred alt black 3.surpriseeee! 23rd - MamoKun1. Neglected 2. Any metallic, I'm not picky 3. Chicken, not sure if it counts as ultra rare 4. Kidding, only want to show my love for those awesome gifters! 24th - dragonroarer551. Tinsel, Any Gen. 2. Even Gen ALT Black. 3. CB Stripe. 24th - kunigund1. cb Neglected 2. Low gen Tinsel, clean lineage, no stairsteps 3. cb white 24th - shijiteru1.Neglected 2. Magma 3.Any tinsel 24th - Kaerin1. CB Blusang 2. CB Gold 3. Surprise me! 24th - Frostfell(I am online on this day, but if a gifter wont be (holidays, family, etc), gift during the week before or after or entire month of Dec is acceptable)1. CB Neglected 2. CB Metals (gold silver copper) 3. Chicken 25th - 99redwaffles - would prefer to receive gifts either before or after her birthday1. Any low gen Tinsel 2. Any Alt Vine 3. Neglected Dragon 25th - SanguineWolf/MeiTow1. Neglected 2. CB Gold 3. Any Pillow Dragon(s) 26th - Hellen1. ---- 2. TBD 3. TBD 26th - kissxthestarz1. Ice 2. CB Magma 3. CB Thunder 27th - suane_lightfurr1. CB Black; 2. Low even gen red stripe; 3. CB seasonal. 27th - ownage5551.Neglected 2.Purple 3.Red 27th - Hawkster1. Silver Tinsel from PENK line (low gen) 2. CB Horse 3. Silver Metallic (EG with Marrow if you really wanna surprise me) 27th - oceanlover4evr1. Any golden wyvern 2. nebulas (CB preferred but not needed) 3. blacks 28th - annageckos1. CB metal??? 2.Tri-Horn 3.Olive/Anything with a nice lineage 29th – thespi1. Ice 2. alt black 3. female pink 30th - Ayelldee1. CB Gold 2. 2gen Red from Black Sweetling 3.CB Green Copper 31st - Moranna1. Neglected 2. 2nd gen alt vine male 3. CB Magma 31st - Myst_Eries1.Gold 2.Silver 3.Stripe (any color) 31st - tjsweepers/1. CB Metal 2.CB trio 3. CB Vines
  4. September 1st - Disolia 1. Caveborn "Metallic" 2. Caveborn "Chicken" 3. Caveborn "Hatchling" 1st - Elennilda1. pretty lineaged tinsel, either low even gen or staircase if higher gen 2. CB thunder 3. low even gen metallic 1st - DragonFriend1. Any Gen Metallics 2. Any Gen Tinsel 3. Alt Black 1st - leafyleaf1. CB Metallic 2. CB Coastal Waverunner hatchie 3. Chicken 1st - Iza1111.silver 2. gold 3. cb nebula 1st - Yeronoco1. CB Gold 2. Paper 3. CB Tsunami 2nd - Lightrit1. Neglected 2. ice 3. CB magma 2nd - Gluria1. Magma (any lineage, also inbreds) 2. Stripe (any lineage/colour) 3. CB Split 2nd - MysticTiger1. Blusang Lindwurms (Male Hatchling or Egg) 2. Caveborn Gold (Or Low Gen-Even Gen) 3. Caveborn Purple (Egg or Hatchling) 3rd - AzureMist1. Pretty lineaged tinsel, either low even gen or staircase if higher gen (non-inbred) 2. Any Low non inbred Metallic 3. CB Stripes 3rd - ylangylang1.---- 2.Silver (female, preferably, if it's going to be a hatchling gift...) 3.Harvest 3rd - celesteon1. CB of the legendary trio (that I don't have by then) 2. Black or Red 3. CB Neglected (naturally ) 3rd - bbishappy931. Neglected, any lineage! 2. CB Dark Myst Pygmy Male hatchling 3. Seasonal Hatchling, Male, please! 3rd - Samara_Nyx1. Neglected (haha) 2. Metallic 3. Any Dragon Gifts are special, no matter what 3rd - nikohl1. Pillow! 2. Balloon! 3. Your choice... Any gift is lovely to receive, no matter what it is, and I like surprises 4th - Catlover32881. lowish lineage non-inbred stripe. (any color) 2. gold 3. Tinsel (any color, any lineage) 4th - Riverwillows1. CB Gold 2. Neglected 3. White 4th - Katty01. CB/PB Nebulas 2. Any Red Dragons 3. CB Blusangs 4th - loumauvre1. Alt Dark Green hatchling 2. CB Ember 3. any other CB hatchling 5th - arenee19991. Non-Inbred Gold 2. Any 3rd+ Gen Checkerboard Lineage 3. CB Blusang 5th - Derranged1. CB metallic 2. alt. black of any lineage 3. CB tan ridgewing 5th - MousieBrown1. Silver (I'd prefer non inbred!) 2. Neglect 3. nice lineaged white 5th - SpaceShuttleFan1. Blue Dino 2. Red Dino 3. Red Dorsal 5th - TroubletailList: (Currently, my favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon, but that's liable to change without warning)1. 1. Non-inbred messy eggs, the more dragons in the lineage, the better! 2. Opal/Two-headed Lindwurm (dreaming of CB, but I'd just like more of them) 3. CB Summers 6th - Kiytt1. Striped, any color. 2. Any Tinsil 3. Paper 6th - freadom71. Silver (CB or line just not too messy) 2. Vampire 3. Pink 6th - yaquiidru1. Tan Ridgedwing [CB preferred] 2. Golden Wyvern [CB preferred] 3. Alternative Black [2nd Gen preferred, no inbreed] 6th - himinee1. Magma 2. Thunder 3. Silver 6th - LadyNova1. Any Tinsel 2. Any of the Trio 3. Any Nebula 7th - JustSomePerson1. Any Metallic 2. Nebula 3. Neglected 7th - ChokedAmbush1. Purple Dino 2. Seasonal. 3. Silver. I don't care about linage or inbreeding. 7th - iRilo1. Any dino 2. Nebula (preferably female, I can influence if it's an egg) 3. Dark green (again, female, but I can influence) 7th - warriorjames1. CB Metallic 2. CB Blusang 3. CB Tsunami 8th - mudclaw1.gold/silver 2.any cute even gen lineage eggs 3.cb seasonal 8th - egould441. CB or 2nd gen Ice 2.CB or 2nd gen Magma 3. blusang lindwurm 9th - Eldlor1.Neglected 2.PB Stripes 3.CB Stripes 9th - Hanaea1. CB Silver 2. Gold Tinsel 3. 2nd gen stripe egg 9th - Nervenklinik1. CB Tan Ridgewing 2. CB Tsunami 3. CB metal 9th - Dark Prince Raven1. Any gen non-inbred Gold/Silver Tinsel 2. Any gen non-inbred gold 3. Chicken 10th - traumeule1. any Tinsel 2. Chicken 3. Neglected 10th - LadyBahiya1. CB Gold 2. non-inbred Split, anything below a 4th gen 3. a 5th gen Shallow with a similar lineage 10th - AccidentlyonPurpose1. CB Golden Wyvern 2. Any non-inbred Tinsel 3. BSA dragon (red pink purple ) 10th - Saphira38831. Metallic (gold or silver) 2. Striped (white) 3. Thunder or Ice 10th - Satirical1. 2nd Gen Gold from Gold (F) x White (M) 2. 2nd Gen PB Ice 3. 2nd Gen Thunder from Thunder/Purple Nebula 10th - silverwingwyvern1. 2 CB or 2nd Gen Blusang 2. CB black 3. Any gen Metallic 10th - BloodSpell1. CB Metals (Gold, Silver or Copper) 2. CB Neglected 3. CB Black 11th - Eva-Athena1. Cheese 2. Shallow water dragon 3. Alt nebula dragon 11th - dragongrrl1.CB Stripes (this is still my ultra rare, although it may be slightly less rare right now.) 2. Magma 3. Chickens! I love the little chickens! 11th - lindsy951. Any Tinsel. 2. Paper (I will freeze it, so don't give me one if you don't want it frozen for whatever reason) 3. Pebble/green/earth, whatever the name of the dragons that can use EQ. (I'll prolly freeze this one, too) 11th - Emmie Sage1. Stripe 2. CB Trio 3. Chicken 11th - Darine1. CB Silver or Gold 2. 2nd gen Ultraviolets 3. CB Purples 11th - gregregreg1. Dinos (If possible, any but Green) 2. Paper 3. CB Tsunami Wyverns 11th - zywa55201. CB Gold or Silver 2. CB Pillow 3. Any egg / hatchie with beautiful lineage 12th - nickterv1.Neglected 2.tinsel 3.anything rare is nice hahaha 12th - red_mercury1. Any Tinsel (non inbred) 2. Any Metallic (non inbred) 3. CB Stripe 12th - Orbrunner1. CB Gold 2. CB Black 3. Non-inbred EG PB Black 13th - Dewclaw1. Some sort of rare surprise, surprises are fun. 2. Red Dorsal 3.Alt Vine 13th - ulalena1. Stripe cb 2. Terrae Stair lineaged with Gold Tinsel or Pink 3. Low gen Tinsel 13th - wheeloftime131. CB metallic (gold or silver) 2. Neglected 3. Lumina (preferably cb, but i'm okay with a lineaged one, too) 14th - Wookieinmashoo1.CB stripe 2. Nice lineaged magi hatchlings....? 3. more magis 14th - DragoonEagle1. 3rd gen bronze tinsel really rare lineage 2. Well, I get a 3rd gen silver tinsel really rare lineage 3. Black 14th - Shiny Hazard Sign1. Cb Male Metallic 2. 2nd Gen Ultraviolets 3. Spitfires (CB or really pretty lineages!) 14th - DarkMatter1. Nebula 2. Nebula 3. Vampire 15th - Kaarene1. any Tinsel 2. Black 3. Stripe 15th- Tahilanor841. CB Black 2. CB Magma 3. CB Vine 15th - invi1.magma dragon 2.silver(don't care if CB or not) 3. -- 16th - Mamamaus1. staircase Gold Tinsel (any gen, non-inbred) 2. 2nd gen white from any Tinsel (unless that's considered ultra-rare too??) 3. 2nd gen Alt Vine from cb Vine x cb Vine 16th - Silvaerie1. Neglected 2. 2nd gen Stripe with Silver and Stripe parents 3. Any Tinsel Dragon (i don't care about color or the lineage) 16th - dragonbriar1. Any Prize Dragon 2. CB or low-gen metallic non-inbred 3. CB Pillow 16th - Deranged Pegasus1. silver/gold tinsel 2.any non inbred gold 3.blue or purple Nebula(can I ask for this?) 16th - Ferrets1. neglected 2. greenwing hatchlings 3. cheese 17th - Applesauce1. Non inbred metallic. 2. Non inbred pretty linaged vine. 3. CB Pink. 17th - Ponystar171. Nice lineaged Tinsels 2. Nice lineaged Metallics 3. Random hatchlings 17th - Hailwidis1. CB/low gen Gold 2. CB Stripe (or low, even gen coloured Stripe) 3. Any pretty even gen lineage 18th - Piskurka1. pretty lineaged tinsel, either low even gen or staircase if higher gen 2. any CB metallic 3. chicken =) 18th - Windnose1. Nicely lineaged Metallics 2. Any dragon with a 3rd gen perfect checkerboard lineage 3.Nicely lineaged Stripes 18th - NeonEye1. Neglected (non-inbred, CB/low Gen stair ) 2. Silver (non-inbred,CB/low Gen stair ) 3. Ridgewing (non-inbred, CB/low Gen stair, any color ) 18th - silver~moon1. vampire 2. blue striped 3. any trio (except thunder) 18th - BlackZebra1. Any Metallic 2. Neglected 3. Lumina I (still) do not care about lineage or inbreeding. 19th - DiaGlace481. Influenceable Gold 2. Any Tinsel 3. Magma 19th - GoldGryphon1. CB Gold 2. White 4g Even Holly crosses (to be this one's mate: Jolly Snow Joy), or suggestions on what would look great with this dragon! 3. Any pretty Even Gen, no inbreeding 19th - sushi91. CB Gold Wyvern 2. CB Nebula 3. CB Tsunami 19th - Delilah/DeliFox1. CB Silver 2. Fairly Low-Gen Tinsel 3. Pretty Even Gen 20th - xxDragonisPrimusXX1. Gold or Silver Tinsel (non-inbred) 2. CB Black 3. CB Vine 20th - huz1. Any Metalic 2. Tinsel (non-inbreed) 3. 3gen Black 20th - Missingheart1. ANY silver 2. ANY hatchling 3. Nice/interesting lineaged egg 20th - White_dragon_2k91. Nice White Stripe 2.Nice lineage tinsels 3.CB or 2nd Gen Ember 20th - xXJayfeatherXx1. Neglected 2. Any gen, non-inbred Metallic 3. Electric Hatchies 20th - stagazer_71. Any Metallics <3 2. CB Ice 3. CB Summer 21st - Fiona BlueFire1. Even Gen Tinsel 2. CB Dark Myst 3. CB White 21st - Rascal14141. Electric 2.Tinsel 3.Silver 21st - sylphoflights1. 4EG Daydream (female/female influenced preferred) 2. Ice (any non-messy gen; CB preferred) 3. Blusang Lindwurm (any non-messy gen) 21st - Selethis/Sempiternel N o i r e1. CB Silver <3 2. ...CB Blusang? 3. CB Nightglory (with enough time to influence or male?) 22nd - Drag1. CB Metal 2.CB Brine 3. any Black egg 22nd - Lavinia1. CB seasonal 2. 2nd gen PB seasonal from both parents same season as each other (spring x spring, summer x summer, etc.) 3. CB metallic 23rd - Devyn_Star1. 3rd-4th gen Silver OR Gold Tinsel Staircase with MALE Black Marrow mate 2. Metalkin perfect staircase vampire (I like pretty lineages) (<5 gen) 3. Shimmerkin/Tinselkin vampire (<7 gen perfect staircase) for my vampire collection 23rd - lilacamy9311. Neglected 2. Black or Blue Stripe 3. Any tinsel 23rd - Bamboomonkey1. CB Gold 2. Red Dino 3. Sitting alt black hatchie. 23rd - Suavis1. any non inbred Tinsel c: 2. green/black Striped 3. any dragon whose parents have lovely names <3 23rd - BlackYoda October 1st - halean 1. prize/tinsel dragon (any pairing) 2. CB Stripe (male) 3. CB black 1st - SapphireRose1. Neglected 2. Any Metallic 3. Any stripes 1st - icecream3211. Metallic (stairstep lineaged with 2 breeds) 2. Tinsel (stairstep lineaged with 2 breeds) 3. CB Red Dorsal 1st - zorg1.Thunder 2.Gold Wyvern 3.Moonstone 1st - Tadz1.Thunder 2.Ice 3.Alt Black 2nd - sparkle101841. Cheese 2. Chicken 3. Mint hatchling 2nd - Pippyspot1. Purple Dino 2. Chicken 3. CB Bleeding Moon 2nd - maaters1. low-gen Metallic 2. Pygmy (any) 3. Dino (any) 3rd - PinkyHedgehog1. Neglected 2. CB Thunder 3. Low gen metallic 3rd - julielee911. ND 2. low gen metalics 3. pink X sweetling 3rd gen pink 4th - Vulcanus8281.CB Pink 2. Non-Inbred Gold/Silver 3. 2nd Gen Male Sunrise 5th - kunimitsu041.Magma 2.Stripe (any) 3.Gold 5th - Kurenai1. CB Blusang Lindwurm 2. CB or low-gen Silver 3. CB Olive 6th - Wiolka1. Non-inbred low gen Tinsel 2. CB Stripe 3. Any CB Hatchie 6th - Nixly1. Purple Dragons - prefer Hatchies but eggs accepted (Please no inbreds?) 2. Red Dragons - prefer Hatchies but eggs accepted (Please no inbreds?) 3. Any Metallic (Please no inbreds?) 6th - free_of_whip1. Neglected 2. --- 3. Blusang Lindwurm 7th - dragonfreak61321.A gold (lineage does not matter) 2.Any prize(Preferably silver) 3.A female Pink 7th - IshtarfromBabylon1. Golden, any lineage, non-inbred. 