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  1. The best thing you can do for foot injuries in general is to just wear shoes as much as possible. (Source: I have both broken and 'jammed' my toes before; I'm not sure how to explain jamming except by saying I stubbed them so hard I structurally damaged them. Went to doctors, they advised I wear shoes as much as possible. They also gave me a crutch for the jamming incident. I also fractured my foot once, and they basically gave me an open-topped shoe I was to put on every morning, I don't think I wore it to bed.)
  2. If there's a release at all, I would have hoped it would have happened this weekend; next weekend would be kind of too close to Valentine's day for me to be remotely happy with. If there is going to be one, at this point I really hope it's just a one-dragon release. I'm going to be swamped as it is with my current Valentine's plans, a new dragon on top of that would be... kind of a lot.
  3. I didn't used to believe in this stuff (other than aliens; just like other people in this thread I think our universe is too infinite to *not* contain other life) but I've slowly come around to it, mostly through my girlfriend who believes in this stuff and has seen many ghosts and spirits and the like. I still haven't, though she claims our house is haunted by something. I do know that some weird things have happened that I can't quite explain, like a knocking sound happening when there was no one there to make the sound. It was on her door (we have separate bedrooms) and she thought it was me, but I was in my room. I heard the sound, though, and thought it was someone knocking on the front door. That was pretty creepy. For a while I thought it was my grandma maybe, since it's her house, but my sister thinks it's this dressmaker lady who used to own the place. I don't know her name; I keep meaning to see if there's like records of who owned this property to try and discover it. She doesn't seem to like us being here, but I think she's gotten used to it and she just does little things to remind us she's here, now. I also work at nursing homes; let me tell you right now every single one of those places is haunted, I swear. The first place I ever worked at I heard stories of people walking down the halls but they had no legs. I never saw anything but on several occasions I heard something that sounded exactly like a walker coming down the hall, but it cut itself off abruptly when I got up to see who was coming. I worked nights, so while we had a lot of people there who didn't sleep very well it was still kind of unusual to have the sound just stop like that, and none of the people who used walkers could move so fast that they'd be back in their rooms before I could see who it was. The second place I worked, I worked the afternoon shift there. This one is probably a little more explainable, but many evenings after dinner and everyone had gone back to their rooms, at about 6pm, I would hear a scraping sound from the upstairs living room, like someone was rearranging the furniture. There was one guy who could have done it, maybe, but whenever I went up to check nothing would be touched and the room would look exactly the same as it did before. I didn't always have time to get up there right away, but... yeah, it was just a little weird. Finally, in my current job I'm working nights again. Nothing creepy happens, really... except I see a lot of things out of the corner of my eye that are never there when I look at them. And a lot of the residents complain about 'that guy in my bathroom'... but only in certain rooms. They stop talking about him when they're moved to a different room, and the next one to live there starts talking about him again. I've witnessed someone's TV being turned off without the use of a remote, and the resident claimed the guy did it. Several of my coworkers have told me about a black shape in the shape of a person they see, sometimes. I've never had anything happen to me yet, thankfully. I'm there all alone at night in this job, and that's creepy enough for me. Hopefully the guy continues to leave me be. As for cryptids... sure, why not? If you're interested in that sort of thing, I highly suggest a podcast I absolutely love, called Lore. He talks about many spooky subjects, but several of them include cryptids of one sort or another, like the Mothman, Little People, and the Jersey Devil. Very interesting stuff.
  4. Iiiii...actually like that idea, as long as they're tradable. Will some people keep every one they get? Of course. That's the nature of this game. But eventually, sooner or later, people will start trading them around. Sooner or later, people will get one. And that's all I want, no matter how long it takes.
  5. 32 people voted for 4 new dragons per month. It's a little confusing so I don't blame you for misunderstanding the poll; I had to stare at it for a few minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with this picture before I realized. It would be a bit clearer if they wrote out the numbers or said '1 dragon', maybe. Too late now though.
  6. It's been, what? Two years now with no news one way or the other about the raffles or if we're ever going to get more CB Shimmerscales/Tinsels? It's probably specifically boiling back up now because Christmas just ended, which is probably clear but I felt it was worth saying. Idk. I'm not saying the commenters here are right or wrong, I just wanted to remark that I really hope we get some fresh CBs somehow and some way, or at the very least an announcement about it one day... Anyway, I had no idea that Holidays were undesirable. If I owned one I'd breed it with a Holiday purely *because* if I get an egg from them at all it's guaranteed to be a Tinsel/Shimmerscale. I can see the downsides too, but...oh well. It just surprised me to hear that I guess. (I'm still pf the opinion that I want a CB of every type and color just to have CBs on my scroll...)
  7. I'm O+. My father, sister, and brother are all O+ as well, but my mother is O-. After looking up what CMV is, I definitely am not negative since I've had both chickenpox and shingles before...
