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  1. Okay a quick tally before we find out what the new Christmas dragon is, haha... Closing the voting on...er... a lot of things! We will be accepting Baikala dragons into Water! We will be accepting Spinel wyverns into Earth! We will be accepting Carina dragons into Wind! We will not be accepting Script dragons, Khusa dragons, Bauta dragons, or Omen dragons at this time. Sorry the voting has been so haphazard lately, I'll try to do it in a more timely manner in the future!
  2. Technically female Hollies exist but they were Honorable Mentions from when the Christmas Raffles were a thing.
  3. They can't. The text just says (Unavailable) instead of (Unavailable for this breed).
  4. I will just say that I like having my finger on CTL so that when I click an egg it opens a new window instead of directing me away from the biome I'm hunting it. It makes it so much easier while I'm trying to catch things that multiple people are also after! But I use CTL+R, which I believe does the exact same job as F5. That is, not a hard refresh to clear my cache, just a normal refresh, and it lets me keep that finger on the CTL button like I said. I'll also throw my two cents at the 'are re-released holidays valueless' debate. I think it decreases the value sure, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Also if you have 2nd gens from the original Hollies--or even the female Honorable Mention Hollies!--that's still worth being proud about. None of the Hollies released this year will be female, no matter how cool that would be. None of the Hollies released this year will have original dates. So, people who traded for those should still be proud to have them. That's what I think, anyway.
  5. Aaah, this is so nice! I have all the CBs I was missing for years and years... it's such a wonderful feeling. Thank you TJ for making this possible and letting us catch old holiday eggs! I'm looking forward to the Christmas dragon for this year and also what the event will turn out to be.
  6. Have z-code CB Yulebuck hatchling, want a CB Yulebuck for it. Egg or hatchling is fine. Other offers considered. https://dragcave.net/teleport/32c2d129aea250bb97a4d28b9f67d956
  7. If I recall correctly, Warding it doesn't actually stop sickness. It does, however, prevent it from dying so you can catch it and hopefully fog it before the Ward wears off. I'm glad your gold survived!
  8. I'm excited for the Holiday Biome reappearing, gonna get so many CB Christmas dragons!! Along with everyone else, I'm especially looking for Hollies but I'm missing so many I won't be too sad if I don't get them. I'll only cry a little I promise.
  9. Okay, everything should be up to date! I'm going to be closing the poll pretty soon, say by the end of the week (Friday/Saturday). Thank you to everyone who voted! I would love to participate in a secret santa sort of thing, maybe it'll help me get my interest back in the game a little more
  10. Good to see you, Cathie! And thanks everyone for voting and updating your votes. Everything should be current. I also like Cathie's points. I still like Carina dragons in Fire, but they do have a significant emphasis on shooting stars and the like. I also like your argument about the Omens, and have changed my own vote for them to be Life. I'd still like such cool dragons to be a part of the lineage, though I can also see that their qualifications are shaky at best.
  11. Well I also see the fact that they avoid fire to the point of letting someone go if they cross it is also a telling point. Like they can't let the fire go out. If I catch Birdz or Process on discord I'll ask them. And thanks for voting!
