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  1. If you wait about a month you can go back through this whole thread and click all the babies again. That's how I got mine unlocked eventually.
  2. We used to differentiate Nebulas, greens and reds used to be alts. We eventually voted to just count them as one type of dragon for... reasons? I'm not sure, I guess they didn't fit the rubric. Personally I'm kind of glad we just lump them all together, since I used to have the weirdest trouble remembering which were the alts. Anyway, I'd be happy to count the Fire Gems as three separate dragons as well, since they fit the rubric. Also especially since we've already been talking about breeding them from each other for the All-Inclusive. ETA: Ok, I have fixed it so that the Fire Gems
  3. ...true, now that I think of it we do it with Ridgewings, too. So, (Color) Zyumorph, or Zyumorph - (Color)? I'm leaning toward the first one myself.
  4. Here's an interesting question: Do we count these guys as one dragon, or six? Sinomorphs are obviously a separate dragon, but despite the fact that these guys are all different types of dragon and (so far) seem to breed true to their own color, they share a name and a description. Differentiating them by color would be easiest of course, but would that be too clunky? I feel like calling them all 'Zyumorphs' and counting them as one type of dragon would be too confusing, however. Thoughts?
  5. On the bright side, at least we can immediately tell what type it is, which is something that can't be said for the other dragons we have that breed random colors. So far all my breeding attempts have either resulted in no egg, or a Zyu of the same color as one of its parents. If these guys only breed true, like the Pyropes, that will simplify things... even though it would be cool if they'd breed other colors, lol.
  6. I managed to get the last Zyu my girlfriend needs for her set--a Yellow, as it happens. And now I am going to stop hunting because man hunting these guys has just killed my sleep cycle the past few days.
  7. I'm very happy to hear these guys are non-tradeable. That'll both keep trading from exploding entirely, and reduce the people multi-scrolling to try and get one. I did not get one this time, but with how many people I see saying they got one I have hope I'll get one sooner rather than later! What an exciting time to be a part of this game!
  8. I agree with 'yes' in Life for all seven, for the reasons stated--the uniqueness of the Sinomorph springing forth full-grown from nothingness, and the unique power of the six dragons that summon it, definitely feels like it belongs in this lineage and Life in particular. I have done a little experimental breeing with the Zyus I have full-grown on my scroll, so far none of them have produced an egg of a color that didn't match one of its Zyu parents, but I'll keep trying. More for the AP anyway, I'm sure people will be happy about that lol.
  9. I use Discord for my non-DC RPing constantly. It's something I'd definitely be poking in pretty often; the few times I've used IRC I found it weird and hard to get the hang of, and I don't go there unless I have a good reason. Discord I'll use all the time.
  10. That's going to be tricky to test. Who'd be willing to give up one of these guys since the Zyus are so hard to grab, without being sure they can summon another? Also my second batch of Zyus is just hatching now, so I'll be ready to try my summoning test in a few days.
  11. Weren't the old raffles based on the Christmas events and thus anyone who participated in whatever it was were entered into the raffle? They might not know about the criteria if they didn't visit the forum, but I thought I remembered it being based on game participation, not a forum thing. Also I think that's what the monthly drawing is about, to release enough over time for everyone. Or you know. I can hope that's what will happen.
  12. While hunting the Coast in an attempt to catch my girlfriend a set of Zyus... I caught a Gold. o_0 I have never ever caught a Gold in my entire time playing the Cave. I've barely even *seen* one before. Holy moly, I'm in shock. /carefully hides all my precious babies just in case
  13. I finally got the Yellow I needed to finish up my second set, now I just need to hope they gender correctly and I'll be golden.
  14. I'm hoping to test that, actually, if I can get the Yellow Zyu I need to finish my second team. Mostly because I want an all-one-gender team to summon my Sinos for other testing, and I have a very mixed team right now... it means I'll be waiting longer, but that's ok.
  15. I'm pretty sure TJ has said somewhere that only 5-letter codes are possible now because of the way the codes work, but I'm not sure where I saw that. Being able to choose a code would be nice, but I kind of figured that we wouldn't be able to with this new system. Hopefully people will get some nice codes anyway.
  16. I'm really happy with it! I think I said on the birthday thread already but I'll say it again, this is probably the best way TJ could have re-released the Tinsel/ShimmmerScales. They're still 'prizes', so that'll satisfy the people that thought it was important they remain so; they're going to be released slowly enough that it should keep them more-or-less rare; and we've been, imo, desperately needing more CBs in the system. Last but most important to me, I now stand a chance of getting a CB Prize on my scroll, and I'll be over the moon if I get even one, tbh. Frankly I kind of hope that
  17. I keep on misclicking Sinii Krai eggs when hunting Pink Zyus. I don't even know why, the description isn't remotely similar.
  18. If you have less than all 6 different full-grown Zyus they don't have any summoning ability on their actions page. I obviously don't know for sure, but I feel like it's much more likely that anyone reporting that simply didn't have another set of all 6 Zyus full grown on their scroll than the dragons losing the ability to summon, since we've had several reports that you can indeed summon more than one Sino. Also we won't know the other thing until the first batch of 2nd gens grow up, but frankly I don't see why we won't have the ability to summon with bred Zyus, otherwise it would be ridi
  19. I really hope there's more to this story, maybe something that will be revealed down the line!
  20. I'm still two days away from being able to summon my first, alas. I'll be watching these stats like a hawk, though. If there's some way to influence the odds of getting one gender or the other, that would be fabulous (probably not, though).
  21. I nearly have a complete second set, I'm just missing Pink and Yellow! Of course they seem to be the most elusive at the moment, so catching them is going to be a pain... still, I'm happy to be most of the way there!
  22. I finally have some stats, because these eggs either just hatched or are about to hatch. Biome: Coast Egg time left: None Incubated: yes Sickness: yes Overall views: 4,104 Unique views: 725 Clicks: 1 Biome: Jungle Egg time left: 3d19h Incubated: yes Sickness: yes Overall views: 3,890 Unique views: 718 Clicks: 2 Biome: Volcano Egg time left: 3d19h Incubated: yes Sickness: yes Overall views: 3,891 Unique views: 721 Clicks: 2 I'll add the stats of the babies that hatched a few days ago once they gender, since I don't remember their stats whe
  23. Oooh, that's pretty interesting! I'm so curious to see what egg types we get out of breeding the Sinos with stuff.
  24. I still hope we'll be able to, but it will take more experimentation and a lot more people trying. I don't even have adults yet; I'm about a day away, both to my slow catching speed and how often my babies got sick when they were young. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Once we have more people trying to breed Zyus, we'll see what happens.
  25. Oh my gosh... if it really is one summon per six, these guys are going to be so user-driven rare it's not even going to be funny. Wow.