2. Alt Black, any lineage, non-inbred. 3. Golden Tinsel, any lineage, non-inbred. 8th - lovetheworldorelse (scroll will be unlocked for birthday 2012)1. Any Metallic 2. Nebula 3. Any dragon I don't already have 9th - naturalcyber1. 2nd gen PB male alt (either Black or Vine, doesn't matter) 2. CB Stripe 3. CB or PB evengen Spitfire 9th - FireAngel731. neglected 2. CB nebula (regular) 3. CB sunsong 9th - grammydragon1. CB Gold 2. Low gen, containing Black Marrows 3. Low gen, containing Heartseeker spriter alt 9th - flyking1.Neglected 2.Purple dino 3.Alt Vine 10th - hegate1. Low gen Tinsel (not inbred) 2. Low gen red (not inbred) 3. Low gen stripe (not inbred) 10th - Alias_XX1. CB/PB Ice 2. Neglected 3. Pretty lineaged Silver 10th - tititi1. any Silver 2. CB Thunder 3. Pillows:3 10th - demona31. CB Silver 2. CB Gold 3. Flamingo 10th - itundra1. CB or low-gen Gold 2. non-inbred Silver 3. non-inbred Stripe 10th - Nymue1. cb silver 2. cb\clean lineaged nebula 3. bronze tinsel x red nebula [2 breed, any gen but clean] 11th - Wolfs_Bane1. Neglected ((or cb metal if this is not possible either way I'll be happy ^^)) 2. CB Magi 3. Dark Mist Hatchling 11th - Dearprincess1. Short, cleanly lineaged Nebula 2. CB Gold (or Silver... a girl can dream, can't she?) 3.CB or 4th gen or higher PB-EG Moonstone 12th - Titan1.Vampire 2.CB Ember 3.Tinsel 12th - GirlFairy761.Neglected (all can dream, can't we?) 2.Electric 3.Gold/Silver 13th - synditrix1. CB ice 2. 2nd gen ice from tsunami 3 Low gen non-tinsel silver or gold. 14th - REDBULL1.Neglected 2.Gold 3.Royal Blue(Preferably CB) 14th - _silverdragon_1. royal blue 2. seasonal 3. sunrise 14th - Draikinator1. CB Black 2. CB Blusang (But a PB even gen is okay too) 3. Gen 2 stripes (anything but green, please!) 15th - Shishiro1. Any lineage Gold (non tinsel) 2. Neglected 3. Any lineage Red 15th - rin521. Neglected 2. CB Stripe 3. CB Nebula 15th - Ramica1.Neglected any gender. Not fussy about lineage either. 2. Tinsel 3. Pillow Dragons - (can't say no to them) 15th - Elixabeth1.CB Neglected, Opals Since it's my birthstone 2. CB Gold Or Silver 3. CB Stripes, or pretty Lineages of any dragon 16th - omgitskairi1. Any common with an alt sweetling parent or grandparent 2. Turpentine 3. Any non-inbred silver 16th - Tayiadragonbite1. CB Metal 2.CB ND 3.CB Tan Ridgewing egg or Alt female 16th - Cariux1. Gold Low gen or CB if possible 2. Low Gen Tinsel 3. CB Stripe 16th - iCloud1. CB/ PB Nebula 2. Low gen Black 3. CB Stripe 16th - Tasokie1. CB silver 2. 2nd gen PB alt black 3. CB hatchies of any kind 16th - Naruhina_94/_Hinata-Hyuga_1. CB Gold egg (or male hatchie) or Silver CB egg 2. Low gen Tinsel (3rd gen?) 3. Cb Ember hatchie 16th - 6bananza1. Any Dino 2. Neglected 3. Gold 17th - Aeriaa1. CB Silver 2. CB or low-gen Hellfire 3. Low-gen Pebbles 17th - reimolino1. Tinsel dragon 2. CB Stripe 3. CB Black 18th - julesjag11. Any Tinsel 2. Blue, red or black Striped 3. Paper 19th - daicameoden1. CB Metallic 2. CB Blusang 3. CB Nebula 20th - athdaraxen1. CB Night Glory 2. CB Nebula 3. CB Silver 20th - PieMaster1. Any CB Metal 2. Any 13th gen "Perfect Inbred" ( A dragon where every generation has only two actual dragons who are, except the CBs, brother and sister). 3. Neglected 20th - Artiuslove1. Cleanly lineaged Gold Tinsel 2. Any lineage Alt black 3. Anything I don't have on my scroll 21st - Sparkgirl1. seawyrm or darkmyst 2. Metalic (silver or gold, really doesn't matter) 3. Paper :3 21st - evilSpectra1. Low Gen or Pretty Lineaged Metallic <3 2. PB Stripe - 2nd to 4th Gen with matching generation colors. 3. An (evil) baby dragon. (!!!) Or a pretty baby dragon with the number 30 in it, born on my 30th birthday! 21st - heeroluva1. any CB trio 2. CB Blusang Lindwurm 3. CB Seasonal 21st - gardentoaster1.CB gold 2. CB Blusang 3. --- 21st - LegendOfKorraFan/cheeseman1231. 2nd Gen Sweetling with uncommon mate 2. 2nd Gen 09' Valentine with uncommon mate 3. 2nd Gen PB Black Alt 22nd - Sharanay1. Low gen geode 2. CB stripe 3. ---- 22nd - JadeShunDaliaMaggie1. Neglected *_* 2. Any striped 3. A long lineaged common 23rd - sparkdragon1. CB stripe 2. Even gen checker Tinsel fail (wouldn't say no if it was a Tinsel though |D) 3. 2G Stripe from any Holiday/Stripe pair 23rd - TigersLover1.Siver 2.Any tinsel 3. Alt Vine 23rd - RiRiCat1. CB metal (gold or silver) 2. 2-3rd gen tinsel 3.CB purple nebula 23rd - Skythestral1. CB/even gen metallic 2. Goldfish (love evengen) 3. nice lineaged Daydream 23rd - LuvDragons/KarenGF1. CB silver or White 2. Pale purple ridgewing just the egg can influence it 3. Thunder dragon 25th - Sister of the Dragon1. Any tinsel 2. 2nd gen Shallowwater (goldfish) 3. Beautiful lineages- even gen, stairstep, purposeful even gen inbreeding, etc. 25th - Sailor Moon/Dark Dragon1. Dinos ( any color ) 2. CB dragons 3. Nice lineages 26th - mishii1. CB Metal 2. TBA 3. TBA 26th - C4C31.Blue dino. 2.Pillow dragon. 3.CB Nebula. 26th - dragonpuck1. ND 2. CB Gold - egg /male hatchie 3.CB red dorsal Ashes the Second1. Bluna 2. Stripe 3. Tinsel 27th - minimuis1.Any tinsel 2. Silver dragon (clean lineage) 3. Low gen stripe 27th - Dracollin1. a pair of PB Silver with pretty gens (spiral, evengen, stairstep) 2. 4 or below gen Gold with holiday parent 3. CB neglected. 27th - MomoMango931. Metallic (Gold Or Silver) (CB or 2nd gen with a 2013 Christmas dragon as one of the parents) 2. Any Tinsel (Easily continued lineage and non-inbred.) 3. CB Tan Ridgewing 27th - twol8sue1.any metals 2. coppers 3.even gen checkered dragons 28th - Kirjava-Kitsune1. purebred stripe (any colour and gen.) 2. 2nd gen. metallic 3. CB black 28th - Sunsteps881. cb magma 2. sunsong c: 3. cb female thunder 28th - apfel1. CB Gold 2. CB Ice (guardian) 3. CB Seasonal 28th - Snowytoshi1. Neglected 2. Red Dino 3. Neotropical hatchling 29th - bengc_chun1. Purple Dino 2. Yellow Dino 3. Tan Ridgewing 29th - redwolf/red_wolf411. Gilded Bloodscale 2. Seragamma Wyvern 3. Paper 30th - MichiyoSaitou1. Neglected 2. Cheese 3. Any Dino egg 30th - timpieh1. nice-lineaged/CB Gold 2. Blue, Yellow or Green Dino 3. CB or EG+PB Nebula 31st - Janusslav1.) CB Black 2.) CB Hellfire 3.) CB Pink 31st - lalalas1.Neglected 2.Any tinsel with beautiful lineage. 3.Non purple dino 31st - SaberLilly/GunnerRoland1. Neglected 2. Tanwing 3. Alt Vine
  5. July 1st - MoonShark - (will not be around through June 20th to late July) 1. --- 2. CB Ice 3. CB Thunder 1st - aynessa1. CB Black/Stripe/Silver (I'm not picky, any ultra rare really lol) 2. CB Tan Ridgewing 3. Any Alt Vine (low gen is preferred, but I'll honestly take pretty much any) 1st - user5601. Tinsel, I prefer no inbred but i'll take whatever is offered :3 2. CB Metallic 3. CB Night Glory 1st - Elsina711. CB Gold 2. CB Silver 3. CB Ember 1st - Pancakes1.Purple Dino 2. CB seasonal (really hoping for spring) 3. A loved dragon (aka: a gift on my birthday of any dragon is special) 1st - dragon10891. (Original Gold and silver) Metallic's (Would like a cb but it doesnt matter) 2.Chicken 3. Pb Black 1st - Tecca1. Gold Tinsel 2. CB Stripe 3. Surprise me! 2nd - PhantomoftheWolves1. Cb Mettalics 2. Neglected 3. Alt Vine 2nd - love_mandy1. CB Gold 2. CB Silver 3. Ice 3rd - Dawnwing - (non-inbred please)1. CB Black 2. Stripe 3. Chicken 3rd - spark32101. CB stripe 2. Silver 3. Terrae 4th - Hawktalon1. CB nebula 2. Silver (any lineage or CB) 3. CB glory drake 4th - Girlinhat1. Chicken; this is all.4th - draak1. CB Blusang 2. CB Copper 3. Surprise Me! 4th - Forest1. Chicken 2. Gold - fun looking spiral lineage without holiday mates, any gen (I wouldn't refuse a CB though ) 3. Surprise me! 5th - Tati1231. CB Metallic 2. Glory Drake 3. Magi 5th - Ylla1. Low gen pretty metal 2. Any unbreedable 3. CB hatchlings 5th- give your heart a break1.Neglected 2.Black Alt 3.Chicken 5th- alphawolfhuskeeCB Red Dorsal 2. Neglected!!! 3. Soulpeace hatchling(s)? 5th - seregir1. Non-Tinsel Gold 2. Neglected 3. Black Stripe 5th - alduin1. Silver (Non-Tinsel) 2. Neglected 3. Ember (Female) 5th - WingedAssassin1. Gold 2. Red (any Red, I love Reds) 3. -- 6th - NazDrag1. Neglected (No inbred or messy lineages, any gender is fine) 2. - 3. – 6th - BirdSpirit1. CB Metallic 2. Stairstep (non-holiday) Tinsel 3. CB Magma 6th - Horse20001. CB Metallic (gold or silver, still don't have either) 2. Prize Dragon- not messy, 5th gen 3. CB Golden Wyvern 6th - Catlover741. CB Silver 2. Tinsel? 3. CB Ice 7th - CNR48061. CB Black 2. Any other Black 3. Any Unbreedable 7th - Yasmiki1. Metallics 2. Stripes 3. Nebula 7th - titinian.masquarade1. neglected 2. CB gold/silver 3. EG checker with a pretty lineage 8th - Azure1. CB Metallic or Neglected 2. Stripe 3. CB Black 8th - greenteamooncake1.any tinsel 2.any nebula 3.ice 8th - firegirl1. surprise me! 2. -- 3. -- 8th - ripjawwolffang1.Magma 2.Ember 3.Hellfire Wyverns 9th - Tanya97711. Any colour/gender Tinsel (not inbred) 2. Any gender Gold (not inbred) 3. Any colour/gender Ridgewing (not inbred) 9th - EragonSaphiraRider- will not be around on her birthday but will be on July 10th 1. CB gold 2. prize dragon 3. canopy 9th - X-Acidic pixie stick-x1. Cb Metal (Gold or Silver) 2. Neglect 3. Embers 10th - sei_chan651. CB Gold or Silver 2. Any Tinsel 3. CB Tan Ridgewing 10th - ValidityMarsh1.Gold non-inbred 2. 2nd gen stripe 3.PB Thuwed 10th - SilvyMusume1. Silver! (Preferably low-gen, but it's oay if not. No inbreeding.) 2. CB Night Glory Drake 3. Stripes (Any color.) 10th - Oriane Sera1. CB Gold 2. CB Silver 3. CB Neotropical 11th - xoxoLuver_Grrrloxox1.Paper 2.Cheese 3.Neglected 12th - IvyJaclyn1. CB Black 2. CB-4th Gen Metal (non tinsel, non SW mate) 3. Nice lineage Magma or Ice 12th - anne1.CB Royal Blue caught on my b-day (as a mate for the one I was gifted last year =P) 2.CB Nebula 3. Surprise Me 12th - catsandboobies 1. Chicken 2. Blue Striped 3. Red 12th - emerald7fire1.CB Gold 2.Neglected 3.Surprise me 12th - car3401. Neglected 2. ~ 3. Grey 12th - car3401. Neglected 2. Red (The one with Incubate...) 3. Grey 13th - SolemnLight1. CB Nebula 2. CB Magma or Thunder 3. Reserved~ 13th - Dragoncia1. Silver tinsel stairstep 2. gold dragon stairstep 3. any non inbred stripes 13th - Raptor of Dragons1. A red dino 2. A vampire 3. A messy lineage 13th - Vakarian1. A Neglected would be very lovely! 2. Any CB Metallics! (I'm okay with either Gold or Silver) 3. A CB Blusang Lindwurm will be very nice, too! 13th - HappyAppy1. CB Silver 2. CB Gold 3. CB White 13th - Gasp1. CB Metallics (Gold or Silver) 2. CB Uncommons (Tsunami, Lumina, Tan Ridgewing and others) 3. Anything you have and don't need. 14th - Jill Dragon1. CB metallic 2. Neglected 3. 2nd gen purebred alt vine 14th - SpottedSky20001. Chicken 2. Neglected Dragon 3. Black Alt 15th - arabian sparkle1.Low-gen Spriter alt descendants 2.CB Stripe 3.Geode 15th - Kanaye1. Even 3rd/4th gen gold. 2. Cheese 3.CB BBW 15th - iceshardangel1. Paper 2. Any Tinsel 3. Any Metallic 15th - emily3611. CB black 2. Tinsel-fails - stairstep involving only 2 breeds 3. Any pretty lineage 15th - GuesssWho1. Neglected 2. Gold 3. Blue or green striped 15th - Alse151. Metalic with non holiday mate 2. CB Trio 3. Suprise me! 15th - ponyabby_31. Thunder (I guess no Guardians) 2. --- 3. Magi Dragon <3 15th - imperatrica1011. 2gen Gold from Golden Wyvern 2. CB Seasonal 3. CB Red 15th - bronzebird1. Blusang 2. Nebula 3.Shallow water 15th - Artemis Lore1. CB Neglected 2. Chicken 3. Green Dino 16th - Wraith1. (CB would be nice) Neglected (I can dream too! ) 2. CB Blusang Lindwurm 3. CB Golden Wyvern 16th - cherrystarluv1. Surprise Me! 17th- rampaging wyvern1. Alt Black 2. Male Gold 3.Neglected...*dreams* 17th - Ninetails/oNinetailo1. Gold 2.Any colored dino except green! 3.CB GW 18th - lilraindrop1. A nice lineaged-metallic (Preferably low even-gen) 2. CB stripe 3. A nice lineaged colored stripe 18th - airaani1. tinsel (would die for female silver tinsel x male alt neb line ) 2. CB nebula 3. purple hatchie 18th - Nalfeinfantasy1.Any gen, any color Tinsel 2.Any Gold or Silver dragons 3.CB black 19th - Peij1.any Tinsel/Price 2.one of the Trios 3.Ridewing 19th - Kiryu1. CB Silver 2. Low-gen Shimmerfail 3. CB or EG PB Nebula (colors don't matter) 18th - rihannalexis1. CB metallic 2. CB neglected 3. PB black stripe 19th - suskekun2221. CB Metal 2. CB or pretty Blusang 3. CB blue Nebulae 20th - LugiaLover1. Tinsels- I don't care about lineage, but I'd prefer gold and silver tinsels, as I don't have any yet. 2. Metallics. I'd prefer low gen and CB. I especially want rare x rare pairings. 