  12. OTL... ok ok, I'm. Going to try and get the voting opened up here before I get intimidated by all the I have going on again, haha. Opening the voting poll on... er... a lot of things!! All members are welcome to vote, but please read the following definitions carefully. Ideally we would like a breed to have 2-3 distinct characteristics to qualify for an Elemental category, so if giving a YES vote please state your reasoning along with it. You may not compare a new release to an already eligible breed. They must be voted in on their own merit. EARTH - Dragons comprised of, resembling, or able to control rock, metal, and/or dirt, POSSIBLY residing in the earth. For example, a stone dragon is made of stone-like material AND eats rocks. Green dragons live within the caves AND have control over the earth. WIND - Dragons comprised of gas or with a strong connection to weather or the cosmos. POSSIBLY those that spend a majority of their time in the air. For example, grey dragons land only to rest and eat AND they have control of the weather. Thunder dragons land only to sleep and breed. They get moisture from the clouds and control the weather. FIRE - Dragons who control or are comprised of fire or electricity. Also those that resemble fire or the sun or which are controlled by or strongly tied to the sun. For example, magma dragons are coated in magma, live in volcanic regions AND are capable of withstanding intense temperatures. Sunsongs control light AND are controlled by the light. WATER - Dragons who control or are comprised of water in either it's liquid or solid state. Also those that live the entirety of their lives in the water. For example, ice dragons form icicles on their skin, and can freeze a predator with their cold breath. LIFE - Dragons who rely on or are affected by a very specific part of nature, which must be different than the majority of other breeds. Dragons who possess mana pertaining to magical, mental or spiritual control or consisting of magic in a way that is different from other breeds, or having a significant positive role in the world that is different from other breeds, or having a significant effect on a very specific part of nature, which must be different than the majority of other breeds, including both positive and negative effects. For example, a qualifier can not be that the dragon depends on living in the trees alone. But Pumpkin dragons would qualify because they live specifically in pumpkins AND can only be bred during Harvest time. Baikala dragons Baikala Dragons are mysterious beasts that inhabit the lesser-known depths of deep lakes and oceans. These exceptional swimmers actively hunt whatever live prey has the misfortune to draw near, and have even been known to breach in order to snag low-flying prey directly out of the air. Though it is unknown exactly how intelligent Baikala are, they are exceptional strategists and problem solvers. Their two heads seem to think and behave as one. Additional info: I didn't see any. Yes: Silver (Water), Fiona (Water), Lastalda (Water), MyrrhDarkwing (Water), Cathie (Water), Lavinia (Water) No: Script dragons Script Dragons are named for the markings along their wings and sides that look almost like calligraphy. The patterns correspond to no known language, and are slightly different on every dragon. These dragons only develop the characteristic markings when they reach maturity, and they are fairly capable with magic once the patterns appear. Additional info: TCA has said they are 'powerful mages' but not much else, and they don't appear to be particularly elemental. Yes: No: Silver, Lastalda, Fiona, MyrrhDarkwing, Cathie, Lavinia Khusa dragon Khusa dragons thrive in dry, desolate, and rocky areas. Though they can fly, Khusa enjoy honing their climbing skills on foot. Shortly after they hatch, parents are already teaching their young how to pick their way across cliff faces, escarpments, and thin ridges. The young are well cared for by their parents, but other Khusa in the area also look out for the young--despite not forming close-knit groups, these dragons form loose alliances with their closest neighbors. If a threat is spotted, they will attack from above and drive it to the ground where Khusa have an advantage. Additional info: I didn't see much beyond them being based on the bearded vulture family. Yes: No: Silver, Fiona, MyrrhDarkwing, Lastalda, Cathie, Lavinia Carina dragons Carina Dragons, though a rare sight, are quite brilliant to behold. Typically gentle, they abhor violence and have developed a rather unique method of camouflage to avoid it; their wings and bodies blend into the night sky while the cobalt flames that adorn their bodies burn brightly, making them appear to be shooting stars when they fly. Their fire also wards off predators and shields them from unwanted brawls. However, despite this enmity toward bloodshed, Carinae can become dangerous when faced with peril, especially if their young are in jeopardy. Legends speak of young Carina Dragons consuming entire constellations, which then become emblazoned on their wings. Additional info: Since these guys are hybrids of Ridgewings and Nebula, I'm assuming they're going to be automatically accepted. This voting is therefore going to be slightly different, and focused on where to put them instead. Both the parents are in the Wind category, but they are literally on fire so I'm personally leaning in that direction. Wind: Cathie, Lastalda, Fiona, Lavinia Fire: Silver, MyrrhDarkwing Bauta dragon Bauta Dragons are easily identified by the fused, golden scutes that cover their twin heads in gleaming, gilded masks. They are regal in bearing, and tend to possess a serene disposition. These dragons are most active in early spring during the height of their mating