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  1. By the wiki, but that's not and has never been official. The wiki just guesses how rare things are; it gets some right and, in my opinion at least, others very wrong.
  2. I literally got one yesterday, so I hope that means they're not as hard to get as some of the other alts! I guess that I'll try for an Alt Vine without fussing if I don't get one, then. https://dragcave.net/lineage/FPxfn ETA: added Risensongs, Setsongs, and Dusk Pygmies to the front page.
  3. I managed to breed a Bluna the first time I bred a specific pair of dragons together. I managed to hatch a yellow Undine (but I froze it because the lineage was messy and I need some alts for my scroll goals). I'm very happy it turned though.
  4. Breed more (though I just started to do that this week... well I guess this can stand for 'continuing to breed' as well) Finish naming my non-Elemental Lineage dragons, something I keep working on here and there but never seem to finish Does getting organized about what I collect count? Because I keep bouncing around about what I want to do next, haha. Go through, find all my checkers, and restart my Rainbow Checkers project properly. Restart all my personal lineage projects, including Chocolate Mint and the abandoned Prism Project. Collect more zombie fodder so I'll be ready on the 31st Maaaybe try for a Neglected, I would really love to have some on my scroll. Yeah, after reviewing my checklists I think I need to prioritize what to collect most of all. If I can knock a few of my scroll goals out by concentrating on a specific group of dragons first, that will help. I think I'm going to start by gathering up the dragons that produce hybrids. 20 dragons is better than... what are we up to now, 200? Something like that anyway.
  5. With all the talk about All-Inclusives, I decided to start mine. I don't know what I'm doing really, but I have an egg. That's a start, right? https://dragcave.net/lineage/BaClG The alts are going to kill me... I wanted to ask, though. The spreadsheet specifically says we need a Yellow Undine, but we need an Alt Vine/Dark Green too, right?
  6. I actually caught both my first Gold and a Silver myself lately, directly after the Zyumorph release. So I guess one way would be to release more 'true rare' or difficult-to-catch dragons... but the con there is that there are, well, more difficult-to-catch dragons in the cave, and anyone who isn't in the cave when they drop is out of luck for possibly years. /looks at the Coppers, I still only have one CB Verdigris copper. I'd love to see the Trader's Canyon idea be implemented, but who knows if that'll ever happen.
  7. Well, it's protocol i guess... but hey if you don't think we need a vote, less work for me! I guess if anyone has a reason they shouldn't be in the lineage they can bring it up and I'll wait a few days before I add them to the front page /shrug. ETA: For the record as of now all three are going to be put into Fire because of reasons many people have discussed, mainly: that Sunsets, Sunrises, and Sunsongs are all in Fire themselves; and though Nilia Pygmies are Earth, Dusk Pygmies definitely take after their Crimson parents.
  8. I've disliked the name silver_chan for a while now, I thought that just changing it a little wouldn't make anyone confused... anyway, I'm not planning on changing it again so you can rest easy. Hopefully most people will change their names rarely if at all. But so I say something more on topic, I'll be putting up voting for the newest three dragons sometime this weekend. I figure it's probably better to stay on top of releases since that way I don't have to scroll too far back to find the votes.
  9. Well, darn. I guess we'll just have to plan for one or the other, then. ETA: Added the Sinomorphs and all six Zyumorphs to the front page, let me know if anyone thinks it should be changed in any way.
  10. I hesitated on picking up a 'beautiful glow' egg in the Volcano
  11. I need to start planning out my own Leelo... I haven't done much breeding since I started rebuilding my scroll, I've been concentrating more on meeting my scroll goals, for the most part. That said, I'd be ok with people judging for themselves whether they need to rebreed or not. I mean obviously we're going to get more and more dragons going forward; one day who knows, maybe we'll even have enough dragons to do an 8th gen All-Inclusive Leelo which would honestly be all kinds of awesome. But staying on track, no matter how carefully you plan there's an ongoing risk that you will suddenly need to rebreed every month to incorporate whatever new hybrid or dragon that can be bred from another dragon that's been introduced into the cave. So yes, to wrap up my rambling, I'd be just fine with people deciding that they're, idk, 85% done with the base pairs and they don't have room to rebreed, say, Bleeding Moons with Balloons because of whatever reason. On another note, is there a way to breed Risensongs and Setsongs in the same Leelo? Since you need a Sunsong for both those, very unfortunately.
