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  1. Yeah, they do seem to get sick very easily... I've had to fog two of mine so far, and one was just an egg I had incubated a little early, not even a hatchling. Mine don't seem to be veiwbombed, just very prone to getting sick. Also I'm not really seeing any more so I'll probably give up hunting at this point. Too bad, I always like to have at least a set of two of each new dragon... oh well I guess.
  2. Since no one but TJ has adults yet, it's speculation based on the description and also the fact that TJ called them 'powerful' in the opening post to this thread. I'm not sure when the first one grows up--tomorrow? We'll know then, as soon as the first people get their adults.
  3. No offense to the artists, but it does look a lot like Bolt dragons, pose-wise. Different enough that I don't think it's an issue personally, but I can't overlook the similarity.
  4. Yeah, I for one am super happy with it. Often enough that even with the size of the game we all might win sometime in our lives, far enough apart that the numbers won't significantly change the rarity of them immediately. Also they're still prizes of a sort. I think it's the best of all possible ways that TJ could have brought them back. And I am so glad they've been brought back. I don't even care if they're worth less now, I just want to be able to have a chance to get one at some point!
  5. That's where the 'hiding it constantly' comes in, at least when I'm not home and probably not un-hiding it until it's very close to hatching time-wise.
  6. If I win I'm hiding mine constantly and not mentioning it anywhere until it's safely grown. Just saying.
  7. I really hope so, honestly. Finding out how that happens will also be fun.
  8. ..I guess, upon second look, they are more like t-rexes than stegosauruses. But like Amazon says, they still fit the basic structure of four limbs and two wings. From the Wiki, which isn't official of course but y'know. It's at least pretty accurate.
  9. Nah, it's just rearing up a little, in an action pose. I'd say that doesn't make them not Westerns, but that's just my opinion I suppose. I hope that these guys summon a Wyrm of some kind, that would be so cool. Though technically I suppose we're still missing a Leviathan body type, but we do need more Wyrms in the cave.
  10. I thought Blue was an Eastern? The pose just screams 'Eastern' to me, and it does have horns of a sort.
  11. Also that would make it so that people who only collect a small number of adults of each dragon (like one or two...) would only be able to ever get one or two unfreezes. If we're going to do this I would prefer a long cooldown or a hard limit. I no longer have any pressing need to have anything unfrozen, but it would be nice to have the ability should my hand slip again.
  12. I managed to grab a white one and a blue one, I'm not going to worry too much about getting the rest of them yet. I'll get them all, just like I got the Xenowyrms in the end. Also is anyone else having issues with Chrome 'running out of memory when trying to display this webpage' while browsing your scroll? It's getting irritating...
  13. Yeah, I haven't caught any of the new releases yet, but they look pretty cool. As for revising the prizes, I'm a little hesitant to do that. We've become so much less active these days, I'm not sure about it... I mean, should one actually complete an All-Inclusive Leelo, I'm not sure we can even give them a CB Gold. The only one I see getting harder is the All-Inclusive, since part of the rules there is you have to have all the alt dragons and breed as many things from other things as possible. If it hasn't been done by someone else, I'll be trying to edit the information at the top of our community soon. I suddenly lost interest in the game and kept putting it off; sorry about that. Hopefully my interest is now back. ETA: I finally added Soulstones and Fire Gems, if I forgot anything that's in the lineage I'm sorry, I'll try to double check my work and be sure everything is there soon. It seems that I can't edit the all-inclusive leelo chart that's there as an example; I guess Fiona will have to do that.
  14. Oh man this is all very exciting! I stopped playing for a while, but the groups thing especially is going to be very useful for me! ...and the raffle thing, thank goodness that's a thing now. A much-needed change.
  15. I'll try to figure out how to do that soon; I'll at least edit the first page soon if nothing else. It doesn't look like the new dragons are elemental, though they are pretty cool.
  16. This idea is pretty close to what I want. I think Tabs also comes close? But yeah, what Shokomon says, we really really need a permanent sorting system option that's closer to this than what we have now.
  17. Oh that's what tricked me! I thought the S1 hatches were the females or something, I didn't click because I always feel so bad for the poor sick babies, haha. Now I see they do indeed look the same as S2s.
  18. I wasn't expecting the grey harmless hatchlings to be dimorphic! Since TJ only had three eggs. How odd! I guess we'll see if the warm stripe hatchlings are also dimorphic, or if TJ mixed up which dragon was dimorphic (or he just forgot to add one more egg).
  19. ...now I will! Deliberately, haha. And with four Mostly Harmless and two warm stripes, I might just go to bed. Or try for another warm egg in five minutes, perhaps...
  20. Managed to snatch two of the warm glow eggs, now I just need some harmless ones. And some more warm glows would be nice, but two is a nice respectable start. Good thing I checked the cave tonight, lol. I've been ignoring DC lately, so good timing me.
  21. It would have been neat to see the other three, but this one was so beautifully rendered I don't even mind. And I'm a Hufflepuff.
  22. I was confused, because it really does look orange on my monitor. Ignore me, I guess
  23. ...do you guys mean the one that looks rather like a pumpkin? Because there are technically three eggs with hats, the orangey pumpkin-like one with the fedora, Carmen Sandiego, and the one that has got to be Wally/Waldo. It's white and striped with a puffy hat and the face has glasses. I have to admit that I agree with you about the pumpkin hat, it looks pretty Freddy-ish.
  24. Oh there are 56 eggs now? Darn, just when I finished collecting my 54th, and was sitting back to admire the nice neat rows... Ah well. I'll obviously grab the last two I'm missing when they turn up!