3. Colored stripes I only have two stripes at the moment, a white and a green, and I want to expand my collection 22nd - littleangelamy221. Even-Gen Metallic (Non-inbred please) 2. Even-Gen Trio (Non-Inbred please) 3. CB Water 22nd - herk1. Neglected 2.low-gen non-inbred gold 3.Any pretty EG non-inbred egg I hope askng for an certain type of lineage (EG) instead of breed is OK I saw nothing in the rules indicating otherwise 22nd - Lycanth1. Any tinsels, pref nice lineage but any will do! 2. CB Metals 3. PB black 23rd - Xaneas1.Gold(No Tinsel) 2.Silver (No tinsel) 3.Red 23rd - Dragongirl001001. Neglected 2. Dino (Any) 3. Two-Finned bluna 24th - Elzapeth1. CB Gold 2. 2nd gen black or gold from Gold x Black 3. CB Thunder 24th - EternallyYin1. Any non-inbred tinsel 2. CB Ice 3. A low gen non-inbred gold, 2nd gen if possible 24th - Dragonshadows1. CB Girl Silver 2. Cheese Dragon 3. ND 25th - Moonfreak1. neglected 2. chicken 3. colored stripe 25th - shiva_sama1. CB or low gen gold or silver 2. dragon with grandparents alt sweetlingxblack and marrowxsomething black 3. any Thuwed lineaged egg/hatchy 25th - Chronopie1. Silver 2. ND 3. Nebula 25th - Chrisabell1. Shallow Water dragons 2. Ultraviolet dragons 3. Hellhorse Dragons 26th - lulu_witch 1. CB Black 2. Paper 3. CB Pink (not Flamingo!) 26th - Karin Kes1. Even-Gen Tinsel (Any generation) 2. Low Gen Metallic 3. Even-Gen Stripe/Trio/Bluna (Any generation) 26th - Strifes_Lady1. Neglected 2. Chicken! 3. Bleeding Moon Dragon 26th - qwertyuiop07261. CB Metal (Gold or Silver) 2. Tinsel 3.CB male sunset hatchlings 27th - scm72719991. Neglected dragon 2. Tinsel of any lineage 3.2nd gen black 27th - Midnight-Skyline1. Neglected (I literally do not care the line) 2. Waterhorse 3. CB Turpentine 28th - hellhunt1. low gen shinies 2. cb stripe 3. cb purple or red hatchie 28th - Firestar131. Matalics under 6th Gen. 2. Any Tinsil 3. Stipes. 29th - EmoDuck5981. Low gen gold 2. Red dino 3. 2nd or 3rd gen ice [trio] 29th - cobbsrockz1. Any non-tinsel gold(prefer CB) 2.Any non-tinsel silver(prefer CB) 3. - 29th - mielpops1. CB Gold 2. Paper 3. CB Ice 30th - Sinsdaemn1. Low Gen Metallics 2. Low Gen Tinsels 3. CB Pinks or organized ev-gen lineaged ones. 30th - Rockin' On1.C/B metallics 2.low generation metallics 3.chicken 30th - Gota_cacel1. Neglected 2. paper dragon 3. Day Glory Drake / Night Glory Drake 30th - Kyandii - prefer non-inbreds 1. Ice 2. Magi 3. Mint 30th - hafeline1. Golden Wyvern Egg 2. Silver Dragon Egg 3. Spotted Greenwing Egg 30th - HeavenlySin1. CB Paper 2. CB Pillow 3. CB Spring 31st - Darkling12121.Gold 2.Any Tinsel 3.Chicken August 1st - Astaroshe Asran 1. CB Gold Black Wyvern 2. Silver Tinsel (Do not care about lineages =) 3. Still a Neglected ^^;; 1st - Agent-of-Truth1. Thunder Dragon 2. Whiptail Dragon 3. Silver Dragon 1st - mintchoco1011. Neglected 2. CB metals 3. surprises c: 2nd - SylviadragonMagma Tinsel nebula 2nd - jetcomb1. CB ice trio 2. CB gold/silver 3. green dino 2nd - hybridhydra1. CB Gold 2. --- 3. 2nd Gen Gold 3rd - Dragontamor1. Low-gen stripe, any color. 2. Magma 3. 3rd gen Split 3rd - Midgie1. CB Purple Dragon 2. CB/Neat Lineage any summon breed specific action dragon 3.CB or Low Gen Gold/Silver 4th - Korifyre1. low gen blacks 2. low gen white 3. Silver (non inbred if possible) 4th - Jadeunicorn1. Any Tinsel (non-inbred) 2. CB Tan Ridgewing 3. CB Day or Night Glory 4th - SeaSong1. Any tinsel, any lineage, I don't mind inbreeding 2. Silver, any lineage 3. Regular Nebula hatchling or egg 4th - ebis131. Surprise Me 2. CB ND 3. Surprise Me <3 4th - Kara Wolf1. 2nd gen from Tuprentine x Gold either egg <3 2. PB EG gold wyvern any gen 3.3rd gen PB EG black 4th - James10111. CB Gold 2. Alt Black (<4th, cannot be inbred) 3. Summer (<3rd, cannot be inbred) 5th - thewingeddragonofra1. Any tinsel 2. Any tinselfail (a 2nd gen would be amazing) 3. A metallic if im lucky 5th - AineLeith1. Neglected 2. Red Dino 3. Red 5th - Saami1. CB Gold 2. silver 3. neglected 6th - velvet_paw1. Any CB metal (copper,silver or gold) 2. CB Blusang Lindwurm 3. surprise me (I like low /even gens /pretty checkers) 6th - mooniechan1. CB Nebula <3 2. CB Seasonal - Summer 3. any CB Metallic (Gold/Silver: I have none!) 6th - BloodlessDreamz1. CB Silver 2. 2nd Gen Black Stripe 3. CB Gold 7th - Kaini1. Neglected <3 2. any Tinsel 3. any metallic 7th - hat171. Short-gen non-inbred gold 2. CB Magma 3. Tinsel with Staircase lineage (preferably with 1 breed as partner), the longer the merrier~ 7th - Severus_S1.CB metallic 2.CB Blusang Wyvern 3.CB Horse 7th - hotbottleo'water11.Red/blue/mist stripe 2.CB or close to CB thunder 3.Tinsel 7th - Erica87981. Neglected 2. Seasonal 3.Bluna 7th - Snowbloom1. Tinsel 2. CB Thunder 3. CB Pink 8th - samantca1. Gold 2. Neglected 3. CB Stripe 9th - natli1. CB Silver (for a 'special' lineage, see profile) 2. 4th gen black egg (a mate for this http://dragcave.net/lineage/QLvU) 9th - Tropical121. Silver 2. Magma 3. Thunder 9th - Storm skyflyer1. Neglected any 2. Brown copper CB 3. Bleeding moon CB 10th - PinkyDragon 1. Any Metallic (non-inbred please) 2. CB Thunder 3. PB Pink 10th - Aislein1.Neglected(worth a try .png ) 2.CB Gold 3.Low gen gold or bronze tinsel (not silver please) 10th - sweet-cheeks1. CB Gold 2. CB Nebula 3.CB White stripe 10th - keolah1. Even gen purebreds, any breed 2. Even gen checkerboards, any breed 3. Anything other even gens with a pretty lineage 11th - Miryana1. any Tinsel (would love a pretty lineaged one) 2. CB Metallic 3. low gen white stripe (or gold) from White stripe X Gold lineage 11th - Sarzael1. Purple Dragon 2. Ice Dragon 3. Thunder Dragon 11th - Woof123Albinos/Porpoise981. Moonstone 2. Lumina 3. Silver Tinsel 11th - f8115/e138571. CB or 2gen Silver or Gold 2. --- 3. CB Blusang Lindwurm 12th - grayson13141. CB Magma 2. CB Metallic 3. Low gen Tinsel 12th - FaolainnStorm- inbreds welcomed! 1. Ice 2. Thunder 3. Magma 12th - fanficlover091. Any Non-inbred Tinsel 2. Any Non-inbred Metallic 3. Low gen non-inbred black stripe 12th - SapphirexD1. Silver 2. Ice 3. Nebula 13th - Pink1. Any clean tinsel (same as below). 2. Clean metallics (low gen is even better). 3. Inbred, long lineaged Water Walkers (esp. hatchies) 13th - RainStar131. CB Metallic 2. A perfect mate for this Bronze tinsel 3. CB Red(s) 13th - ticonderoga21. any dino 2. black 3. Surprise me! I accept any egg I am gifted if I am not egg locked! 13th - TempestSea1. GW prefer non inbred even gen (CB iz nice) 2. CB Olive 3. anything new 13th - Meo-Rie/Homo_Ludens(adults are hidden)1. CB Metallic (Silver or Gold) 2. CB Black 3. CB Vine 14th - Fishkeeper1. Neglected (yeah, I know, probably not) 2. Gold 3. Cheese Any lineage, messy and inbred or not. I probably won't be on until the evening, as I have lots of stuff planned. 14th - Wolke1. Low Gen Gold (CB for seeing me cry with happiness) 2. Pink/Purple/Reds (would love second gens from these with each other or CB/PB...) 3. Balloons (CB or PB would be great, but doesn't matter all that much) 14th - Singalana1. Any metallic (CB would be awesome!) 2. Any trio (CB ice would make me faint with happiness though) 3. CB Hellfire or Sunset 14th - Rorchu/awooo01. Caveborn or nice generation Neglected 2. A pretty generation metallic (Caveborn would be amazing, but other is ok~) 3. Tri-Horns, especially caveborn, but even generations would also be great! 15th - SoulFang1. CB Silver 2. CB Black 3. --- 15th - mira151. CB Gold or Silver 2. CB Magma 3. Red hatchies 15th - Styven1. Gold 2. Nebula 3. Electric 16th - dekimasen1. Staicase Tinsel, any gen, any color 2. 4-2 Gen Striped 3. CB Metallic 15th - Dragonblaze2391. Neglected 2. Bluesang 3. Gilded Bloodscale 16th - funsizedcandy - will not be around on birthday but can accept gifts on the following day 1. A gold or silver dragon (been on this site for years but have never been able to obtain either one. don't care which one either) 2. cheese 3. Magma 16th - WereJace1. Neglected 2. Pink 3. CB Red 16th - RaeSun161. Neglected 2. Gold 3. Sunset/rise 16th - Alianta1. CB Metallic 2. CB Magma 3. CB Nebula 16th - Dotzrus1. Gold Dragon 2. CB Royal Blue 3. CB Seragamma 17th - angelicdragonpuppy1.Any Neglected <3 2. CB Sunsong hatchies 3. CB Pillow hatchies 17th - StarGirl17/MiSsMerder1. CB Trio 2. Blusang of any Gen 3. Pretty lineaged or CB Red 18th - Eluna1.Silver (preferably low gen or Cb) 2. Any Metallic 3.Pink (BSA) 18th - IceFang1. Silver (My favorite dragon, I don't have one. Lineage does not matter at all.) 2. CB red or second generation 3. 18th - rainbowsmile1. Any dragon descendant of Nepherim's Alt. Sweetling (prebably low gen & non-inbred, but will accept any) 2. Silver (non-inbred, preferably a pretty lineage) 3. CB Balloon 18th - DoggyGuy1.Neglected 2.Thunder 3. Surprise me! 19th - TTIOT1. CB/2nd gen. Metallic 2. CB Pillows 3. CB Trio Ice or Magma 19th - Moonlightelf1. Any CB dragon... 2. ...which I am missing... 3. ...from my scroll goal. 19th - dragonstar1001. CB Gold 2. CB Silver 3. CB White 19th - Moondragon551. Red nebula dragon 2. Any hatchling. 3. A male neglected dragon (I can dream!) 20th - klinneah - May not be on for birthday. 1. Low-gen female alt black 2. CB female hellfire 3. Tan Ridgewing 20th - Bunny Maestro1. CB White 2. CB Speckle-Throated 3. CB Coppers 21st - Helel1. CB Neglected 2. CB Metallic (Gold or Silver) 3. CB BSA (Red or Purple) 21st - lanette1. 4th gen or lower 2012 Tinsel 2. CB Purple Ridgewing 3. CB Red Dorsal 21st - Friend of All Dragons1.Non-Tinsel Gold 2.Pink 3.Green Dino 21st - Bloodyrose131. CB Neglected 2. CB Metal 3. CB Female Swallowtail 23rd - flower18181. Low gen. Golden Wyverns 2. Any Speckle Throat dragon 3. SURPRISE ME!!! aurora e1. CB Metallic (duh ) 2. A mate for this buddy 3. PB 2nd gen Blusang 24th - Count_231.Neglected 2.Paper 3.Paper. 24th - sweet_smurfette- contact after birthday 1. Sunsong Amphiptere 2. Any metallic or tinsel, as long as it's not inbred 3. Any striped, so long as it's not inbred 24th - Sumiku441. Neglected 2. CB Metal 3. Nebula 24th - rika841. Mint 2. Tinsel 3. ---- 24th - gravity4041. Neglected 2. CB metallic 3. Surprises? 24th - Dragon-Firy1. Maybe a CB Neglected? I would like it male, or ungendered :3 2. 2nd gen Gold, as a mate for mine :3 3.Vine Dragons! Any lineage, even inbred, I just love Vines! 24th - Yinn1. CB Metallic 2. CB Neglected 3. CB Magi 25th - grishiu1. CB metal 2. 2nd gen black 3. CB stripe 25th - Mercury1.cb Neglected 2. non-inbred tinsel 3.non-inbred metallic 25th - Miyon1. CB Metal 2. Low gen Tinsel (3rd) 3. CB Pink 26th - Skypool1. Any gen (non inbred) silver tinsel 2. CB, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gen nebula 3. CB pearl 26th - yellowfang661. CB Vampire 2. CB Vampire 3. CB Vampire 26th - Athkore1. Any Ice 2. Any Golden Wyvern 3. Any surprise egg/dragon at all 27th - loudwhitenoise1. (CB or 2nd gen) Seasonal 2. CB Golden Wyvern 3. Magma (Non-Inbred) 27th - Mkroo1.CB Bluesang 2. low gen metallics 3.pearl pygmys 28th - SaphiraSapphire1. Silver Tinsel 2. Gold 3. CB Nebula (not alt) 28th - kl1217761. silver 2. low gen ice (although I'll take whatever is offered) 3. cb stripe 28th - Dolphine1. Tinsel stairs 2. metal stairs 3.CB red 28th - Jackal1. CB Blusang 2. CB or clean low-gen Silver(metallic) 3. CB Pink 28th - SEYE20001. Any CB Trio 2. Chicken 3. Blusang 29th - BlackCherry1. Silver 2. CB Black 3. White Stripe 29th - RAWRRRR!!!!!1. Neglected 2. Non-Tinsel Gold 3. CB Gold Wyverns 29th - LegendxGold1. Gold Dragon (No inbred) 2. Silver Dragon (No inbred) 3. CB Golden Wyvern 29th - Hybrid_Empire1. CB White Stripe 2. CB Black 3. CB Red 29th - Jazeki1.CB coastal waverunner 2. neglected 3. CB silver 29th - NicolasKoh321. CB Gold/Silver 2. Neglected 3. Nicely Lineaged Magma 30th - Malum1. Copper 2. Moonstone 3. Hellhorse 29th - CowlRaven1. Dino 2. Metal (Gold or Silver) 3. Pink 30th - nekodiscord1.striped 2.gold(especially if its 2nd gen goldxred) 3.silver 30th - darkangelfallen1. stair step tinstel that is non imbread that i can easily continue with a dragon on my scroll i love nebulas (i know im realy wishing here lol) 2. Any non-imbread Gold 3. possibly a mate for this guy here? my black dragon's lineage 30th - flipflopdiva1. Ridgewing any color 2. Red Dorsal 3. Nebula 30th - Saori_Nightstar1. 2nd gen Gold with Black Father X Gold Mother - would make my year! 2. CB Golden Wyvern 3. CB Male Black - I can never catch these lol 30th - hafeline1. Golden Wyvern Egg 2. Silver Dragon Egg 3. Spotted Greenwing Egg 31st - Xorath1. Cb Neglected 2. Any tinsel dragon, preferably gold. 3. Cb gold 31st - Hexephra1. Ice 2. Silver 3. Tan ridgewing 31st - KakashiMorph1.Neglected 2. CB metallic (gold or silver) 3.Blusang, no matter the lineage 31st - LYYANAN1.CB Metal 2.3rd Shimmer 3.Any Black alt