  12. There should definitely be a rule that if you have your All Inclusive a certain amount done, you should be allowed to finish it as is. Honestly the amount of dragons we need to breed for the All Inclusive is getting a little crazy, lol!
  13. As for the new dragons, I agree with Fiona's reasoning. Three new dragons for the Fire category! They look really neat, too.
  14. Nabbed a Paper! Always nice to get one egg closer to your scroll goals.
  15. I finally managed to name dragons I've had sitting on my scroll, waiting to be named and sorted, since last year /collapses This is a big deal because I am terrible at names and usually put it off for as long as I can, lol.
  16. Another CB Thunder!!! Oh my gosh, this is great. After over a year of being unable to find them, I'm finally close to finishing my scroll goals with these suckers. It's a very nice feeling!
  17. I found a Thunder!! I haven't seen one of these things in like a year, I'm so happy.
  18. This seems fun, I have quite a few Reds I can breed. Definitely count me in!
  19. The last of my second set of Zyumorphs grew up, and though I have no idea which dragons were picked to summon which Sino, I was able to summon two of them. Which means that no, summoning doesn't effect any extra Zyus you might have on your scroll, thankfully. Perhaps people who experienced that had an early bug or something? Sadly I summoned two female Sinos. I guess that means I need to hunt more after all... /sigh. In retrospect I wish I'd figured out exactly which Zyus had been used for the first summon, but oh well. I used my Yellow Zyus to summon both of them, though.
  20. If you wait about a month you can go back through this whole thread and click all the babies again. That's how I got mine unlocked eventually.
  21. We used to differentiate Nebulas, greens and reds used to be alts. We eventually voted to just count them as one type of dragon for... reasons? I'm not sure, I guess they didn't fit the rubric. Personally I'm kind of glad we just lump them all together, since I used to have the weirdest trouble remembering which were the alts. Anyway, I'd be happy to count the Fire Gems as three separate dragons as well, since they fit the rubric. Also especially since we've already been talking about breeding them from each other for the All-Inclusive. ETA: Ok, I have fixed it so that the Fire Gems are three different dragons. Let me know if there is a way to make it look better! On that note, I noticed that our ways of grouping the dragons that are like this are a little inconsistent. Lunar Heralds and Ridgewings are sorted by their species name first and colors second, while Coppers and Two-Headed Lindwurms are sorted by color first. Do we want that to be more consistent? I'd like them all to be sorted by species name, myself. (I mean this is just the guidelines at the top of the lineage, but it's still a good thing to keep pretty consistent, I think)
  22. ...true, now that I think of it we do it with Ridgewings, too. So, (Color) Zyumorph, or Zyumorph - (Color)? I'm leaning toward the first one myself.
  23. Here's an interesting question: Do we count these guys as one dragon, or six? Sinomorphs are obviously a separate dragon, but despite the fact that these guys are all different types of dragon and (so far) seem to breed true to their own color, they share a name and a description. Differentiating them by color would be easiest of course, but would that be too clunky? I feel like calling them all 'Zyumorphs' and counting them as one type of dragon would be too confusing, however. Thoughts?
  24. On the bright side, at least we can immediately tell what type it is, which is something that can't be said for the other dragons we have that breed random colors. So far all my breeding attempts have either resulted in no egg, or a Zyu of the same color as one of its parents. If these guys only breed true, like the Pyropes, that will simplify things... even though it would be cool if they'd breed other colors, lol.
  25. I managed to get the last Zyu my girlfriend needs for her set--a Yellow, as it happens. And now I am going to stop hunting because man hunting these guys has just killed my sleep cycle the past few days.