  8. Maybe ask your local vet? They might know who would be able to do it, or they might do it themselves if you bring the cat in. We had a cat who needed the fur on his back legs shaved, because he was having terrible bathroom issues, and the vet did it for us. Poor kitty was so embarrassed to lose his pantaloons!
  9. I'd offer 30 for a Gold... That's me though, maybe you'll find someone who'd give you that for a Silver.
  10. Also he could have removed dragons because he does intend to release them, and wants to give people time to forget about them so they'll be a 'surprise'. He still does that, right? Hopefully the hybrid you're talking about, Celly, falls into that category. I'm still of the opinion that two is the most I want in regular releases, but I could accept three-dragon releases from time to time. For me personally three-or-more-dragon releases all the time is a tad too stressful.
  11. More fog, now that it's actually morning in my part of the world. I am quickly growing very tired of driving in it, even if it is rather pretty.
  12. Good morning! I'm at work at the moment, but I'm on my break so it's ok, haha.
  13. I just traded for a Silver (currently hidden) with NFT as part of her code. This is funny because in Chickensmoothie 'nft' stands for 'not for trade'. You'd better believe I'm not trading her away, lol.
  14. Let me preface this by saying I am very happy Frills are back. But can I please get some Horses? I need a lot more of them and I've only gotten Frills since they came back... I guess that'll teach me to let a goal sit around because 'oh they're so easy to get I'll just catch them later'.
  15. Oh gosh I need to update my liscense...it still has my Texas address, I'm living in Wisconsin now.
  16. It's not that strange. I know the media makes it seem like everyone falls in love and if you don't it's somehow weird, but I was well out of college before I did! And just like you I had no idea if she even liked me (it was my roommate, fyi) and so I dithered and daydreamed and did nothing...until she said 'so...you think we should date?' That was almost a year ago and we're still together. My point is, get to know her, as a friend. Don't be afraid of the 'friendzone' because it can always develop into something more. Don't lose hope, just take your time. Have fun! That's important, too. Eta: oh, and I'm a geek too. So is my girlfriend, and she's nice too. You never know what someone's into until you get to know them
  17. This looks fun. I need an excuse to do more hybrid breeding anyway, so I think I'll give this a shot! I have a few 2nd gen Geodes I nabbed off the AP already, I'll have to see if I can do anything with them. I'll post the form thingy the next time I'm on my computer.
  18. A few months ago, Pyropes suddenly became easily as rare as like... a Golden Wyvern or something. They've come back now, but I've also noticed Almandines and Spessartines are suddenly easier to come by. I saw one sit in the Alpine for several minutes the other day. I think that they're now being treated as the same dragon, just three color versions of it, which is why Pyropes vanished for a while. I predict that while they might never be cave blockers, they're on the common side of uncommon now, and their trade worth will continue to fall until it stablizes somewhere down the line.
  19. Cool! I friended you back. Yeah, I really love Eld. It's got such a unique feel to it somehow, especially with the events; they try to make each event flow from the last one. It's neat! And the pets are pretty unique, too.
  20. The only advantage I can see with that is completely obliterating the current trade market. But even my massive distaste for how things currently are isn't enough to make me want this. Absolutely no support for making them unbreedable... and frankly, even if they had been unbreedable, I don't think there would be any less drama. Instead of 'why can't I have a CB too?' it would be 'why can't I get one of those at all?'
  21. Oh hey there is an Eld thread here... the CS one is pretty dead, but I'm glad to see someone is keeping this one alive in some manner. My profile! I've been there for just over two years, and it continues to find ways to delight and surprise me. Hopefully it sticks around for many more years to come!
  22. It's actually not as bad as it sounds; this house holds the clutter of like three generations, and someone at some time left something that I thought was a hoe but Home Depot claims is a sidewalk scraper (so I guess I was using it correctly???) and a manure shovel in the basement. That took care of it pretty handily! Also I put down some ice melt, I'll have to buy some more but it's ok for now. I hope everyone else is staying safe and whatnot tonight as well.
  23. It was a workout, to be sure. And it looks like more rain is on the way... on the bright side it looks like the weather will be warming up in the next few days. Anyway, I got it all clear except for one patch down near the driveway that my neighbor couldn't get out either. There's too much water and I don't care to get my feet wet (again!) trying to pry the sucker up. I'd probably fail, anyway. It's thick.
  24. Huff, just spent the last half hour or so chipping away at the ice coating my sidewalk. I'm not done but I came in to rest because my feet were soaked and frozen. Good luck to anyone dealing with fires, that's so scary
  25. Definitely a good idea. I have been using my phone to play a lot lately, and while it doesn't affect me at the moment it would be incredibly awkward if I had to flip between tabs on my phone. Obviously I could do it if I had to, but my phone is touchy on the best of days and it might shut itself off if I tried.