  6. May 1st - Sir Read-a-Lot 1. Ice (not inbred) 2. Stripe (any color, not inbred) 3. Tinsel (any color) 1st - Princess Kiara1. CB Metallic 2. CB ND 3. Dino (any) 1st - SkylerFarrier1. A CB Trio 2. CB Metallic 3. CB Blusang 2nd - majors1. Any Tinsel/Prize dragon 2. CB Gold 3. CB Nebula 2nd - mysli1. CB Metallic 2. CB Nebula 3. CB Sunsong 2nd - whatarper1. Silver 2. Pillow 3.Magi 3rd - Wara_Aina1. 3rd gen gold tinsel (not even gen) 2. CB silver 3. Low-gen Tri-horn hatchling 3rd - ArynChris1. chicken 2. CB nebula 3. any nocturne hatchie <3 (adults are generally hidden to make eggs/hatchies easier to see and so the page loads faster-- please PM if you need to see the entire scroll for a length of time) 3rd - ProtectorZ/DangerZ1.Any Dino 2. Chicken 3. Cheese 4th - Eilari1. CB Nebula 2. CB Pink 3. CB White 4th - Geethebluesky1. CB White Striped 2. Non-CB non-tinsel silver 3. CB Cheese! 4th - Dragonaura1. Dino-any colour 2. Blusang-any gen 3. Nebula-any clolour, any gen. 5th - ghb5231. Tinsel 2. Black 3. Terra hatchlings 5th - Pearldragoness1. 2nd generation (female) Gold from Gold x Old Pink 2. 2nd generation (male) Pink from Gold x Old Pink 3. Purebred even generation Golden Wyvern 5th - Emeraldmay1. Tinsel fails 2. Silver 3. Chicken 5th - coppertop241.any dino 2. paper 3. alt vine 6th - toyofubl1. Tinsel/prize dragon egg 2. Low gen/second gen black egg 3. A second gen electric egg with a CB valentine parent (any year!) 6th - Red Dragonette1. CB Gold 2. CB Silver 3. an inbred/messy-lineage common hatchling for me to freeze 7th - Dragonwing12341. CB Metallic 2. Alt black 3. CB Nebula 7th - Acridic1. CB Neglected 2. CB Silver 3. CB Purple 8th - BlackSkullDragon1.Tinsel/Prize Dragon 2.Low gen Silver 3.Low gen Ice 8th - xxBurningxx1. CB White hatchlings/eggs 2. CB/low-gen metallics (Gold/Silver) 3. Red hatchlings 9th - MinervaTree1. CB Gold 2. CB Terrae 3. CB Pink 9th - Warrior571. CB metallic 2. Even gen low gen black 3. BBW hatchlings 9th - Chaos Rider/Spikey1. Chicken 2. Paper 3.CB Canopy 9th - amaterasu-sama1. CB silver 2. CB gold 3.2nd gen pb blusang 10th - lunardivinus1231. CB Nebula 2. CB/Low gen Stripe 3. CB/Low gen Ice 10th - Stogucheme1. CB Silver 2. Gold (any) 3. Pink 10th - GRKeistra1. Alt Black [CB or 2nd - 3rd Generation, Non Inbred Preferred] 2. Speckle-Throated Dragon [CB or 2nd Generation, Non Inbred Preferred] 3. Tri-Horn Wyvern [CB or 2nd Generation, Non Inbred Preferred] 11th - RMMC- will not be around for his/her birthday but will be home on May 12th1. Neglected 2. CB Metallic 3. CB Day Glory 11th - Briar_Reed1. 2nd Gen Silver 2. CB Red Nebula 3. Pretty Even Gens 12th - Ilera1. Anything from the ultra rare list except CB metallics 2. CB male stripe 3. CB female nebula 12th - BadtzMaru1.Skywing 2.CB Metallic (Gold or Silver preferably gold. o3o) 3.Cheese 12th - Cefie1. (CB) Metallics - I love silvers. It doesn't have to be CB, and I would accept gratefully any given, but I would love a cb one. 2. Tinsels (any, any lineage) 3. BSA's (any, any lineage) 13th - bubinator1. CB Metal 2. 3rd-4th gen Tinsel from new lines or rare lines 3. CB Nilia pygmy Female hatchie 13th - ShaladorsLady1. Neglected 2. Silver 3. Any tinsel from the new 2012 lines 13th - Anarie1. 4th or 5th even gen pb sunsong 2. a gold 3. alt vine 13th - yuumei1. CB Magma (Female) 2. CB Thunder (Female) 3. CB Male Magi Hatchie 13th - gravija (our founder!!!)1. 2nd gen metal 2. Low gen black 3. PB nebula 14th - jreid90011. CB Silver 2. CB Nebula 3. Short even gen gold or silver tinsel 14th - saphirabjartskular1. Neglected 2. CB Golden Wyvern 3.Gold Tinsel 14th - SerasVahe1. CB Gold or Silver 2. CB Copper (any color) 3. CB Tri-horn or CB Ridgewing (any color) 15th - IvoryRaven151.Tinsel (Prize) dragon 2.CB gold 3.CB stripe 15th - Morgaine Lythande1. Neglected 2. CB Metallic (gold or silver) 3. 2G - 4G EG checkered Blusang 16th - Blackcatzombie1.Magma 2.Thunder 3.CB Nebula 16th - Caesin Miirik/gryphonluver341. CB silver 2. CB spitfire 3. CB ice 16th - tianjinghuizi1.CB Gold 2.CB Copper 3.2 CB tsunami 17th - lacie171. ---- 2. Cb stripe 3.CB Day/Night Glory 17th - kittygrl1. Gold 2. Silver 3. CB Sunsong 17th - Flammadraco1. ---- 2.Golden tinsel low gen(at highest 5th) not inbred not messy 3.CB Gold 18th - aquamarine_1. Caveborn Silver <33333 2. Caveborn Vine 3. Caveborn Ridgewing 18th - Red21111. CB Female Stripe mate for this 5th Gen Bronze Tinsel 2. CB Moonstone 3. CB Ember 18th - Kelseylovesnebbies1. Metallic Gold/ Silver 2. Ice 3.Neglected 18th - amythstfire1. Nebula (Prefer 2nd or 3rd gen, pure bred or neb x neb from neb x not) 2. Gold 3. Pink 18th - Deblob1671. Ember 2. Nebula 3.Copper 19th - Draketeeth1. Tinsel (anything, any gen, any lineage) 2. CB/Pure bred seasonal 3.CB Day Glory 19th - Vaati/xyeniax1. CB Metal 2. Any prize dragon 3. Any checkerboard lineage dragon 19th - kittycatz1881. Neglected 2. CB Blusang 3. CB Nebula 20th - gogetassj4dp1. prize dragon 2. green dino 3.cb nebula 20th - Rhiannon RAWR1. Any silver. 2. Any gold. 3. Any Nebula. 21st - JaneMcAsh1. CB Metallic 2. CB Magma or Gen2 Magma (Magma x Red) 3. Gen2 PB Green Stripe 21st - HaloGoddess1. ND 2. CB Metallic 3. low gen black stripe 21st - beyzoar1. Gold Tinsel with a stairstep lineage (any length) 2. 2nd Gen hybrid (Bluna or Soulpeace) 3. CB Dayglory hatchling 22nd - hardwired1. Neglected 2. Low gen 2012 Tinsel 3. CB Red Dorsal 22nd - luxemis1.low gen gold (if possible) 2.alt black 3. the new egg that you get when you breed a purple and a spite fire dragon 22nd - Fire-Ice1. Low gen Metallics 2. CB Harvest Hatchies 3.Any Checker lineaged dragons 22nd - Avalon the Great1. 2nd gen Pink from Pink x Bright Pink (Yeah right, I know) 2. CB or Purebred Nebula 3. CB Royal Blue 22nd - lundfamily31. CB or low, even gen Neglected 2. Vampire 3. Non-tinsel CB Gold 22nd - AlexiaLea1. CB Gold 2. PB Black 3. 2nd to 3rd gen original Tinsel 22nd - Mousia/silvia522131. Any hellfire with a cool lineage (in your opinion) 2. bleeding moon (can have any lineage) 3. A striped dragon of any color 23rd - asluglicker1. Paper 2. Any trio 3. any dino 23rd - EeveeSkitty1. Silver 2. CB Magma 3. CB Ice 23rd - Unsolved Mystery1. CB Sunrise/Sunset 2. CB Nebula 3. Striped (any color) 23rd - XiaoChibi/ChibiGatorsSayRawr1. CB trio (hatchling preferred) 2. Neglected 3. Pink hatchlings 24th - LegolianM1. Any metalic 2. Ice 3. Dark green alt hatchie (to freeze) 25th - Lyricmaniac1. CB metal 2. Neglected (I will seriously hug you so hard for one of these. Don't know if it's even possible to gift them.) 3. CB green nebula male hatchling 25th - Martuch1. Neglected () 2. CB Ice 3. CB Nebula (God, I love them! :3) 25th - Twilight Dream1. 2nd gen Gold egg/female hatchie, mate doesn't matter? 2. Low gen Tinsel stair or spiral with no Holiday mate? 3. Reds? 25th - taliangeni1. CB Metallic 2. CB Golden Wyvern 3.Spitfire 26th - Khram1. Low gen PB non-tinsel metallics 2. Any neglected 3. Any non-purple BSA 26th - DragonRoz1.CB Gold! 2.CB Blusang 3. CB Black 26th - Zerhai1.CB Metallic 2. CB Blusang 3. CB Red 27th - dragoon12341. Swallowtail 2. Pillow 3. Gold 27th - isolakitten1. Silver egg or hatchie (not tinsel; low gen and nice lineage is preferred but not necessary; not inbred) 2.Nebula 3.Any tinsel 27th - yaoi_male271. CB Metallic 2. Neglected 3. Pink 27th - ChaoticAngelKitten1. Red Dorsal 2. Seasonal Dragon 3. Gold Dragon I don't care about lineage or anything like that. I'm just looking for dragon species/types I don't have. These are just three of them. For rarity I used the dragon wiki so if I don't have one that's common enough I'd be just as happy with a red dragon or even purple. 27th - Vertrose1.Ice dragon (CB or of sound lineage) 2.Silver or Tsunami(CB or of sound lineage, non tinsel) 3.Any Neglected (Pipe Dream, I know) 28th - afie1. 2nd gen Gold with Sunsong parent (preferably sunsong mother/gold father) 2. low gen tinsel 3. CB seasonals 28th - kearlighed1. Silver Tinsel (any gen / preferably no inbreeding) 2. CB Terrae 3. Chicken 28th - pinkieseb1. CB Magma 2. CB Ice 3. CB Turpentine 28th - Caeleal1. CB Nebbie 2. CB Tan Ridgewing 3. CB/PB Hellfire Wyvern 28th - Purpletail1621. Tinsel from a stair or spiral with purple mates 2. 3rd gen perfect checker (any breed combination) 3. CB Metal 29th - ranger lucy1. Magma -any gen 2. Soulpeace 3.Bluna 30th - daestarr1. Neglected (still dreaming...) 2. 2gen white from CB Holly 3. CB original metallic I know my chances of getting a gift just hit rock bottom... 30th- Cassie_Fenix1. Purple, Yellow, or Blue Dino 2. Clean-lineaged or purebred Nebula 3. Non-Inbred Gold Wyvern, Royal Blue, or Ultraviolet 31st - Enalahs1. CB Stripe 2. Pretty White Lineages 3. CB White 31st - assassinuk1. CB metallic 2. low gen tinsel 3. CB red June 1st - Haydogs 1. Vine 2. Neglected 3. Any Dino 2nd - SwordofLies1.Neglected.. ( Doesn't hurt to try! ) 2.CB Metallic ( Gold or Silver ) 3.CB Nebula! 2nd - wiz1. Any one of the new May '13 Release dragons caught on my birthday. 2. CB Silver. 3. Silver Tinsel from Penk with nice - shortish - lineage. Many thanks . 2nd - Nekomata-chan1. Any Metallic 2. Any of the Trio 3. Golden Wyvern I'm mostly looking for about anything I don't already have. Thanks! 3rd - Aurora-Silver1. Neglected 2. Alt Black 3. Tinsel 3rd - Marie19R1. Black stripe (any lineage) 2. Blue or purple dino 3. Magma (any lineage) 3rd - Fush1. CB Gold (Male if possible) 2. A Epic coded CB pillow (code which matches a Pillow lol) Female please as it's going to be a mate to sOFT my other CB Male pillow 3. CHICKENS! 8D 4th - surevesta1. CB F (or egg) Stripe 2. Balloons (CB or BalloonxNocturne lineage) 3. Nocturnes (CB or BalloonxNocturne lineage) 4th - lola921. even gen Tinsel/prize 2. cb stripe 3. cb black 4th - Drawin1. CB Neglected (we can all hope? :3) 2. CB Metallic (Why not? ) 3. CB Royal Blue (ARMY TIME! 8D) 5th - geminigrl0161. Tinsel (any lineage for freezing) 2. 3rd even gen chequered black (silver X regular black) 3. 3rd even gen chequered stripe 5th - bsowden1.Spring CB or low linage 2.neglected 3. --- 5th - Jrady1. Green dino 2. CB Black 3. Gold or silver tinsel 6th - WishmasterKami1. CB/Low gen Tan Ridewing 2. Low Gen Tinsel 3.CB/Low gen Nebula 6th- CaptainCute1. CB Magma! love me a CB magma~<3 2. CB Seasonal 3. Neglected 6th - Limn1. Neglected (Gotta try anyway right? B] ) 2. CB red or any red hatchies. (don't have enough of these guys >] ) 3. CB Ice 6th - Aquila1. CB Golden Wyvern 2. CB Ice 3. CB Blusang 6th - Limanya1. Neglected 2. Any Hatchling 3. Any Dino 7th - Blood-Otherium1. Even gen tinsel (any color) 2. CB nebula 3. CB/low gen thunder 7th - Nezbael1. CB Metallic (Will be given a CB Mate - Offspring will be used primarily for gifting) 2. CB Horse (stolen on the 7th, please? It's my Zodiac sign, so it's special to me) 3. CB Moonstone (will be Influenced Female and used as a Mate for my CB Male) 8th - jadedragon071. CB black 2. CB Stripe 3. CB Metallic 8th - MangaFreak1. Paper 2. Gold 3. CB Nebula 8th - Kigyptnee1. Silver Metallic 2. Alt Vine 3. Nebula 8th - Tivuli1. CB Gold (Ive been doing this for a long time and still don't have one) Oct 08 is my first dragon. 2.CB Whites. 3.CB blusang 9th - Mayuhito1. Short Even lineage Silver 2. Pretty lineaged Gold Dorkface/Thuwed 3. Short Even lineaged Thunder 9th - Nightclan-Swiftfur1. Gold (metal) 2. Blue striped 3. Thunder male hatchling 2nd gen from DaydreamxThunder 9th - chocobox1.CB nebula 2.CB Ice 3.CB Thunder 9th - k801. Paper 2. CB Metallic (is that acceptable? If I have to specify, then CB Silver) 3. CB Tsunami Wyvern 10th - Pteprocks1. CB Blusang 2. 2nd gen Hellhorse/Dreadflare from M Hellfire 3. 3rd gen Speckle-Throat from Valentine checker (maternal grandfather may be White or Pink) 10th - VampireKetsuki1. Neglected 2. Ultraviolet 3. Any unbreedable 11th - GiratinaOF1. Low gen Tinsel (even gen or stairstep preferred) 2. 2nd Gen Metallic 3. 3rd Gen Dorkface or Thuwed 11th - Lissa1. CB Silver 2. Any low gen tinsel 3. CB Stripe or 2nd gen stripe from holly 11th - Rusty Chevrolet1. Any tinsel (silver is my favorite color, but gold or bronze would be loved as well!) 2. A green or blue stripe, lineage unimportant 3. Nebula with a lineage like this. 11th - Vexxxed1. Cb metallic 2. low gen gold (not tinsel) 3. low gen silver (not tinsel) 11th - xVioletx1. CB Nebulas!!! 2. CB Vines 3. Any gen gold 11th - Iside1. CB gold 2. CB spring 3. pb blusang (any generation) 12th - Aquenee1. A purebred even gen Ice Trio 3rd gen or higher. 