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  1. It's just a timing thing. I usually go to a random dragon's page after enough time has passed, and there will be an egg there; I like to go to a short page so there's less to scroll.
  2. Eh, bowl, vase, whatever. A container of plants.
  3. Yes, it is a vase of petunias, if I remember my Hitchhiker correctly. It is one of two missiles that get changed to random things thanks to the probability drive; a whale, which has enough time to attain sentience before hitting the ground, and the vase of flowers, which for some reason thinks 'oh no not again' before it also hits the ground. It's an odd book but well worth a read if you want to get a real sense of it. The movies really don't do it justice at all.
  4. Sadly if you hadn't clicked it you wouldn't have gotten any other eggs... too bad that's how it works. But now you can get the rest of the eggs! So that they can hide the one you don't like in the rest of the eggs.
  5. It looks like they might be companion eggs? The 'camera' is focused on a different person, though they're both doing the same thing. I'm not sure what that's about, but it seems deliberate. How interesting!
  6. Dang, I totally forgot about the 4th! Ah well... it seems I have one Full Circle dragon by mistake. That's nice at least
  7. Dino cave was awesome, haha. It must have taken a lot of work, though! I'm not surprised he didn't have time for such an elaborate thing this year.
  8. I agree that it would be nice if the people who got eaten or nothing from this event would get a badge, that would be a nice 'consolation prize'. I'm ok without one, since i got an egg out of it, but it would be nice if everyone got *something.*
  9. Not exactly bad luck I guess, but a baby just refused to let me abandon it. That's never happened to me before, lol; I never read the abandon script, so I was quite surprised to see it still on my scroll! I guess I'll keep it after all, since it's so determined to stick around!
  10. Yeah, I think so. A glitch, early on in the night; sadly I didn't get to participate, so I only have the one egg. I'm grateful for that, of course, but I would have liked the chance to try again once I knew how to get the upside down one.
  11. I hope that we're allowed to do it again, to give more people a chance to get the Cave eggs (I hope we get to keep them!) and to let us lucky ones who have Cave (but not upside down) eggs to get more of them.
  12. I wish I could get more of these... I don't really mind if I don't get an upside down egg, though that would be cool, I just want more Cave-biome eggs.
  13. Are they all Mints? If so I wonder if that's a joke regarding dinner and what comes after... I said nothing, and got an egg out of it lol.
  14. Wow, I fell off the map there for a bit, I guess! Hello everyone /grabs some pasta/ My life is pretty dramatastic these days, mostly at work. I am way too old to be dealing with this high school , and I would have thought my coworkers were too old for it too, though I think I'm older than many of them. (It does rather amuse me that most people are shocked to learn I'm 30. My mom always told me I'd be happy to be mistaken for younger than I really am one day, lol.) Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to a pot luck in honor of Ostara (aka Easter) so that will be fun and a good use of April Fools day, a day that I otherwise massively dislike. I hope you're all doing well!
  15. @georgeexu94: it's ok if you don't have any suggestions. I'm glad anyone responded at all; it's not a situation anyone can really help with, unfortunately. But it makes me feel better just to talk about it, y'know?
  16. I'd love if you could pop a fresh CB egg into a teleport immediately, even if others have to wait 5 hours to bid on it/accept it. That wpuld be amazing.
  17. I gave my two-week notice because my coworkers have continued to be horrible to me. I'm not saying I did nothing wrong; I have made a lot of mistakes here. But screaming at me over something I didn't know I had to do isn't exactly going to help anything, nor will calling me stupid. (I'm a little annoyed she didn't get in trouble for that, but whatever). Anyway, I haven't even started looking for a new job; it's such a scary process, but I really have to. I need to try to find something better paying, which will be hard because I only have an associate's degree and everywhere wants like a Master's degree these days it seems. I also need a better paying job because my girlfriend has a lot of health issues and they're getting worse. She has awful healthcare, but we can't afford anything better (I have none). I'm honestly terrified of what's going to happen in the immediate future. Everything is scary and I can't see any way it's going to get better. I'll miss the people here, other than the terrible coworker. They're good people.
  18. Keep: Seasonal Abandon: Striped River Kill: Whiptail Honey Drake, Tarantula Hawk Drake, Day Glory Drake
  19. I like this idea best, if we have to have sickness. No way to outright kill eggs, unless the scroll-owners aren't paying attention of course, but it's still a form of punishment that will make people pay very close attention! I like the cut off at 1 day left as well, so that it will not impact Neglected experiments, and I think it seems to be an idea that isn't easy to abuse in any way. I'm still for doing away with it altogether honestly, but there have been several points made about why that's not a great idea and I like something that supports the most playstyles as possible.
  20. You could try swapping pairings around, maybe? With Fertility, this time.
  21. Personally, the only times I've had sick eggs are just like most people here: I either made a mistake (like incubating a Tinsel/Shimmerscale) or someone has added my eggs to a hatchery without my permission. I usually don't add my eggs to hatcheries until they're off cooldown, and while yes that is because I don't want them to get sick, I am of the opinion that viewbombers have become such a problem it's worth considering getting rid of it all together. Or maybe for new releases, at least? Because I can replace, idk, a Deep Sea very easily, but new releases are a lot harder. It's even worse if I got all done hunting and I come back from sleeping to find I have to hunt all over again...after a day, of course, since I'm now locked with dead eggs. I'm lucky that this hasn't yet happened to me, but this way of thinking is what makes me keep my rarer eggs hidden until they're incuhatchable. And frankly that isn't what keeps me coming back to this game; sickness adds nothing for me, it's a pointless annoyance. The thing that keeps me coming back is my scroll goals and obsessively organizing my dragons (which I haven't done for a while, shakes fist at my work).
  22. Step one: breed yourself a nice messy Gold for freezing purposes Step two: influence it properly Step three: incubate it when it hits four days Step four: wait patiently for it to gender Step five: using your phone, which is notorious for clicking links that your finger is nowhere near instead of the links you're clearly trying to click, attempt to freeze it Step six: when accepting that you are abandoning your Gold, you brain goes 'wait what' but your phone behaves this time and you abandon the baby Step seven: try not to cry in public
  23. I would love to play witg people too! But i... am terrible at it, lol. I have yet to survive a winter, it's so sad. Well actually usually Hounds or an Ent gets me first, but I'm sure winter would kill me too.