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  1. Spaghetri carbonara. Seriously, this is probably the easiest pasta you'll ever make, short of box macaroni or opening a can of sauce and dumping it on the noodles. What you need: -something to cook the noodles in -a saucepan of some kind -a large bowl of any kind Ingredients: -noodles -eggs (the number depends on the amount of noodles; I use six for about 18oz of noodles) -cheese, the kind you put on pasta (parmesan is important, so get a mix of cheese or just straight up parmesan, grated for ease of cooking) -bacon of some kind. I favor turkey bacon because it's already cooked so it's super easy, but you can get real bacon of course Optional: I like to add onions and mushrooms, but this isn't called for in the original recipe. Directions: Cook your bacon and optional items until they're how you like them. When i cook the onionals and mushrooms it takes me about ten minutes, then I add the precooked turkey bacon and leave it on a simmer so it stays warm. Cook the noodles. While they cook, crack your eggs in the large bowl. Add cheese until it gets just a little hard to stir; my father and i both eyeball it, so I can't give you a better idea about how much to add than that, but frankly the only way you could have too much cheese is if you're lactose intollerant or hate cheese for some mysterious reason. This next part is super imortant: when the pasta is cooked, drain it, then immediately add it to the egg/cheese mix while the noodles are still very hot. This will cook the eggs. Mix it up very well so you don't get lumps of egg in the bottom. Add the meat and optional ingredients, stir them in well. Serve.
  2. Huh, I'm not sure this was pointed out or not sometime in the last few days, or if I'm just a bit nuts... either is quite possible. But I just noticed that the Fire Gems seem to have dimmed their glow a bit, to the point where it's not painful to look at them. I swear they were eye-searing before and now they're just pretty. Either way I'm happy with this 'change', lol.
  3. Aww, I have to wait five hours to breed mine.
  4. This is making me very nervous... all I have right now are some eggs I plan to freeze when they hatch and some of the new release hatchlings, but I'll make sure to hide my scroll when I leave for work tonight. I don't want to come back to dead things on my scroll...
  5. I love the Fire Gems for this lineage! I'll be opening voting for this month's dragons as well as the Valentine's ones very soon, my work is stressful lately but I'll try to do it sometime this weekend, Monday at the latest.
  6. /sigh. I'm so sick and tired of constantly getting in trouble at work. It's not even things that are that important?? Like the last time was someone complaining I hadn't finished doing the laundry by the time first shift got there (I work third shift/overnights). Today, they were complaining about some things that had happened when I picked up an afternoon shift to help out a coworker, that I hadn't helped serve dinner (I was cleaning up a resident and it took longer than I expected) and that I was answering my phone instead of helping residents (I took two seconds to turn off an alarm, then I went to help the resident. I just didn't want my alarm ringing for the five minutes it would ring before turning itself off). Apparently someone also took a picture of me sleeping and I really wish I knew the context for that because I do not sleep at work. Sometimes I rest my eyes because they get tired, but I honestly, really, I'm not lying, *do not* sleep at work! So that's annoying. I don't know. The 12 hour shift thing is making me tired enough as it is, but the thing I'm really getting sick of is how people seem to think it's ok to pick on me. Idk how much more of this I can take, but looking for a job is so soul-crushing I'd rather put up with getting nitpicked to death before I start looking for one. But for sure I won't be picking up any more afternoon shifts, I'll tell you that much.
  7. I guess the more I get used to the way these guys look, the more comfortable I am with them. I swear though, the first time I looked at them it was like someone was shining a really bright light in my eyes! I'm not sure what changed. I still wish they were a little less harshly shaded, even if they're meant to look like cut gems with a bright light on them. It would make it easier for my eyes to take in all the details without squinting at them, especially the female Blues and both genders of the Greens.
  8. 'This egg has faint markings' --> dropping in the Coast and Jungle 'This rough egg has shimmering veins of crystal running across its surface' --> dropping in the Volcano. I can't remember if the color thing is there or not in the cave, it might only appear when you get it on your scroll. Happy hunting!
  9. I don't want the coloring to be 'darker' or 'muddy' either, I just want them to be less harshly shaded. If they were the lighter color all over instead of the darker color at their edges, that would be fine too. My eyes just can't handle such extreme color contrasts very well.
  10. Yeah, that's my thoughts on them in a nutshell. I wanted to love them, but their extreme and harsh shading/coloring makes it hard to even look at them.
  11. Lol, appropriate and quite funny too. I like you.
  12. When you have a Strong Opinion about a piece of recently released media and other people have Conflicting Opinions and you're just sitting here going 'but... but you're wrong. I want to show you how wrong you are. Why can't you see it, it's so obvious.' (Aka I am in love with the new Beauty and the Beast movie, and others are trampling it under nitpicks. I eventually hid the thing that's upsetting me because it seemed like I was the only one in it who had positive opinions about the matter.) ...it also irritates me that when the discussion turned to the Power Ranger movie (sudden topic shifts happen a lot in the social media service we're using) I expressed an opinion indicating that I wasn't interested in seeing it and someone immediately assumed that it was because I hate bisexuals. Um, no...