2. Purebred metallic, generation doesn't matter. 3. Pretty-lineaged grays! 12th - ruby19881. CB or PB Black 2. CB or PB Trios 3. Any perfect stairstep Metallics 13th - goldL1.neglected 2. CB blusang 3. alt vine/black (any lineage) 13th - Siryuki1. CB Gold or CB Silver 2. CB White or 2nd gen pb white 3. any egg with the word Yuki in it (or Siry)- don’t mind breed, or inbreed, or nuffin :3 13th - Likewise - no inbreeding1. Ice 2. Thunder 3. Even gen. Geode, preferably with parents of the same species 14th - Reginea91. CB metallics 2. CB neglected 3. Any stair 2-breed tinsel I don't have from my profile list 15th - Drachenbande1. --- 2. CB Silver 3. CB Striped 15th - Tawanda0011.tinselfail- stairstep, low gen? 2.unusual 3rd gen holiday checkers- (rb x sweetling or greenwing x marrow would be super awesome) 3.CB summer, although technically I guess it would need to be an IOU, since that would be after my b'day 15th - Lord Darcia1. CB Gold 2. CB Neglected 3. CB Hellfire 16th - Onyx-Dragoness1. Any non-inbred Gold 2. Any non-inbred Silver 3. CB Red Dorsal 16th - ElayneDragonLover1. CB Hellfire 2. CB Metallic 3. 2nd gen spring from pink x spring 16th - bobbykilla951. Alt black dragon 2. Magma, Ice, or Thunder (Any one of the trio) 3. Nebula 16th - Silverrose12901.Any Trio 2. Neglected 3. Suprise me! 16th - richroxy71. CB/PB nebula 2. CB/PB black 3. CB/PB stripe Thank you so much <3 16th - geminia1. CB neglected 2. 3rd gen perfect stair tinsel with common mate(pref silver) 3. 2nd gen soulpeace from male white x f daydream 17th - Chaser111. Low-gen Tinsel 2. CB Striped 3. CB Nebula 17th - Umbee1. Nebula 2. Neglected (Yeah right) 3. Silver I'm not picky about lineages. A gift is a gift. 17th - GhostMouse1. CB Neglected 2. CB Gold 3. CB Red 18th - Brentakers1. CB Black 2. CB Nebula 19th - MisaTange1. Neglected 2. Yellow Dino 3. Alt black 19th - Danse1. CB nebula I love them sooo much! 2. Low-Gen Metallic 3.Low-Gen Trio 19th - flame_dreamer1. any of the three legendary (ice, magma, thunder) i don't care about the lineage but it would be really cool if it didn't have any! 2. day glory drake or night glory drake (i'd like it to have no lineage and would prefer a day glory drake) 3. neglected dragon (it would be really cool if it was ungendered!) i don't care about lineage on this one 19th - Keylah1. CB black 2. CB stripe 3. CB nebula 19th - wolf123451.mint 2.moonstone 3.misfit pygmy 19th - Keekeecat1. Neglected 2. Yellow dino 3. CB male tan ridgewing 19th - Seleya1. CB metal (Gold or Silver) 2. Low (3rd or 4th) Tinsel of any color 3. CB or even-gen Flamingo 20th - lulubelle001.Neglected 2.4 or higher gen tinsel (I will change this) 3. ---- 20th - Bluheart1. CB Silver (preferably female if hatchie) 2. CB Vine (preferably female if hatchie) 3. CB Black 20th - Vladut081. chicken 2. gold - this would be really great. a pb,cb or a pretty short lineage 3. cb seasonal 21st - hokankai1. Alt Vine 2. Thunder 3. Magma 21st - SheikaWill be on the day before or after their birthday1. Neglected 2. Cave Bred Stripe or Black [they'd be mates to my Tinsel and other CB Stripe] 3. Any other pretty hatchies, that aren't Mints or Pygmies. Inbred and Lineages don't matter ^^ 21st - SafiraThePanther1. CB Gold 2. CB Silver 3. CB Canopy 21st - Linquola1. CB Metallic (gold or silver) 2. CB Neglected 3. CB Tan Ridgewing 21st - webcowgirl1. CB Green copper egg 2. CB Lumina 3. CB seasonal (either a spring or a SUMMER BORN ON MY BIRTHDAY HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE!!!!) 22nd - Black_Phantom1. Even-Gen Alt Black, preferably 2nd or 3rd Gen 2. CB Black or Stripe 3. Tinsel, preferably 4th gen or less 22nd - Belisar1. 2nd gen Metal from x Balloon 2. CB Metallic 3. Balloons [CB or very special 2nd gen combos] 22nd - jesterboohoo1. Clean, short lineaged metallic (non tinsel) 2. Blue/Purple Dino 3. Neglected 22nd - Hera_/Juno_RomanJ1. CB Red Dragon 2. Neglected 3. CB Day/Night Glory Dragon 23rd - ShatteringGlass1. CB Gold 2. Red Dorsal (CB or L) 3. Bluna (CB or L) 23rd - SuicideMachine/Silent_Scream1. Magi Dragon 2. Gold Dragon 3. Dino 24th - UnicornBlues1. Non-Tinsel Gold (Non-Inbred) 2. Non-Tinsel Silver (Non-Inbred) 3.Blue Dino 24th - animetriplicate1. Neglected 2. Magma 3. Silver 24th - ChesireFox1. Neglected 2.Seasonal 3.Black (non inbred, CB or 2nd gen purebred preferred) 24th - Icy_Skadi1. Non Tinsel Gold 2. Paper 3. Chicken 24th - KaelaBoo241. Cb gold or silver 2. Cb neglected 3. Cb red dorsal (male if possible) 24th - Spitfyre1. Cheese or Paper 2. Purple 3. Neglected 24th - DorkJulian1. CB metal 2. CB summer 3. 2nd gen hellhorse 25th - zephyr_1231. CB metallic 2. CB purple ridgewing 3. CB swallow tail 25th - Zaxian1. CB Metallic 2. CB Trio (Magma or Ice by preference) 3. CB Night Glory 25th - Seirei1. Neglected 2. CB or low gen metallic 3. CB or low gen blusang 26th - WithLight1. CB/2nd gen metallic 2. A 2nd gen white from a Ribbon Dancer 3. ---- 26th - Mariomastermind1. Any Tinsel 2. CB Nebula 3. Geode 27th - thiefofhearts1. Low gen non inbred gold 2. cb nebula 3. low gen non inbred thunder (needed to summon Guardian dragon) 28th - Ha-Ki1. any metallic (old gold or silver), lineage doesn't matter 2. even-gen geodes pb from stone 3. anything with a nice lineage (I love even-gens) 29th - EifersuchtK1.CB Nebula 2.CB Thunder 3.CB Black 29th - lttlelola1.Dino 2.Metallic 3.Paper 30th - dreamgirl5 - contact before or a few days after her birthday1. SILVER (don't care on lineage) 2. stripes 3. tinsel? I would die for silver tinsel but I accept anything OF COURSE (I can dream for my birthday... right?) 30th - DragonRider131. Any lineage/breed/gender metallic or tinsel 2. Alt nebula, either gender 3. Male pink? 30th - Insomniac1. CB Spring (seasonal) 2. CB Gold 3. Silver or Gold Tinsel Non inbred 30th - im51761. Any lineage/breed/gender metallic or tinsel 2. Ice or striped 3. Alt nebula, either gender
  7. March 1st - Ice_SW 1. PB Red 2. 6th Gen. or under Tinsel 3. CB/PB Trio 2nd - Chanilove1. 3-5G Silver Tinsel 2. CB (or PB 4EG) Nebula 3. 2G Winter Seasonal from Ice/Winter 2nd - wildwindflower1. any CB metallic 2. any CB trio 3. CB Pink 2nd - Allspice1. Neglected 2. CB Black 3. CB Nebula 2nd - Wyvern_Oliza1.-- 2. Any egg/hatchling with Transformer-related coding (examples that I'm making up BeE11, tF745, PrImE) 3. Wyverns of any kind 3rd - Nadat1. Any non-inbred tinsel 2. Any non-inbred nebula 3. 2nd gen pygmy with pumpkin/pygmy parentage 3rd - blerg421.CB Metalic please (i still don't have one) 2.2nd gen metalics please(any parent at all, not fussy) 3.Also CB Vine please 3rd - Rumor331. Gold (CB would of course be awesome but not needed.) 2. Magma 3. CB Red Nebula Hatchling 3rd - Prodigy391. --- 2. CB Ice 3. CB Thunder (2nd Gen is acceptable but CB is perferred) 3rd - Pensfan18291. Thunder egg 2. Golden Wyvern 3. Surprise Me 3rd - TheShinyScales/rainbowdizzle11. CB thunder 2. --- 3.Neglected 3rd - Mew_11. CB Gold 2. CB Silver 3. CB Tsunami 4th - merozein1.CB Metallic(Dream ) 2.CB Seasonal 3.Tinsel 5th - kaagia1. CB Stone Dragons (preferably hatchlings) 2. Any Trio, CB or not 3. Tan Ridgewing 5th - MojcaXX1. neglected 2. CB Gold 3. CB Blusang Lindwurm 5th - rukii_bii/gggirl19971. --- 2. Alt Vine 3. CB Day Glory Drake 6th - Kirashai1. Any trio; don't care about lineage even inbred is okay. 2. Any PB Stripe color doesn't matter. 3. CB Glory Drake 6th - Wandering Mew1. Nebula 2. Sunsong Amphipthere 3. Lumina 6th - b9b9b91.Trio wish for cb but dont mind things like cool lineages or low gen 2.cb royal blue 3.cb red 7th - StarSea1. Cheese please? 2. CB glories? 3. CB whiptails 7th - cucu88731. 2nd gen tinsel fail (preferably from male tan ridgewing x female bronze not related to Crouching Tiger) 2. CB ~ 5th gen clean metallic (or any EG perfect checker metallic) 3. Surprise me! 7th - Jocosa1. CB Black 2. CB Speckle Throated 3. 2G Skywing from a male Silver x female Skywing 7th - Danne1. CB stripe 2. 2nd gen alt black with silver father 3. CB mint 8th - ManateeDragon1.Neglected with ANY lingeage 2. -- 3.CB Seasonal Happy birthday all of you too!!! 8th - Paige2012081. CB Metal 2. CB Black 3. CB BSA (Red or Pink) 8th - CrystalSetsuna1. CB Gold 2. CB nebula 3. chicken 8th - Lady_Lunevis/Lunevis1. Gilded Bloodscale 2. Night Glory Drake 3. Neglected 9th - Valkiepoo1. Low-gen Tinsel 2. CB Vine 3. 2nd gen shallow 9th - Tiffashy1. Thunder 2. Non Tinsel Silver 3. Red 9th - Biancathewolf1.Ice (non inbred) 2.Non tinsel silver (and not inbred) 3.Thunder (non inbred) 9th - Crystalsetsuna1.CB gold 2. CB silver 3.Two finned bluna 10th - Ashtoret1. CB - 2nd gen Metal 2. 2nd gen Magi from Magi x Old (Bright) Pink 3. CB Ember (hatchling would be awesome but of course not necessary) 10th - Sfory1. Neglecteds 2. CB Thunder 3. low gen silver or gold 10th - MrsKoolAid1. CB Black 2. Low Gen Gold (Tinsel or Old) 3. CB Swallowtail (I'm not really picky at all! Gift doesn't have to be what I listed above... After all a gift is a gift ) 10th - sd_dreamcrystal1. Non-inbred Silver (prefer CB but doesn't need to be) 2. Golden Wyvern (CB if possible no inbred) 3. Magma (or one of the other trio doesn't need to be CB but no inbred) 10th - BrightStarBella1. CB White Stripe (Male) -OR- CB Magma (Male) 2. CB Ice (Female) -OR- 3rd Even Gen PB Ice (Male) 3. CB Red 10th - MessengerDragon1. Mint if possible with mints only in the lineage (something [preferably messy] like this except with mints even gens are also great) 2. Any hatchie 3. Cheese (I don't mind if the cheese/mint/nebula is inbread or not) 10th - X3KaylaX31. -- 2. CB Ice or CB Thunder <3 3. CB White or Even Gen PB Seasonal <3 10th - LadySeta/Seta1. Blusang Lindwurm 2. Any Copper 3. Guardian Dragon 11th - Forgotten Muse1. Neglected (yes i know) 2. pinkssssss 3. stripe (i'll take all colors, lineages) 11th - sanderj1. CB Metalic (old gold/silver) 2. CB black 3. any non inbreed pretty evengen Lineage 11th - shadowblack1. Gold Tinsel 2. Bronze Tinsel 3. Any dino except Red Dino I might be unable to log in on my birthday (though I will try to) but – barring any unforeseen real life emergencies – I will be available on the days before and after my birthday. 11th - lynixe1.cb metallics 2.neglected 3.alt black 11th - snuffles/tsaiah1. CB Gold, or 2nd/3rd gen Gold 2. CB Nebula, or any pretty lineages using multiple colors/alts of nebulae 3. Any non-inbred lineage using any kind of greenish-colored dragons and any kind of golden-colored dragons together. Just love the green-and-gold look! 11th - shinydiamonds1. CB Silver 2. 2G Black from Old Pink/Black or Sweetling/Black 3. Anything 3G - 8G with an attractive lineage! I love steps and checkers, but I love to breed/find mates for anything that looks good! 12th - pisceslion1. Vampire 2. Red 3. Black 12th - lainey_lane031.CB Metal (gold or silver) 2.CB or Nicely Lineaged Neglected 3.CB Thunder 12th - Izabelle-891. CB Sunset male influenced 2. 2nd gen Black (Black x Old Pink) 3. 2nd gen White (White x Old Pink) 13th - paradoxangel1. Any Dino (for a song lyric thing at the bottom of my scroll :3) 2. Any 2nd gen metallic (for a lineage I'm doing) 3. Any 2nd gen stripe that isn't PB 12th - LadyWolfHeart1. Any color prize/tinsel dragons, neat lineage, not inbred 2. Any CB not already paired up on my scroll 3. Any dragon with "Summon" ability, CB or neat lineage, not inbred 13th - cdvla3131. CB-3G Metallic 2. CB Tsunami 3. EG PB Stripe 14th - Yellow_Gellow1. 1. CB Metallic (I can dream right? ) 2. CB Ice (I can still dream.. right? ) 3. CB or 2nd Gen green Nebula hatchie. 14th - Anna Selka1. Non inbred, not too messy gold or silver. 2. CB nebulae or stripe 3. Tan ridgewing 15th - WatersMoon101. Female ND (inbred fine) 2. CB Silver 3. Even Gens 15th - tjenni1. CB gold (male for Scroll Goal) 2. New Prize Dragon Offspring (5th gen +) 3. Trio Dragons with pretty Lineages 15th - joelouisvachon1. CB Hell Fire Wyvern male 2. gold tinsel 3. CB pink 15th - Wave1. --- 2. Pillow 3. Day Glory Drake / Night Glory Drake either one. 15th - jellyscent1. CB Gold 2. CB Neglected 3. Cheese 15th - tridymite1) 2nd gen red Nebula from male silver tinsel x red neb 2) 2nd gen silver from red nebula 3) --- 15th - Curoleso1. CB/PB Gold Metallic 2. CB nebula 3. CB Magma 15th - TikindiDragon1. CB Gold 2. CB Tri-Horn 3. 2nd gen commons from holiday/prize parents (I think this is allowed - I mean ordinary holidays, not spriters alts) 16th - horserideraaa1. neglected 2. gold tinsel 3. paper 16th - Faestir Arytiss1. Day/Night Glory Drake 2. Nebula 3. Magma 16th - KuraiKitty1. Even-Gen Red 2. Even-Gen Black 3. CB Nebula 17th - Lady Silverwind1. CB/pretty lineage Harvest female 2. CB/pretty lineage Harvest male 3. CB White 17th - Blazewing1. Neglected (any lineage any generation...I'm not fussy at all for this one) 2. Gold Tinsel 3. CB Spring or Stripe 17th - Sannois1.CB Gold Wyvern 2.Chicken 3CB Tsunami. 