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  1. So many nice updates, most of which I've wanted to happen for a while! The others are a nice surprise. Thank you, TJ!
  2. I would love a two-headed especially, since we already have a pygmy and I feel like I have to agree with Ruby Eyes, that a drake is not a dragon. I would love to see a holiday drake, though. If nothing else, it would give those groups another reason for people to want to collect more of them.
  3. Sadly, I only have one CB holiday breed that we accept and I wanted to use it with my GoN. I'll be waiting all year to get my Winter anyway, so I've got time to breed them over...and over...and over ad infinitum. We have Heartseekers, but not Aegis or Heartstealers. I don't see how Heartstealers are elemental anyway, they're just the dragon version of magpies.
  4. Oh man, look what a beauty I just managed to get: https://dragcave.net/lineage/4BTKW I'm so happy. The things I have left are... oh man. Silver and Gold Lunar Herald (but because I have Ideas about these things, I want to get the Silver egg first... orz), I'm trying to get a Terrae to breed with my Harvest so I can get an Avatar of Creation, Autumn and Winter Seasonals, aaaaall my second gen Xenos because I'm trying to breed them with Zyus (R.I.P. me....), a Setsong hybrid...and several random pairs where it doesn't matter which egg they give me. ...I'm a long way off but then I just started this so I'm not in any rush, lol.
  5. You can try twice to get Silver LH. I know because that's the color I'm trying to get now... the cycle is just long enough that if you try to get one on the first day, CD ends in time to try on the last day. I'm still trying to get all my 2nd gens, but I've been concentrating more on finishing 'blocks' (the way I tend to think about four CBs I intend to breed together and their resulting offspring).
  6. A very good point. I guess that's all I'll use Ward for, then. It's useful in that context.
  7. I managed to complete my Fire Gems, and also my first 4th gen: Blue Gem I'm just lucky that I started this after the Fire Gems were part of the lineage, lol. ...I feel like it's going to take me a long time to get a yellow Undine. Oh well...
  8. Unfortunately, no. You just have to look at as many Black Alts as you can, and hope that you magically find the ones that came from sitting babies as opposed to curled babies.
  9. Since the zombies are encyclopedia-based, what is going to happen with the Zyumorphs? They're all different body types, currently lumped into one encyclopedia entry and the Type is simply listed as 'Dragon'. Does that mean that even if I zombify a Blue/Eastern Zyu it will give me a Western zombie sprite? Or a Black/Wingless? I guess I don't understand why these guys are lumped into one entry when the Xenowyrms, for example, all have their own entry.
  10. I think there was a typo in the description I grabbed; they're actually Baikalas. Anyway. Yeah, I wish we could add the Scripts but even after I asked TCA for more info she didn't really have much to add, just that they used their magic a lot and I don't think that's a qualification. All dragons use magic, only the ones who are either made of it or dependent on it in some way or use it in a unique way should be voted in on the merit of magic alone. That's how I see it anyway. I can agree with you guys on the Baikalas. I'm happy to have them as part of the lineage anyway, they're cool. I'll be opening a poll soon, though this next week will be super busy so just keep voicing your opinions about stuff and I'll tally up the yes/no votes when I open the poll as usual. @Lastalda did I do something special by mistake? Lol.
  11. Well I'm not sure how viewbombers operate exactly, because I am not a viewbomber, but I thought that some of them might do it by autorefreshing a person's scroll. If the scrolls no longer refresh to give views and we only get views from the hatching sites, that would be one way to try and limit the damage viewbombers can do. It's less about how many views were given and more about how fast the eggs get them too early in their hatching cycle. But getting back to this topic: I swear it used to be that I could refresh my own scroll, but ok fine I guess I can't now. However, I just went into Akasaki's scroll and tried to refresh the page like the quote says I can to give the dragons there views, and it didn't work. So I'm not sure what's happening but it's definitely not what that page says.
  12. I'm not sure about endless, but I used to be able to go to my scroll link and refresh, and my growing dragons and eggs would get a new View for every refresh. I think that the UVs and Clicks would not increase past one, however. But the change so that we can't refresh our scroll links to give our own eggs views is new. If this was done to try and thwart viewbombers, I am for it.
  13. That's how the Encyclopedia always works, as far as I remember. If you have unlocked the hatchling sprite in the Encyclopedia but not the adult yet, that is exactly how it will be. My Script dragons behave the same way; I have already unlocked the egg and hatchling sprites, but don't have the adult unlocked; the hatchling has a link to the Encyclopedia entry but the adults do not. Just look at some more Bailaka and unlock the sprite, and you'll get that link soon enough.
