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  1. Also throwing in my support for something like this. This is the first time in the time I've played this game that I've been viewbombed so persistently, and I would like some options besides having to hide my scroll every time I'm not adding things to hatchery sites. I want to show off my scroll to others, and let people see my scroll without fear. I would very much like some way to protect all my eggs and hatchlings in one fell swoop, as it were, and it seems to me that this viewbombing problem is only going to get worse. Some people have a lot of time on their hands, it would seem.
  2. Yep, viewbombed again. I have some things on there that are really special just at the moment, so I will be rather annoyed if they die. Here's hoping stunning them helps... Anyway, thanks for the tip about DragHatch, mine were added there and also Hatching Club. I had already added them to a few sites before that, so it could have been bad if I didn't check my scroll on a whim just now. I was traveling all day yesterday and didn't have the chance to check my scroll. I hate hiding my scroll. Here's hoping this person/people stop doing this soon, I would like to go back to this being a fun game and not something this serious.
  3. Sweet, I'm looking forward to seeing it! Ooooh and I forgot to show this off: https://dragcave.net/lineage/bDQOd That took 42 breedings across three different pairs. I don't know why I do this to myself.
  4. Welcome back, Xoco! And, well... I was pairing it with a Red and a Waterhorse (two different pairings to increase my chances). Wonders may never cease, since they *both* gave me a Gold just now! I'm a little surprised, but I guess my dragons are finally showing me mercy. My Winter got sick, so I hope it pulls through But yeah now that the hard parts are done, I just need these stubborn things to produce any egg, haha.
  5. Aaaah, I got this!!! I'm so happy, it was really difficult to make these guys breed a Winter for some reason. https://dragcave.net/lineage/pbWkt Now I just need a Gold Lunar Herald, and that's all I need for specific eggs. Exciting!
  6. ...I forgot I'd even posted here, man I suck at this playing a game thing. Anyway. I am a geode breeder! Name: Silver_tiger Lineage of an egg you bred: https://dragcave.net/lineage/wMmch
  7. I am being viewbombed, my eggs were added to many sites I never use and some of my hatchlings that I know I removed were re-added to sites I do use. I don't know if this is site-wide but just keep an eye on your things. My scroll is hidden and I have fogged some of my more sensitive things so it was more like a viewdud, but just so everyone is aware.
  8. 1.silver_tiger 2.Butter Pecan Thank you very much for doing this! Good luck everyone!
  9. Depending on what dragon gets picked, I might join. It could be fun to collect them, even if the stakes aren't as high anymore.
  10. The loser message came quite fast this month. Yay, I don't have to sit around to be absolutely sure I lost... Maybe next month.
  11. Winter Wonderland, obviously. But I'm Team Fire because I just once want to see the bar go fire colors, I haven't yet. The love for Team Ice still seems to be strong.
  12. People have been asking for that for a long time, but who knows? With all the other stuff TJ has been changing lately, maybe he'll do that eventually if people keep bringing it up!
  13. My girlfriend, who is visiting family that kept her very busy and she's disabled with a condition that makes it hard for her to sit at a computer for long periods of time and occasionally she can't even use a phone to access DC, was unable to pick the dragons up during the Christmas days. Thanks to this wall she was able to get her two dragons. I'm not trying to fuel this... discussion one way or the other, just pointing out that I at least am grateful she was able to get her dragons very easily because of this wall. So that's all I wanted to say.
  14. I also support them to be added to Life. Between being sustained by mana and actually generating little bits of Fire mana (whether this is simply repackaged from what the dragon absorbs or is literally generated by them is a moot discussion imo, as it at the very least shows they can manipulate fire mana while finding life mana to be the best sustenance), they seem like an excellent candidate for the lineage. Also they were thought up by a memeber so lol.
  15. I got a gorgeous Mistletoe/Aria checker with two spriter alts as the base Mistletoes, I'm very pleased. Not linking it because I'm still nervous about viewbombing but it's gorgeous I can assure you.
  16. Yeah, the limits page has gone back to how it was before the holiday started. I wouldn't be surprised if by doing that TJ tweaked something that messed up the limits, I hope this gets fixed soon.
  17. Eeep, good luck! I didn't dare check because I love the codes I have too much to risk losing them.
  18. Hmm, apparently people are picking up more CBs from the AP now that the limit page has been reset back to GoNs and leetle trees. And before anyone who's managed to catch an 'extra' one gets mad at me you might want to think about what will happen to your dragons whenever TJ figures out you have more than your 'share.'
  19. Okay a quick tally before we find out what the new Christmas dragon is, haha... Closing the voting on...er... a lot of things! We will be accepting Baikala dragons into Water! We will be accepting Spinel wyverns into Earth! We will be accepting Carina dragons into Wind! We will not be accepting Script dragons, Khusa dragons, Bauta dragons, or Omen dragons at this time. Sorry the voting has been so haphazard lately, I'll try to do it in a more timely manner in the future!
  20. Technically female Hollies exist but they were Honorable Mentions from when the Christmas Raffles were a thing.
  21. They can't. The text just says (Unavailable) instead of (Unavailable for this breed).
  22. I will just say that I like having my finger on CTL so that when I click an egg it opens a new window instead of directing me away from the biome I'm hunting it. It makes it so much easier while I'm trying to catch things that multiple people are also after! But I use CTL+R, which I believe does the exact same job as F5. That is, not a hard refresh to clear my cache, just a normal refresh, and it lets me keep that finger on the CTL button like I said. I'll also throw my two cents at the 'are re-released holidays valueless' debate. I think it decreases the value sure, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Also if you have 2nd gens from the original Hollies--or even the female Honorable Mention Hollies!--that's still worth being proud about. None of the Hollies released this year will be female, no matter how cool that would be. None of the Hollies released this year will have original dates. So, people who traded for those should still be proud to have them. That's what I think, anyway.
  23. Aaah, this is so nice! I have all the CBs I was missing for years and years... it's such a wonderful feeling. Thank you TJ for making this possible and letting us catch old holiday eggs! I'm looking forward to the Christmas dragon for this year and also what the event will turn out to be.