17th - aqua17/Aquamyrine(scroll is hidden)1. CB Metallic (gold or silver) 2. CB nebula (especially if it was born/hatched on my birthday) 3. 2nd gen pink from CB lurker and CB old pink 18th - ksew1. CB Metallic 2. 2nd gen PB Gold 3. Purple Dino 18th - Jedi401. CB Black Friday egg 2. CB Golden Wyvern egg 3. Green Nebula 18th - vixibelle1. Neglected 2. CB Gold 3. 3rd gen Purebred male Nebula hatchling 18th - wtf/mikuhatsune1. CB Metallics (: 2. Chicken (still dont have one) 3. Alt Vine 18th - EmpressPhoenix/Zinj1. CB Neglected 2. Any Dino EXCEPT Green 3. CB Speckle Throated 18th - wtf/mikuhatsune1. CB metallic 2. Neglected 3. cb horse hatchling 18th - AnnaSan/nushichan(also has forum name identical to scroll name)1. Neglected 2. CB silver 3. Surprise Me! 19th - Infinis1. Any tinsel/prize dragon 2. 2nd gen silver from silver x any holiday 3. CB skywing 19th - Paradiso1. Short Stairstep Tinsel 2. CB Tan Ridgewing 3. Icicle 19th - MisaTange1. Gold tinsel (any gen) 2. Neglected 3. Yellow Dino 19th - Bunns1. cheese 2. any non-inbred tinsel 3. CB nebula 19th - Ytak1. 4th or 5th gen silver tinsel spiral? 2. CB gold 3. CB guardian or a surprise 20th - Palior1. Any Tinsel/Prize Dragon 2. Neglected 3. CB Split 19th - Onixthebunny1.Chicken 2.CB silver 3.PB alt black 20th - whamm1. Any 2. Any 3. Any 20th - Rogue1. Beautiful lineaged things 2. CB things 3. Shiny things 22nd - Spyrofan20001. Silver (non-inbred/any gen) 2. Spring 3. Tinsel (any color/any gen) 22nd - orcamoon1. White striped dragon 2. silver dragon 3. cheese dragon 22nd - Alpha Glyph1. Neglected 2. Low gen, non inbred Tinsel 3. CB Flamingo Wyvern 23rd - Stunningfire1. Any tinsel/prize dragon 2. Chicken 3. -- 23rd - tigerhawk_131. Neglected (non-inbred) 2. Pink (non-inbred, preferably CB) 3. Black (non-inbred) 23rd - thenameisplissken1. Cb metallic 2. Ember (Would love a fun and unexpected lineage) 3. A dragon with a cool/fun/naughty word code any lineage or breed. 23rd - Sakura_kyoraku1. A Tinsel not bronze 2. Green or Red Stripe 3. Original Gold 23rd - Anthianna1. CB Metallic 2. CB Neglected 3. Pink 23rd - CorruptionGarden1. Neglected Dragon (Non-inbred) 2. 3rd-5th gen Gold ( non-inbred) 3. CB Golden Wyvern 24th - Heart_of_the_Wind1. Sunrise/Sunset Dragon (Either one ^^) 2. Cheese 3. Any color tinsel (The generation does not matter) 24th - Earthgirl1. CB Gold (egg or female hatchie) 2. That's pretty much everything on my wishlist (besides shimmers, but can't request those) 24th - celtic7irish1. CB Gold 2. CB Silver 3. CB Nebula 25th - yongyeon1.CB ND 2.CB Metal 3.2nd gen egg from Red*Old-Pink 25th - Denwayasha1. Any Golden Wyvern 2. Any color Dino 3. Any Sunsong <3 25th - Tsuuu1. CB Gold or Silver 2. CB Ice 3. Red with beautiful lineage 25th - LaHaine1. Neglected 2. Gold or Bronze Tinsel (any gen) 3. Non-tinsel gold 26th - Atreli1.ND 2. Scalefails 3.CB Metal(Gold or Silver) 26th - Agrona1. Low gen Tinsel 2. 2nd gen Silver (Skywing Mom) 3. CB Metal 26th - zalcsi981. -- 2.any Tinsel 3.Ice Dragon Happy birthday to all of you!!! 27th - Evilminion1. 3rd gen tinsel from any variety or pairing 2. 2nd gen pink from holly x old pink 3. Hugs! (Or maybe a CB dark myst hatchling?) 27th - futuregohangurl1. A Dino egg 2. Neglected egg 3. Blue striped 2nd gen 27th - WhiteWingedTiger1. CB Gold 2. Low-Gen Neglected 3. CB Paper 28th - Webster231. Cb Metallic or low gen 2. Cb stripe 3. Lower gen Tinsel April 1st - DarkThestral 1. White Stripe (Female with low gen and pretty linage) 2. Tan Ridgewing (Female with low gen and pretty linage) 3. Black Dragon (Alt Female low gen and pretty linage) 1st - Flyteofheart1. CB Red 2. a dragon from the Seasonals Breeding Project 3. green dino 1st - QAndais1. CB Metallic 2. CB Red 3. CB Striped 1st - Alasse1. CB Rare Dragon born on April 1st 2. Negletced any lineage 3. Perfect Even-gen (it's ok also with Discontinueds/Alt Dragons) 1st - Emerald011. CB Gold 2. Any Magma 3. CB Golden Wyvern 1st - Nazgod1. 4th gen or lower Tinsel (For gifting purposes) 2. CB Metal (For breeding purposes) 3. Pink, any lineage. 1st - jeky91/hikaru911. Neglected 2. Any gen. of Ice 3. CB Night Glory 1st - lluvia1. --- 2. Any of the legendary trio 3. Either Glory Drake [ 2nd - Catpooh1.Even gen Tinsel 2.CB Black 3.Alt Vine 2nd - MisunderstoodDreamer1. CB/low gen Metallic 2. Any low gen Tinsel I still haven't (you can check my list of owned Tinsels in profile) 3. CB Ice or Magma 2nd - blackruby1. 2nd gen alt black or alt vine 2. CB Black 3. 2nd gen stripe egg from CB Male Stripe and CB Female Silver 2nd - cajunsun/DawnShyne1. 2nd gen PB Alt Black Hatchies 2. 2g Silver from Old Pink or Female Royal Blue 3. Surprise Me! 3rd - dragonheart19991. Any Even Gen 2. Any CB's 3. Black 3rd - Ashura091. Silver Dragon (will take any lineage) 2. Ice Dragon (lineage doesn't matter but CB would be great) 3. Harvest Dragon 3rd - EternalSnow1. CB Metallic 2. CB Black 3. 2nd gen Striped (any except white) 4th - Rinah - Will not be on for most of her birthday.1. CB Metallic 2. CB Black 3. Tinsel with any ugly ol' lineage 4th - Zany441. Low Gen/CB (non-tinsel) Gold 2. Alt Black 3. CB Gold Wyvern or CB Royal Blue 4th - cadis_raziel1.cb metallics 2.neglected 3.alt black 5th - Guardian_Angel1. Neglect 2. Gold 3. low gen Stripe 5th - 626lavaheart1.CB purples hatchies (male) 2. CB sunsongs hatchies 3. 2nd gens from parents who both have interesting codes 5th - kazuma521.neglected 2.nebula 3.stone 5th - DragonKing13371. CB Silver 2. CB Pink 3. CB Red 5th - Ginji1. -- 2.CB Metals 3.Tan Ridgewing 6th - Neo Metal Sonic1. Any Tinsel (non-inbred) 2. CB Red 3. CB Nebula 6th - Noelle1. pretty lineaged tinsels (they are love ) 2. cb reds! 3. chickens :3 6th - blazing_fire1. Neglected 2. Alt Black 3. Striped of any colour 6th - reithemalkavian1. nebula 2. paper 3. golden wyvern 7th - TurboSilver1. CB Gold 2. Alt Black 3. Alt Nebula 7th - lijana1. alt. black 2. CB Ice 3. neglected 7th - Mikki1. CB reds 2. CB Terrae 3. Luminas 7th - spirited_soul1. CB blusang 2. CB Ice 3. CB Golden Wyvern 7th - BayouBecky1. Neglected (preferably CB, but I'm not gonna be picky if you're being that generous!) 2. CB Metallic 3. Bright Breasted Wyverns (keep missing those gorgeous babies in the cave!) 7th - tirednemotional1. CB Neglected 2. CB Silver 3. Any common with Tinsel 8th - lysian1. CB Gold (or up to 10 gen) 2. CB Golden Wyvern (or low gen) 3. CB Red 10th - Shadow Lor1. CB Stripe 2. Any CB Trio 3. 2nd gen White from White x tri-colour Snow Angel 10th - thundersky861. Cb gold 2. CB Silver 10th - cerulean-skies1. CB Ice 2. Any lineaged gold or silver (not tinsel!) 3. reds (I'm hoarding them at the moment!) 12th - igniter54541. Magma 2. CB Silver 3. Cb Gold 13th - LibbyLishly1. Pretty lineage silver 2. Pretty lineage gold 3. Hmm. Something else pretty Surprises are what birthdays are all about right? 13th - _Swoop_1. Nebula (Any Gen. and colour.) 2. --- 3. Shallow Water 14th - luckynicole6591. Ice 2. Chicken 3. Nebula 14th - miss1nformation1. CB Gold 2. CB Silver 3. CB Tan Ridgewing 14th - Alyangel1. CB Blusang 2. CB Metalics (silver/gold/copper) 3. CB Tsunami 15th - white_ti_wolf_141. Neglected 2. Any Trio 3. Pink 15th - Puppie4151.Gold 2.Neglected 3.Pink 15th - Sukisho1. CB Metallic 2. CB Blusang 3. CB Stripes 15th - Lyxii/xizix1. Flamingo Hatchies? 2. 2nd Gen Soulpeace 3. CB or 2nd Gen Blusang? I just really love those dragons. Sorry. >.< 16th - daftpunk121. Tinsel (any one) 2. CB nebula 3. any stripe (non-inbred please) 16th thegreenrobby-would prefer non-inbred1. Any Dino I don't currently Have 2. Pink 3. Cool Lineages - Surprise me! 16th - Kytarie1. CB Metalic (Gold or Silver) 2. CB Black 3 Tan Ridgewing 16th - oxymronicusername/Oasis1. Any Alt Vine; any lineage will do 2. Male Silver; any lineage will do 3. Paper Dragon 17th - tikigurl911. Any Low Gen Tinsel I don't have (List in profile) 2. Male/Ungendered ND (I can dream) (Lineage does not matter) 3. Chicken 17th - Irys1. 2nd gen Shallow Water 2. Low gen Tinsel 3. CB Metallic 18th - Plopo1. CB Pillow~ ♥ 2. Prize Dragon 3. 2nd gen Bluna (CB parents) :3 18th - dejavugurl (online at 11 am - 3:30 pm CST or 8 pm -9 pm CST1. CB Neglected 2. CB Gold 3. CB Daydream Also possibility I may not be on on my birthday but I'll be on the days before and after. 18th - leodoug1. Any tinsel 2. any nebula preferably alt female 3. neglected 18th - Burner1.CB Ice 2.Low-Gen Metallics 3.Low-Gen Non-Inbred Black Stripe 18th - zaverxi1. Neglected hatchling any gender 2. Low-gen tinsel, preferably gold 3. nice checker low-gen EG (4 or less) anything. Or spiral, or stairstep. 18th - Nz-Pupz1. cb nebula 2.neglected 3.cb red 18th - sam418031. thunder 2.magma 3.gray 19th - Snowqueen1. CB Ice egg 2. 2nd Gen Blue Stripe (with Ice parent) 3. CB Nebula egg 19th - DiamondDragon1. Tinsel/Prize dragon 2. Alt Nebula 3. Thunder or Ice (either one is fine) 19th - Gin_okami1. Non-tinsel Gold 2. Guardian dragon 3. Purple Dino I would prefer if the gifted dragon's lineage wouldn't be messy or inbred. 19th - Kimoko_the_Dragon1. Any Metallics 2. Neglecteds 3. Any Reds 19th - frozenƒrozen/frozen--1. 2nd/3rd Gen Even Blusang [Pref. PB] 2. Red/Pink Hatchlings 3. Any & All Cool Female Hatchlings ^o^ 20th - mpolo1. Surprise Me! 2. CB Magma 3. Any gold/silver 20th - agilkees1. Neglected 2. CB gold 3. any generation blue stripe 20th - kecemis1. 2nd gen PB stripe any color 2. 2nd gen Tan ridgewing from Tan parents 3. Even low Gen Thuwed or Dorkface 20th - DarkDamsel091.Neglected 2.Silver male 3.Royal Blue 20th - Lazurite1. CB Gold 2. 3G Checker Male Silver from Moonstone 3. Low gen Tinsel 20th - lollipop001. CB Metallic 2. CB Seasonal 3. Neglected 21st - MyokoMiyizaki/1. Alternate vine 2. Alternate black (Female) 3. Blue or Green Dino 22nd - Tehpikachu1. Silver CB if possible 2. Ice 3. CB Striped 22nd - Iluvkittycats 1. Any tinsel 2. Silver 3. Nebula hatchling (preferably red) 23rd - me4him1011. Thunder egg 2. Ice dragon egg 3. Magma dragon egg 23rd - Stelly1. Any Tinsel 2. Any Silver 3. Any Red 23rd - Cyntinell1. --- 2. Any Dino 3. Any nice CB 24th - Kamiko_Cullen1. Any Tinsel 2. Neglected (CB preferred) 3. Low Gen Silver 24th - Ladyofthedrgns1. Metallic Gold Dragon (Any Lineage!) 2. Neglected Dragon 3. -- 24th - swanboat1. Paper 2. CB or low-gen metallic 3. Any Trio, lineage not important 24th - Celis1. CB Gold 2. 2012 tinsel offspring (prefer 2 breed stairsteps) 3.Beautiful, even gen BBW 24th - White11431. Surprise Me! 2. Neglected 3. Spitfire dragon 25th - bunnylein1. CB Metallic 2. CB black 3. any even gen Stripe 25th - odddude11. silver tinsel descended from Penk (stairstep preferred) 2. non-inbred gold metallic 3. CB nebula 25th - RedRoseAus1. Low gen non inbred metallic (up to 4th gen) 2. Low gen non inbred tinsel (up to 4th gen) 3. 2nd gen PB black 25th - Ldyfish1. CB Gold 2. CB Red 3. 2G PB Trio (any breed Trio) 26th - shelbell1. cb black 2. even gen stripes 3. tinsel fails (love them!) 26th - tiffany26361.harvest 2.nebula 3.striped 26th - Hope_Negaroth1. CB Nebulas 2. CB Stripes (To me it's a dream, but who know) 3. Neglecteds (Same here... a dream...) 26th - Autumnraynefyr1. -- 2. CB Metallic 3. 4th gen PB EG Blusang 27th - Elisabeth1. CB Pink 2. CB Magi 3. CB Stripe 27th - kayla1. 2nd gen PB stripe black from Cb white stripes 2. Paper 3. Cb nebula alt 27th - SnowWhite1. Ice 2. Sunset 3. Nebula 28th - EllisRocks101 =)1. Gold (No High Gen) 2. Pillow 3. Red or Green Stripe 28th - Pithus_the_Mighty1. CB Seasonal 2. CB Trio 3. non messy lineage Red 29th - Serramy1. Low gen (6th or lower if possible), non-inbred tinsel 2. CB metallic 3. 2nd gen Speckle from pink parent 29th - Rhunya1. CB metal (Gold or Silver) 2. CB Nebulas; eggs, hatchies, any colors 3. --- 29th - PitBullLover101/horsesforever1. Neglected 2. Chicken 3. Non-inbred Spotted Greenwing 30th - Req1. CB Metal 2. 2nd gen Metal (particularly Gold x Pillow Silver x Female Moonstone Silver x Female Purple Female Silver x Male White) 3. CB Pillow hatchie. 30th - mackie05011. Neglected 2. Silver or gold, preferably low gen but it's not mandatory 3. One of the new eggs 30th - _MergingWhispeR_ 1. Cave Born Metallic 2. Cave Born Magma or Ice 3. Low Gen Non-Messy from Spriter Alt