  14. New dragons! Baikala Dragons are mysterious beasts that inhabit the lesser-known depths of deep lakes and oceans. These exceptional swimmers actively hunt whatever live prey has the misfortune to draw near, and has even been known to breach in order to snag low-flying prey directly out of the air. Though it is unknown exactly how intelligent Baikala are, they are exceptional strategists and problem solvers. Their two heads seem to think and behave as one. Script Dragons are named for the markings along their wings and sides that look almost like calligraphy. The patterns correspond to no known language, and are slightly different on every dragon. These dragons only develop the characteristic markings when they reach maturity, and they are fairly capable with magic once the patterns appear. Well! The two-headed type is at least a variety that lives entirely in water... but they don't seem too elemental other than that? And the Script dragons... some magic, huh. I dunno, guys, I wish we could add these... let's see if any other info pops up. I haven't dug around much for any. ETA: I found a little info about the Script dragons.
  15. I have entered! Hopefully I did it right, the PM box confused me, this new system is awful.
  16. As far as a few other people and I have been able to work out, there are blue *and* green dropping in the Jungle, only green in the Forest, and only blue in the Coast. If I'm wrong please say so because I'd love to pin down this dropping pattern. Since there are a ton of people in the Coast, it's hard to catch the blues from there. I caught both a blue and a green egg in the Jungle, though.
  17. I have one green and two blue. I caught all my eggs in the Jungle. I have no idea if this helps but there you are.
  18. This is a great topic! Adults - Wyvern: https://dragcave.net/lineage/VtPw2 Two-headed: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZdDNN Drake #1: https://dragcave.net/lineage/xyTDt Drake #2: https://dragcave.net/lineage/o6bM2 Hatchling - Winged Western (S1): https://dragcave.net/lineage/BbMZc
  19. Nabbed an Ice I don't really need, but that'll help both my summoning and for when I inevitably decide to go for 10 pairs of every dragon (even the rares) after all.
  20. It seems that the Sinos on our scrolls don't count toward any 'on our scroll' total, which is something I just discovered to my annoyance. Anyway, here are my two to help out anyone else who is similarly trying to fill in that elusive encyclopedia entry: https://dragcave.net/lineage/cLuA5 https://dragcave.net/lineage/9IpmQ
  21. Y'know what I really want, and I'm not even sure if this belongs here but... When you use the BSA, the message you get is '[Dragon] casts protective magic over the egg, warding it against sickness'. That to me implies that there will be no sickness whatsoever, that the egg is completely shielded against that. That's misleading, imo. Is there any way we can get it changed to something else like.. idk, 'warding it against death'?
  22. I see no reason why we shouldn't be allowed to name eggs. With the way we can use the Aeons to predict the gender now, it's not even a question of not knowing exactly what it will turn into as an adult; I mean new dragons being introduced to the cave, sure we don't know then, but that's never stopped anyone from sticking a name they want on a spare dragon to preserve it until they can name their brand new dragons. Anyway. Getting back to the subject, I would love to name my leetle tree. Whether that's because I have fertilized it and it's a sapling now, or we're able to name eggs, I'm not much fussed either way.
  23. I've bred a whole bunch of hybrids for a lineage, I'm happy they've been so easy to get. Now the hard part... the rest of the lineage.
  24. I honestly think that the sickness has increased, possibly because we have Ward. Before the Zyus dropped I would typically put my eggs in my hatcheries at around 6d 15h or so, not waiting much time at all; I never had a single sickness in any of my common eggs. With rarer eggs I'd wait longer but the point is that ever since the Zyus dropped even my super common eggs that never got sick even if I put them in three hatcheries, are getting sick if I do the exact same things I've always done. I have since changed by behavior and waited until the eggs are below 5 days now and I no longer have sickness issues, but it's weird. Unless the traffic in the hatcheries has increased significantly and I just didn't notice, then the sickness has been tweaked to hit harder. Personally I don't bother using Ward since I found out it doesn't protect hatchlings. It seems like a rather pointless BSA, though I guess it at least stops your eggs from dying. That's good.
  25. I'm currently trying to get 10 CBs of most dragons, though I'm only collecting 4 of every rare. Hybrids, I'm trying to get 10 2nd gens. I'm also trying to freeze one of every stage of hatchling, so S1 and then both genders of S2 if the dragon in question has two genders.I'm doing the same for alts, though again those are going to be all 2nd gen so that's going to take me a while... anyway. I also intend to get a female/male/ungendered Neglected, and one of each of those to freeze as well, and then all the zombie sprites... I have a long way to go before I'm done, hah.