season, engaging in jovial rituals of courtship to woo prospective mates. Bautas are found on temperate islands and lagoons, and are especially fond of sea-mounts near shore. They happily share territory with humans, and take notable interest in the affairs of mankind. Additional info: None that I could see. Yes: No: Silver, Fiona, Lastalda, MyrrhDarkwing, Cathie, Lavinia Spinel wyverns Spinel Wyverns are small, sleek dragons that zealously collect spinel gemstones to line their nests. They are very affectionate with those they bond with, and will happily spend hours grooming a dragon of a different species if allowed to. Spinels are well-known for their even temperament, but when offended, they are very slow to forgive and will never forget. These wyverns will readily perform tasks in exchange for spinels, and occasionally other stones. Occasionally, they can be born with iridescent pale green scales instead of the usual rich red-violet. Additional info: Breeding the red-purple type with earth elemental dragons gives you the green variety. Yes: Silver (Earth), Fiona (Earth), Lastalda (Earth), MyrrhDarkwing (Earth), Cathie (Earth), Lavinia (Earth) No: Omen dragons (Halloween dragon) Considered heralds of ill fortune, Omen Wyrms are usually found in areas previously ravaged by disaster or strife, blending in amongst the foliage. Due to the unique appearance and texture of their bodies, they often pass as dead trees as they wait for unsuspecting prey. Their haunting cry—like that of a hollow-sounding horn—is a sure signal to run: it is always followed by the dragons’ furious wrath, which manifests in the form of fiery cascades. Escape from an Omen Wyrm is possible, however; it is said they will not dare follow their quarry across running water, no matter the cause of their vexation. Additional info: I don't see any, please comment if I'm wrong. Yes: Silver (Life), Cathie (Life) No: Lastalda, Fiona, Lavinia Unsure: MyrrhDarkwing (If yes, Fire) Ok! That should be all ready to go and all voting counted. It looks like only three of us vote anymore... but there, it's open now and I'll be accepting any voting until I close the poll. The length it stays open mostly depends on if TJ decides to release a November dragon and also how many people show up to vote.
  13. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on the AP over the next couple days, I want two more of the fire wyrms and I want to get my girlfriend a couple as she missed getting any at all. Overall this was a fun, low-key event, even with the bugs and issues people had. Thank you for it, TJ!
  14. We don't know if this will happen next year, I'm sorry. The Halloween eggs from this year won't show up until the night of Halloween, the midnight of the 30th going into the 31st and will be around for just one day, the 31st itself.
  15. Oh I have plenty of Pinks and I influenced everything. There's always the tiniest chance things will buck influence, though it's never happened to me before now isn't the time to brag so loudly about that /superstitious that if I get too confident things will go to the dogs just to spite me, lol. ...I need to breed more Aeons, really. That way I can check everything.
  16. Sweet, I now have at least two CBs of everything. If I got my timing right, things should start growing to adulthood just before Halloween, and the ones I'm trying to freeze should gender well before that. I hope that all my CBs gender properly! But either way I'm very very happy to have them at all, haha. I'm really hoping the CBs come back for every holiday going forward, this is just so wonderful.
  17. I'm so thrilled by this re-release of old holidays, it's what I've wanted for years. I only need a Cavern Lurker and a Desipis to have one of everything! And then I'll probably go back to grabbing some AP eggs, haha. Thank you so much TJ for the wonderful surprise!
  18. I have the two-headed sea serpent unlocked as a shadow. Anyway, I would love to see some of this stuff addressed--especially the Zyumorphs. It has always kind of bugged me that they're lumped into the same encyclopedia page when they've got all different body types and are found in all different biomes, when the Xenowyrms all get their own page and they have the same body type.
  19. At least now we can clearly see both heads for certain.
  20. I prefer the idea of the cooldown. I mean ideally I would like the store because I love the idea of using points I accrue to buy what I choose? But at this point I very much doubt it will ever happen. Or maybe in a few years, if it does. So I'd rather keep what we have and have a slim shot at getting the nice shiny creatures than have zero chance at them at all. But yes, a cooldown would be great. 3 months seems reasonable.
  21. On the dragon page of TJ's purple guys: Heads. As in two. And if you look behind the head that you can clearly see in front, there is a slightly darker one behind it. Otherwise this poor creature has a terrible dark purple growth coming out of its ear.
  22. You know what, I think you're right! I remember my first breeding of Undines, and I immediately dumped it because it was a green egg. I later checked and my dragons had bred a golden babin, but I think I would have waited to see if I wasn't expecting it to be golden. ...now that I have been corrected, why the heck did I abandon that baby. If I'd just waited...
  23. I have summoned with an all male set, an all female set, and a random gender set. Got females every time... though my scroll is also heavily male, and I'm working to make it more balanced, but it's hard to do that sometimes Anyway I would love it if the gender of the Zyus somehow influenced the genders of the summoned Sino. Even if it was a tiny chance, it feels like it would be better than it is now.