  8. (¯`v´¯; .`•.¸.•´ ♥ ¸.•´¸.•´¨; ¸.•*¨; (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ Birthday Wishes¸¸.•¨¯`•.♥ January 1st - Shichibi 1. CB Metal (Gold or Silver) 2. CB Thunder 3. 2nd or even gen PB Black 1st - Reakeda1. CB Metallic (Gold or Silver) 2. Tinsel 3. CB Golden Wyvern 2nd - NightRunner - may not be on for birthday1. Any generation Gold or Silver Tinsel (I have zero preference on generational count) 2. Green Striped Dragon 3. Female Seawyrm Pygmy 2nd - ImHelpful1.Any Gen Silver Metallic:Can be inbreed,messy. 2.Neglected 3. Any Gen red;Can be inbreed/Messy 2nd - savage_rose1. Gold Tinsel 2. Magma 3. Blusang Lindwurm 2nd - ~*Once Upon*~1. CB/purebred Gold 2. CB/2nd gen. female Split 3. CB/purebred Silver 3rd - jojojoj921. CB Silver 2. Gold Tinsel 3. White striped dragon (female please:) ) 3rd - Ashywolf1. Purebred Stripes of any colour. 2. Curled Alt black hatchling (warning: will be frozen) 3. Neglected 3rd - KatPhipps1. CB Blusang Lindwurm 2.CB Day Glory 3.CB Royal Blue 3rd - Daeron1. Neglected 2. Chicken 3. --- 3rd - Poisedbite1. neglected 2.dino 3.tan ridgewing 3rd - KimberKitsune1. CB Metallic Gold or Silver 2. CB Ice or Magma 3. CB Lumina 4th - jumpsnake1. neglected 2. CB black 3. CB nebula 4th - rawr04011.Any Metallic 2.Alt Black 3.Nebula 4th - Myouki1. Low gen, non-inbred Tinsels 2. Low gen, non-inbred Metallics 3. Non-inbred Reds 4th - ariel01041.CB Gold or Silver~ 2.Low gen Tinsel 3.Pretty lineage dragon 6th - Celsus1. CB Metallic 2. CB Pink 3. Chicken? 6th - Caius1. Low gen, non-inbred Gold (2nd gen would be a dream come true) 2. Tinsel/prize dragon 3. PB (low even gen, non-inbred)/CB Nebula or Nebula from Sweetling x Nebula lineage 6th - Pisps1. Ridgewing hatchie 2. Pebble hatchie (if possible female) 3. Tinsel hatchie 6th - darXhes1. Any non-inbred tinsel dragon 2. non-inbred gold dragon 3. non-inbred silver dragon 6th - Millennium071. Red Dino 2. Blue Dino 3. Yellow Dino 6th - Laufey1. ANY Dino <3 2. Thunder 3. Royal Blue 6th - ShadowFraught1. Tri-Horn Wyvern 2. Pink 3. -- 6th - hikarisoul161. Paper 2. Cheese hatchie to freeze 3. Any Trio 7th - TayTomFAN1. CB red 2. Gold 3. Male black hatchling (not an alt) 7th - Renmiri1.Dorsal hatchie to freeze 2.Nebula hatchie to freeze 3.cheese hatchie to freeze 7th - Lost_Girl1. Neglected 2. Silver 3. Ice 7th - LauraJae1. CB Magi 2. Neglected? 3. CB Pink Dragon 7th - st95415241.CB Neglected 2.CB metallics 3.CB Sunset 8th - lonewolf2101.Neglected 2. Metallic (silver or gold) 3.PB Black Stripe 8th - 11th/Eleeveen1. CB Winter 2. CB Nebula 3. CB Magi [/8th]8th - Silverphoenixx 1. Blusang (doesn't have to be cb, I like lineages) 2. Seragamma Wyvern 3. Anything with a pretty lineage9th - spring_dragon1. low gen gold, non-inbred, prefer either even gen or stair 2. low gen silver, non-inbred, prefer either even gen or stair 3. even low gen black, non-inbred 9th - HappySadFace1. Any Metallic no inbreeding please 2. CB Moonstone 3. CB Seawyrm Pygmy 9th - Patchy1. Any CB Metallic 2. CB Seasonal 3. Any Tinsel 10th - Mupen64 Man1. mist 2. White Striped Dragon 11th - amamiya_ritsukabi291. Low gen tinsel/prize dragon (non-inbreed) 2. Any color Stripes 3. Pretty lineage dragons 11th - Ikyres1. Any Tinsel 2. Gold Dragon 3. CB Magma 11th - Panic Siren1. CB Neglected 2. CB Nebula 3. Even Gen Day Glory (love arrowheads with day and night glories in them) 12th - Alvira1. Neglected 2. CB Striped 3. Even-Gen (low if possible) Spitfire (from a Spitfire x Skywing lineage) 12th - Doylj1. CB original form nebulas 2. striped dragon (no color preference) 3. magi dragons 12th - master1251. Any tinsel(non-inbred) 2. Any metallic(non-inbred) 3. Cheese 12th - FluffyPillow/DragonClaw121. Neglected 2. Low gen from spriter's Alt 3. Any hatchling (non-messy or inbred) 13th - Erob131. CB Black 2. CB Winter 3. Neglected (I can hope!) 14th - Shirubia1. CB metallic 2. ---- 3. Non inbreed metallic (Gold or Silver) 14th - soulking1. Magma 2. Ice 3. Cheese 15th - darkflowernightshade1. Tinsel 2. CB dark myst pygmy 3. Bluna (skywing x deep sea parents) 15th- Angeles1. Non-inbred Neglected Male 2. Non-inbred Neglected Female 3. 4th gen (or less) White 15th - Nrogara1. Dino (any color) 2. silver 3.male pink 16th - Nakuru1. ---- 2. CB Stripe (male) 3. Seasonal (even gen) 16th - darkfiresundragon1. Gold Tinsel :3 2. Red Nebula 3. Hatchlings? I love hatchlings... :3 17th - Nectaris1. Any Tinsel(non-inbred) 2. CB or short lineaged day/night glory 3. CB Ridgewing, any color 17th - Kakaru_of_DOOM1. Trio 2. CB pink 3. -- 17th - dellessa1.Royal Blue 2.Golden Wyvern 3.Gold 18th - Dragonhatchling1. Neglected 2. Any Tinsel 3. Any Metallic 19th - Auditionange1. Cb black or white~ 2. Any even gen would make my day <3 3. metallic gold 19th - MissVampire131. Neglected (I can dream, right? .png) 2. CB ice 3. Clean-lined even-gens 19th - sfate1. Cb Metallics 2. CB Stripe 3. Red dragon 20th - Chiaki1. Neglected 2. CB Black 3.PB even gen Electrics (non inbred) 20th - kirby0071. CB Metallics (Gold/Silver) 2. CB Magma 3. CB Sunsong hatchlings 20th - ~X~1. CB or Non-inbred Gold (if lineage, preferable low gen, but will gladly accept any) 2. CB Ice or Magma 3. CB Seasonal (during my birthday will be winter) 20th - xChaos1. Cave born Gold 2. Cave born Silver 3. Cave born Seasonal 21st - Deagle1. Low gen Stair tinsel (max 5 gens 2V/3V) 2. Stripes (any color but preferably breedable with commons) 3. Low gen (2nd or 3th) common offspring from holiday dragons/discontinued ones. 21st - Santa73777/smdkok1.Neglected 2. CB Silver Metallic 3.Gold Tinsel 21st - AztecCroc1. Black 2. Red Dino 3. Red Dragons (I can always use more Red Dragons) 21st - shovedtbh1. 2nd gen Gold 2. 2nd Gen Siver 3. Low Gen Tinselkins 21st - MakaniBlack1. Any lineaged Speckle-Throated Dragon 2. Cave born nebula 3. any lineaged black alt 22nd - bjmeacham1. Neglected 2. Any tinsel (non-inbred) 3. Any metallic (non-inbred) 22nd - kuklee01221. CB Neglecteds 2. long line Metallic(Silver Gold) 3. CB Striped (The color does not care) 22nd - papi951. gold (I don't mind lineage as long as it isn't inbred; same goes for silver) 2. silver 3. ND 22nd- abbyhursty1. Low gen/CB gold/silver 2.Neglected 3. Splits. (I love splits) 22nd - Nightfrost/Shadopikachu1. CB Silver 2. Low, Even gen Soulpeaces (I can do that right? |D) 3. Red Hatchlings 23rd - dessdie1. stripe ( neat lineage would be ok, any color ) 2. cb flamingo 3. gold ( messy, chaotic lineage can accept ) 23rd - Raistlin241. Any Dino 2. CB Thunder 3. CB Red Dorsal 24th - Da_Troll1. Thunder 2. Ice 3. Magma 24th - Feliney211. CB Gold Metallic 2. CB Black 3.Dino (Any colour except green) 24th - Condorflight1. 4th gen bronze tinsel 2. Gold dragon 3.Spitfire 24th - kisara_peregrin1. A dragon from the legendary trio(without lineage if possible) 2. A golden tinsel 3. A twin headed dragon 24th - Emmerz241. Neglected (CB if possible) 2. Non-tinsel Silver 3. Sunrise 25th - sheppardkid1. CB Neglected (male) 2. CB Royal Blue 3. CB Golden Wyvern 25th - MinervaClay1. Blusang Lindwurm Female 2. Golden Wyvern Male 3. Magma Dragon, Preferably male 26th - shadowwolf61. Silver 2. Stripe 3. Blusang 26th - Kurei Chitsu1. Neglected 2. Metallic (low gen, no inbredding preferred) 3. CB Red 26th - Doveice1. Silver 2. Ice 3. Splash hatchling 26th - Paegin1. CB Gold 2. Low Gen Tinsel any color 3. Pink 26th - rwd85461. Neglected 2. Cb-2gen metalic 3. --- 26th - auster261. Silver egg/hatchie (I can dream, can't I? ) 2. Any hatchie 3. Seasonal egg/hatchie 28th - Axiluvia1. CB Lush 2. Cheese 3. CB Red 28th - simkim1. Metallics (gold is my desire but any non-inbred metal would rock!) 2. CB Nebulas (all 4 colours, I need lots of 'em!!!) 3. Reds (non-inbred) 28th - Misterblue921. Red Dragon 2. Green Dino 3. Neglected Dragon 28th - jean0311. low gen tinsel 2. CB black 3. Neglected 28th- flip12541. CB Black 2. CB Gold 3. CB Nebula 29th - TroupeMaster1.Gold (non-tinsel don't care if inbred) 2.Silver (non-tinsel don't care if inbred) 3.Black 29th - MsTina1. CB Silver 2. CB Black 3. Pinks! c: 29th - Zoreta1. gold tinsel (any gen though I would prefer not inbred) 2. swallowtail (CB is preferred) 3. neglected 29th - michiyoLove1. Royal Blue 2. Metalic (preferably golden, no inbreds please) 3. Tsunami Wyvern 29th - esnym1. CB Gold 2.Silver 3.CB Golden Wyvern 29th - Slytherin7/Slyz1. CB Neglected 2. CB hatchlings (any breed) 3. -- 30th - miggyrox7891. Any/All Tinsels, want both genders of all three eventually 2. Any/All Pillows 3. Any/All Stripes, they're pretty-ful 30th - Rey1. Gold 2. any tinsel 3. Neglected 30th - Nerys1. CB Black 2. Pretty lineage gold 3. Thunder - cb/low gen 30th - TaraR161. Neglected (I can never figure out how to make them!) 2. CB Metallic (gold or silver). 3. Winter Seasonal 31st - Anarya-Ameana1. CB black 2. CB sunsong 3. CB pale ridgewing 31st - amberheun1. Thunder (No specific Lineage) 2. Chicken (No specific Lineage) 3. Paper (No specific Lineage) 31st - theshinyone1.Neglected 2. CB gold 3. Female gold Wyvern February[ 1st - Silence2 1. Neglected (CB, lineaged, or horribly inbred, I just want one) 2. CB Seasonal 3. An even-gen or CB White 1st - Big Stuff1. Black 2. Gold 3. CB Vine 2nd - Madzi_Jade1. CB Gold 2. Tinsels from 2012 line (idc what gen) 3. CB Nebula Hatchlings 2nd - Mow1. Golden Wyvern (CB or 2. gen as you like) 2. Daydream (prefered CB ^^) 3. Metallic Gold (I can dream ) 2nd - eterniawolf1. --- 2. CB Silver 3. CB Gold Wyvern egg 2nd - Dobby_Loves_Socks1. A trio dragon 2. A metallic of some kind 3.A tsunami 3rd - kayla02971. Alt Vines 2. Dinos 3. and... Neglected's are nice. (I have dead and fogged eggs on my scroll due to ND experiments. If you wish to see these eggs for any reason just PM me.) I also may not be on but I will try to be for an hour or so that night. I also have a party for the following two days so just PM me beforehand if you want to send me a gift and I will get to it on Sunday night AEST (GMT+10) 3rd - eterniawolf1. Neglected (any lineage, can be inbred) 2. CB Black 3. CB/Low Gen Red 3rd - VelvetRainDrop1. Silver 2. Neglected 3. Alt vine 4th - Julian Kay1. Prize Draggy 2. Any dragon with a striped (or 'organized') lineage - preferably colorful 3. CB Metalic 4th - Nightmelody1. non-inbred non-messy Silver or Gold 2. Alt Vine - not inbred preferably not messy lineage 3. Neglected Dragon- preferably not inbred or messy lineage 4th - stromzone1. CB Silver 2. CB Neglected 3. Silver (don't care about lineage) 5th - Psykotika1. CB gold 2. CB silver 3. CB hatchlings of any breed! 6th - Xbcdrt87411. CB Vampires 2. Low-gen. Tinsels 3. Gold non-Tinsel 6th - evangeline54321. Neglected 2. Tinsel 3. 2nd gen Alt Black 6th - Minkymy1. A Green Dino 2. a blue stripe 3. a gold dragon *Doesn't expect it will come into fruition* Any Lineage will do. 7th - Snow Plow1. Any tinsel would be amazing! 2. Any metallic 3.CB sunrise 8th - xX Blythe Xx1. --- 2. CB ice 3. CB Stripe 8th - Fierce Annie1. CB (or low gen) Ice 2. CB Gold 3. CB Pink 9th - Alma1. Silver (doesn't have to be CB, but preferred) 2. CB Pink 3. Any dino 9th - Lucky3331231. Any tinsel—no inbreeding/messy lineages please (preferably gold) 2. CB Ice 3. CB Red 9th - anongirl1. Any CB Metallic (I have dreams...) 2. Any Trio 3. Red I'd be just as happy with any dragon I don't already have on my scroll, otherwise. 9th - DR4GONLOV3/lonnabonna1.Messy Gold 2.Messy Silver 3.Neglected 10th - Red_Rose871. Vampire 2.Blue Stripe 3. Any color Dino 10th - Tirition1. CB metal 2. 2-4 gen black stripe 3. Nice lineaged geode 11th - Xtals1. CB Gold 2. Low gen pirze 3. egg with code as "Xtal" 11th - blueberryjr11. Dino - Any colour 2. Chicken 3. CB or Low Gen Shallow Water 12th - MeredithG1. CB Stripe 2. low gen Metallic (gold or silver) 3. Nebula 12th - Lavender56981. CB Ice 2. Cheese 3. CB BSA Pink 12th - cheese4561. CB Metallic 2. Neglected 3. Tsunami Wyvern 12th - Rai-wolf1. Any Nebula 2. 2nd Gen Sunset or Sunrise Dragon from any Sunset and/or Sunrise parents 3. CB Golden Wyvern 12th - garnetrising1. CB White 2. Gold 3. CB or Non-Inbred Seasonal 13th - raen1.Gold dragon (any gen) 2. Nebula dragon (any gen) 3. Silver dragon (any gen) 13th - JaffaCakes1. Low Gen Metals? (Non tinsel or tinsel either are pretty!) 2. CB Black 3. CB Thunder 13th - kirajayne981. Nebula 2. Ice 3. Golden Wyvern 13th - Eowynifred1. CB Copper (red/green variations preferred) 2. CB metallic (i.e. gold or silver) 3. Purple Dino 14th - miladyz1. CB Black 2. CB Day Glory 3. Red (any lineage) 14th - Panther7881.CB Gold (non tinsel) 2.Neglected (CB or nice lineaged Preferable) 3.Pink (non Flamingo) 14th - GokaiPink1. Any Metallics (prefer CBs non-tinsels) 2. CB Nebula 3. Harvest 14th - whitebaron1. Any CB Rare 2. Red Dragons, EG+PB or CB 3. -- 15th - Ioma1. Nebula - CB or nice lineage. 