  13. I don't know; I'm of two minds with this. A longer drop would be awesome, of course. I'd love to grab my six, hatch them, then come back for a second round and basically wrap up my Fire Gem collection right then and there, frozen hatchies notwithstanding. That would definitely be one less thing to worry about, with all the other responsibilities I have in my life and my current scroll goal list getting longer and longer as time goes on. But at the same time I remember what happened when TJ artificially extended the flood time for a common-egg release. Or at least, they're common now. After the release ended they disappeared from the cave for a while, leading many to wonder if this was going to be the first rare Pygmy/Drake/2-Headed release. Now they're common again, but my point is that if that happened to *common* eggs, I don't want to think how long an artificial release would screw up the ratios for uncommon or higher releases. The other alternative is to turn the ratio system off for releases and only turn it on again, as if the release eggs don't count, after two or three days. That, of course, would be entirely up to TJ and what he wants to do with the releases. I do agree that I hope something gets changed; the sheer frustration for people who came a little late to the party for whatever reason is never a fun feeling.
  14. Huh, I'm a little sad I didn't have the room to grab more Tetra dragons now; I love the Fire Gems, don't get me wrong, but like Nine says the simplicity of the Tetra sprite appeals to me. The Fire Gems are a little...idk, cluttered? For my taste. Something about them is just too much for my eye to cope with when I look at them. I'm still happy I managed to get a pair of each color, with how rare they seem to be that means I won't have to bother with actively hunting to get any more of them. ETA: This is why multiple-dragon releases frustrate me, if I don't have room to grab at least two of one of the released dragons I'm sometimes stuck with a mateless dragon for a while. And before some of you go off about how I should see it as a challenge or something, my scroll goals keep me nicely challenged. I'm years away from needing anything to add to my challenges with this game.
  15. I suspect that once these guys stop dropping we're not going to see them for a while. That doesn't mean they're going to be rare! The same thing happened after the Magelight pygmy drop (along with the other dragons they dropped with, but I don't have time to look them up as I'm flying out the door). They're common now, but if I recall correctly, after they stopped flooding they vanished for something like a week or two. I'm just saying we should be prepared for these guys to do the same. If TJ make their drop last artificially longer, like he did for that drop, they'll need time to let the ratios balance out naturally.
  16. Exactly why I'm not bothering, nice as it would be to help some people out. My reflexes just aren't that good. /quietly pokes around the other biomes
  17. First thing I found suggested when I googled was to reboot your computer. I really don't know. My own touchscreen works just fine.
  18. Ok, so here's how I understand how it works: To start with, the wiki is not associated with DC at all, it's fan-run. This means that a. it's not official by any means, and b. rarities are mostly decided by observation. That further means that even if a dragon is meant to be uncommon (Coppers are my favorite example to throw out there; when they first dropped I swear by all that's holy that the artist claimed they were going to be uncommon. However they're all but impossible to find now; they're user-driven rare, and are classified as 'rare' in the wiki) it might be determined to be rare or even, I imagine, common by the wiki. Also, dragon eggs seem to drop in seasons, or waves. This could be due to ratio movement--a dragon that was common got bred a lot due to how common it was, it naturally became more uncommon, and therefore vanished from the cave--or it could be set up to do that by the mechanics of the game. It's hard to say. A further example: a few years ago, a breed was dropped with three varieties in three different biomes (Pyralspites). The Volcano variant was common as dirt, while the Alpine and Coastal varieties were much harder to find; they were even classified as rare for a while, in the wiki, iirc. A few months ago, Pyralspites in the Volcano suddenly vanished completely. At the same time, the Coast and Alpine saw a lot more, and after a while it all leveled out somewhat, and I would personally classify them all as Uncommon, I see them sit in the Alpine and Coast for minutes at a time. The wiki still classes those variants as rare, though. The upshot of my tl;dr is that we don't know what, exactly, rarity means in this game. All we can say for sure is that Golds and Silvers are rare to the point of being nearly impossible to catch.
  19. I'm ambivalent on the matter since now that I have two of each color and they're properly influenced, I won't bother hunting any more if they do turn out to be rare. I have way too much going on in my life to have time to hunt anything that's 'truly rare'! But I would like more rares, if only to knock Golds and Silvers off their perches a little bit. This is why I'm so grateful I have a gold trophy.
  20. For the record, I'm grateful and happy you did that. It allowed me to catch the colors I needed, without having to dig back too far to find the post. And I think the answer to that is that it's a rule for the wiki that until the artist has confirmed it, they can't confirm anything as real. That's why they still insist on saying that eggs are 'rumored' to be two-headed even if they're normal-sized and Vampires can't bite them.
  21. If they do breed by hour, it'll at least be better than random chance! I think it's a very interesting idea. ETA: I'll probably breed them with the Gemshards, if only because the colors match lol.
  22. Lol, it would be nice if the Mint dragons would finally have a 'main breeding pool' dragon that was more their size!
  23. That silhouette is back, how interesting. I'm not sure what it could be, since the way the dragons are sorting right now it doesn't fit either of them. And only one shadow... I'm so curious to see what it is! /frowns at this more/ it actually looks like it might be the size of a pygmy, huh.
  24. Well. These crystal dragons definitely have some personality, now that they've grown to s2! I'm so thrilled I managed to get two of each, and I wish I could have gotten more! Since if the adults are as glorious as these babies are, I suspect they're going to be at least user-driven rare...
  25. Sweet, got two each of every crystal color. I'll have to pick up some of the other kind later, haha... I'm excited to see these guys grow, heh.