2. Metallic - CB to 3rd gen. 3. Neglected - ANY lineage (a girl can dream...). 15th - DaniBoo1. CB Silver/Gold 2. CB Blusang Lindwyrm 3. CB Royal Blue 15th - Alex80mph1. CB Gold Wyvern 2. Silver Tinsel 3. CB Sunset 15th - sapphiredragon731. CB metallic (gold/silver) 2. CB black 3. PB tsunamis :3 16th - agajol1. Any type of Tinsel, gen. and lineage don't matter 2. low generation gold 3. PB silver? 16th - sarantha1. CB Stripe 2. PB white Stripe 3. Silver tinsel x Nebula non-inbred 16th - Halfschool1. Vampire 2. Thunder (dont care whether its CB) 3. Ice (dont care whether its CB) 16th - VampireArmy1. CB Golden Wyvern 2. CB Stripe 3. CB Dark Myst pygmy 16th - _smoczyca_1. CB Ice 2. Blue Dino 3. Neglected? (I can dream, right? ) 17th - Illyana1. any Tinsel (preferably non-inbred) 2. low gen silver 3. CB Nebula 17th - rainy days1. Any Tinsel. Lineage or CB- doesn't matter. 2. Red dorsal. Lineage or CB- doesn't matter. 3. Any Dino. 17th - Ahmed7661.Gold 2.Tinsel 3.Silver 17th - Merenwen1. CB Metal 2. Tinsel from 2012 line (no higher than 5th gen if possible) 3. 2nd gen tan ridgewing from male purple(BSA) x female tan ridgewing 17th - D Pixie1. CB Metals 2. Low gen Tinsels 3. Reds -(CB-3rd Gen PB) 17th - MagicLance1. Neglected 2. CB Metallic 3. Nebula 18th - meepsa1. CB or low-gen Metallic 2. Neglected 3. CB or low even-gen Nebula (colour doesn't matter) 18th - Lullakai-Shi1. CB Metals 2. CB Black 3. 2nd gen egg from Bright Pink x Sunsong 18th - natayah1. 3-5 Even Gen Purebred Red/Pink or other BSA 2. Magi Hatchlings (or eggs with less than 5 days) 3. CB Electric Purple (F) Mint (M) or Misfit Pygmy Note: Please No Gifts until 02/25 due to other circumstances. 19th - NeYeon1. metalics 2. Neglected 3. even gen stripe 20th - brisingrrider - may not be on for birthday1: Male bronze (any lineage) 2: Ice (any lineage) 3: Sunsong (any lineage, prefer CB) 20th - SuroPenguin1. CB-3rd Gen Gold (Prefer Non IB) 2. CB-3rd Gen Silver (Prefer Non IB) 3. Tinsel (Any Color Any Lineage) 20th - ubbydubby1. Any sunsongs 2. Cheeze 3. Blue or red stripes 20th - Dame_Jedi1. Neglected 2. Green Dino 3. Soulpeace 21st - Artisteri1. CB Metallic (prefer silver but either is amazing!) 2. CB Nebulas (orange or green would be great since I don't have any) 3.CB Pinks 21st - G36R1. Silver (not picky) 2. Neglected 3. Paper 21st - Danielle022120011. Gold Dragon (Non Tinsel) 2. Magma Dragon 3. Male Electric dragon 22nd - dragoness221. 2nd gen nebula from female silver x purple nebula 2. CB Trio 3. 2nd gen offspring from male ice x female blusang 22nd - Alaune1. CB Metallic egg 2. CB Nebula egg 3. CB Dark Green egg 22nd - Aangs-sister1. --- 2. CB Stripe 3. Any 2nd gen from Wrapping-Wings or even gens with checker Wrapping-Wing grandparents 22nd - Sif1. CB Metallic (Silver / Gold) 2. Alt Vine 3. Any of the dragon breeds I helped sprite (Especially Nebula/Canopies) if they're of some lineage that is important to you (lineage projects, personal projects, etc.) I'd love to have a piece of what you made out of what I made for you guys. If that counts as a 'special lineage' that people can't manage though, CBs or low gen PBs will work too. (If people would like a list of the dragons I've sprited: Canopies, Nebulas, Misfits, Swallowtails, and Golden Wyverns) 22nd - thedragn011. CB Stripe 2. CB Metallic 3. 2nd Gen PB Black alt 23rd - Disturbedchic1. low gen tinsel 2. CB Glory Drake 3. Alt Vine 23rd - Joliver19981. Neglected (I can dream ) 2. Golds 3. Nebulas 24rd - sara4cows1. eg stripe x yule checker 3rd gen 2. eg 3rd gen ocredrake 3. Gold Tinsel 24rd - frozenwater141. silver metallic (preferably a nice and/or short lineage) 2. magma (preferably a nice and/or short lineage) 3. chicken 24rd - schusteralex21. any gen Thunder 2. Gold 3. Magma 24th - reaperegg1. Neglected 2. CB Seasonal 3. CB Seasonal 25th - silver_bullet1. CB Metallics 2. CB Ice 3. 2gen PB Alt Vine 25th - Kireena051. CB Metalic (Gold or Silver) 2. CB Vampire 3.CB Albino 25th - Shadow-Lugia-XD0011. CB Male Gold 2. CB Black 3. CB Female Vine Hoping to start an Alt even gen lineage with male Blacks and female Vines. Male golds are one of my favourite dragons. 25th - rayden541. Neglected 2. Messy/Inbred Gold hatchling (for freezing) 3. Hatchies! 25th - DanoThePony1.CB Vine 2. --- 3.Red 25th - milkaq66/milkaq1.nice lineage dragon 2.Red 3.Surprise 26th - armadillosushi1. CB or 2nd gen Ice dragon 2. Tri-Horn Wyvern 3. Pink dragon 27th - Naughtrish1. CB Gold 2. Neglected 27th - Kaoto_Susanao2351. 2nd Gen Gold (from Black X Gold, White X Gold, or White Stripe X Gold) 2. CB White 3. CB Purple 27th - Rhynn_Collins1. CB Day Glory 2. CB Tsunami Wyvern 3. CB Vampire 27th - journeyhere1. CB or low gen Metal (Gold or Silver) non tinsel 2. Blue stripe 3. Red hatchlings May not be on for my birthday. 27th - Riannon1. CB Gold 2. Gold 2nd gen out of either black or white 3. CB Red Yes I know 2/3 of my list are just plain pipe-dreams but if you're going to wish wish big I guess. Thank you for making this thread and thank you to everyone who actually gifts from it. <3 28th - RagaDal1. Bronze Tinsel (any lineage/gen preferably not inbred) 2. Gold Tinsel (any lineage/gen preferably not inbred) 3. Female Sunset 28th - MinRimmon1. cb Magma 2. Metallic 3. Red 28th - ScreamYourHeartOut1. low gen mostly pure gold metalic 2. CB tan 3. CB royal blue 28th - RulenneClarissa1. A low-gen or clean Metal <3 2. CB Tan Ridgewing 3. An even-gen Nebula <3 29th - Welshcake1. Cheese 2. Chicken 3. Legendary Ice or Magma or Thunder
  9. ¤Happy Birthday Gifting¤ ~Birthdays coming up~ 1st - halean 1st - SapphireRose 1st - icecream321 1st - zorg 1st - Tadz 2nd - sparkle10184 2nd - Pippyspot 2nd - maaters 3rd - PinkyHedgehog 3rd - julielee91 4th - Vulcanus828 5th - kunimitsu04 5th - Kurenai 6th - Wiolka 6th - Nixly 6th - free_of_whip 7th - dragonfreak6132 8th - lovetheworldorelse (scroll will be unlocked for birthday 2012) 9th - naturalcyber 9th - FireAngel73 9th - grammydragon 9th - flyking 10th - hegate 10th - Alias_XX 10th - tititi 10th - demona3 10th - itundra 10th - Nymue 11th - Wolfs_Bane 11th - Dearprincess 12th - Titan 12th - GirlFairy76 13th - synditrix 14th - REDBULL 14th - _silverdragon_ 14th - Draikinator 15th - Shishiro 15th - rin52 15th - Ramica 15th - Elixabeth Navigation: I. Introduction, rules, forms, lists & thread mods II. Birthday wishes from January to February III. Birthday wishes from March to April IV. Birthday wishes from May to June V. Birthday wishes from July to August VI. Birthday wishes from September to October VII. Birthday wishes from November to Decmber VIII. Gifts, Donor List, and banners Welcome all! These gifts will only be handed out on birthdays. There are plenty of other gifting topics for every day use; a birthday is something you only experience once a year though. It's fun to receive something special on that one day! This topic has been approved by _Z_. Rules! Because without them there would be chaos and anarchy. - Always follow the ToS. - No killing. - You may request up to 3 dragons, only two of which can be ultra rares. You must request at least one non ultra rare as well, to balance out your list. - Accept any gift that is offered from your list rather than turning down a dragon in the hopes of getting a rarer one. - No 2nd gens from any one person's personal scroll or lineage. I.e., no 2nd gen dorkfaces, thuweds, etc. - If you won't be on for your birthday to receive a gift, report it in the thread so you can receive your dragon earlier or later. Nobody will be asked to hold it for longer than 48 hours. - No begging. Do not PM anyone asking for a gift, even if it's your birthday and you haven't received any PMs from gifters. - Do not post anything unrelated to reporting a gift or a request form. It's considered spam and multiple instances of random chatting will result in being greylisted. If your username begins with the letters A-H, tell us what your favourite animal is. I-Q tell us what country you're from. R-Z, tell us what your favourite movie is. If it begins with any other character, put the word "potato" in italics. Otherwise, do not post potato. If you're on the greylist and still choose to ignore this rule, you will be blacklisted and your birthday list, if you have one, will be removed. - No holiday requests. Even if your birthday happens to fall in the breeding window for a given holiday, please refrain from adding it in your list. - No requests for a month's New Release (ex. August's New Release) Important stuff! - Gifters may remain anonymous if desire. - There is no minimum number of dragons on your scroll to join. If you just became a member of the site the day before your birthday and have nothing yet, you can still submit a list! - Dead eggs and tombstones will not disqualify you either. Your list will be accepted regardless, but it's up to the gifters to decide whether or not they wish to give a dragon, however rare it is, if you have anything dead on your scroll that isn't a zombie or vampire. - If there's anything additional the gifters would like to include in their offer, such as no freezing or trading, then you must agree to their terms. If you receive the gift and choose to ignore their requests, you will be blacklisted. No exceptions. - If you wish to gift a 2nd gen of one of the banned requests, you may do so. I will not open those up for requesting, but if you can breed them, or acquire it elsewhere, and would like to give it to someone for their birthday who may have a higher gen listed, it's perfectly fine. I ask that Hollies still not be gifted through this thread, no matter their gen, but everything else is welcome! - When updating your list, PLEASE provide your birthdate with your update. It saves so much time for the next moderator that does the updating. - Please do not bump your posts and only repost if asked by a moderator. - Please refrain from including any sort of links when updating your list. This saves time during updates. - With each number on your list, please provide only one or two dragons types. Main Moderator: flower1818 Inactive Mods: sheppardkid, simkim (active on forums) Thread Founder: gravija Activity checks for January-March: here Activity Checks for April-June:here Activity Checks for July-September:here Forms For submitting a list [b][size=4][color=skyblue]Happy Birthday to me![/b][/color][/size] [b]Forum name:[/b] [b]Scroll name:[/b] [b]Scroll:[/b] (link to it) [b]Birthday:[/b] Month/Day {ex. April 9th} [b]List:[/b] (include the special word so I know you read the rules! Look closely!) [list]1. 2. 3.[/list] For updating a list (ONLY use if your original list has been added first!) [b][size=4][color=red]I Would Like to Update My List![/b][/color][/size] [b]Forum name:[/b] [b]Birthday:[/b] Month/Day [b]Original List:[/b] (include the special word so I know you read the rules! Look closely!) [list]1. 2. 3.[/list] [b]Revised List:[/b] [list]1. 2. 3.[/list] For reporting a gift [b]Egg/hatchling breed:[/b] [B]Egg/hatchling code:[/B] [b]Giftee:[/b] forum name [b]Gifter:[/b] (delete if the gifter wishes to be anonymous) [b]Status:[/b] (whether it was successfully received or LiT) For offering a gift [b]Gift:[/b] [B]Egg/Hatchling code:[/B] [b]Giftee:[/b] (who you're offering it to) [b]Gifter:[/b] [b]Status:[/b] (edit this when they give you a response, whether they accept the offer or not!) For joining the Donors List [color=green][font=leaf1][size=26]I Want to be a Dedicated Donor![/font][/size][/color] [B]Forum Name:[/B] (put that here) [B]Scroll Name:[/B] (link to it please) [B]PM link:[/B] (fill in this line if you want to be contacted) For becoming a Secondary Mod (please PM these forms to the group account OR to flower1818 [COLOR=purple][size=26]I Want To Become a Thread Helper![/size] [b]Forum name:[/b] [b]Scroll name:[/b] [b]Scroll link: [/b] [b]How long you have been apart of Dragon Cave?[/b] [b]Any modding or thread help experience?[/b] Whitelist Erithan Greylist Nobody! Blacklist Nobody! Keep it that way. >.> Ultra-rares include breeds not readily available to the population, or are gifted rarely though this thread. The list includes: Neglecteds Any Tinsel lower than 4th gen or Tinsels with specific lineages. 2nd gen requests are banned. CB metallics Low gens from spriter alts. 2nd gen requests are banned. CB Stripes CB blacks CB Trios (Ice, Magma, Thunder) CB Golden Wyverns Not Recommended to Request (so far) CB Blusangs CB Nebula Cheese Chicken You are now allowed to request Shimmerscale Dragons; but NO specific lineages please!!!