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  1. Back when you guys were talking about vatious ways of dying in video games, rhat made me think of...I think the game is King's Quest? I need to get back to playing it actually, since I enjoyed it a lot...anyway, it's a bit of a point-and-click adventure sort of thing, and at least the first chapter rewards you for dying and going the 'wrong' way at points. For example, going into a dark path when the narrator clearly says not to do that will result in your character doing a silly dance, and you get a trophy called 'Dancing in the Dark' iirc. I don't think I got all tbe trophies for tbe second chapter, not sure I even played the third.
  2. Whoops, I guess I vanished for a little bit there... I got into Pokemon hardcore, and I'm trying to catch 'em all in at least one game, a process made difficult by how hard it seems to be to find some of the original 151 pokemon. So it sgould be very...interesting, trying to find them all. But yeah that's what I've been distracted by, breeding and leveling pixel creatures, lol. I'm super tired today. My neighbors were doing something that was just noisy enough to keep me up all day, and since I work nights that's a problem. Hopefully I can have a quick nap when I get home, the girlfriend has a doctor appointment I need to drive her to.
  3. There used to be this cute little MMO called Glitch. It had several places to explore, cute music and visuals... I found it lots of fun since I love collecting things. I no longer remember what I found so fun about it but I was honestly addicted to it. I was so sad when Tiny Speck shut down and had to close it... I heard that it was going to be recreated at some point but I'm not sure that went anywhere. I hope it comes back someday. It's a game I will happily play even if it comes back fifty years from now (assuming i'm still here).
  4. Yeah... I don't really like the design of any of the starters in SuMo. The one I dislike the least all around is Rowlett, though Primarina is overall the prettiest final form. I picked Litten originally but as soon as it evolved into Incineroar I put it in my PC and haven't been able to bring myself to use it since... I actually use Decidueye the most. I don't pay nearly as much attention as I probably should to the strengths and weaknesses of my pokemons, but my shiny Tallonflame takes care of whatever Decidueye can't, so it's all good in my book. Eta: that person was super rude though. My dislike of the starters is a personal thing, I'm not going to go around saying that anyone who uses them os stupid or anything like that.
  5. I managed to get my first seven eggs, very much looking forward to the event and dragon this year. Thank you TJ, mods, and spriters for the event!
  6. Having a Drake, Two-headed or Pygmy isn't about novelty to me, it's about legitimizing the breeding group. Right now one of the reasons we have so few of them is that most people want (rationally enough) a dragon they can breed with the most number of dragons. So TJ releases very few of them, which makes people dislike them more because there are so few, and... it's a catch-22 is what I'm saying. I'd like something to break them out of that status but I don't see it happening unless he suddenly released like 100 different Drakes, Two-headeds, and Pygmies all at once and that would be a nightmare. Idk. I'm not saying I want it because we've never had one, I'm saying I want it because it would be a good thing to have. Anyway. A Wyrm-type dragon would be equally cool, or a Wyvern. I don't think we've had many Wyverns, at least not for Valentine's, and goodness knows we need more Wyrms too. And that's part of the main breeding group so more people will be happy with it.
  7. Why is it so hard to find a Nidoqueen/king? Everyone's asking for legendaries or impossible things on GTS. So irritating. I just want to get my shiny charm... Edit: finally managed to get myself a Nidoqueen, I remembered to check my Y game for an extra Moonstone. No idea where I'm going to get another one unless I restart Y... gonna try to find a Lunatone with a Moonstone. I might try the special training thing again but I failed hard the last time I tried that.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree! Why can't we get a Drake or a Two-headed? Or a Pygmy, but I'd prefer to see one of the other two since there's already a holiday Pygmy. The only way we're going to see the Drakes especially get more love is if they have more breeding options, and giving them a holiday dragon would help a lot toward that goal.
  9. To all the people bored with SuMo--have you explored the wormhole world yet? There's lots of things to do there, from what I understand.
  10. That's a joke egg, but it's fun to look at. I'm planning to collect a bunch of the past Valentine's dragons to freeze! I actually thought it started tonight... well, I'll plan for that and if it starts tomorrow I'll be ready either way! I'm not sure what I want for the dragon this year. Something white with pink and purple accents would be pretty.
  11. Since Valentine's is coming up and it doesn't look like we're going to get anymore votes... Closing the poll on November and Christmas dragons We are currently accepting none of the November dragons (Azure Glacewings, Fell, Honey Drakes) or the Christmas Dragons from 2016. @Lastalda, I don't need anything at the moment but if I think of some I'll send you a PM
  12. Echoing Jazeki, I really love how the cave looks on my phone now. A lovely and much needed change!
  13. I feel like Sweetlings should be some kind of exception since they were given to people to replace eggs lost in a data issue thing. Then again, while I'm not at all saying I want CB Alt Sweetlings on my scroll, I don't want such a beautiful sprite to die out as older players quit the game. It would be super cool if they could breed true every now and then.
  14. I had four lined up to revive, because I made a mistake and tried to Vamp an egg. Sigh. But in good news! Two of them zombified! That's the best result I've had all year, I'm so happy. Even better, a male and a female turned, so that's one (adult set) done, 14 or so to go... Reporting Zombification Attempt Breed/type: Tarantula Hawk Drake Age: adult Kill date: Jan 22, 2017 Kill time (ET): I don't remember Revive date: Jan 31, 2017 Revive time (ET): 5:45 pm Zombies visible: yes Result: zombie Dragon link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/xyTDt Reporting Zombification Attempt Breed/type: Tarantula Hawk Drake Age: adult Kill date: Jan 24, 2017 Kill time (ET): I don't remember Revive date: Jan 31, 2017 Revive time (ET): 5:45 pm Zombies visible: yes Result: zombie Dragon link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/o6bM2
  15. None of us are 'entitled' to anything; I want CB Tinsels and Shimmerscales on my scroll, and though I would love a whole bunch of each kind dumped on my scroll right now please, that's what's generally known as an unreasonable desire. I'd like that; I know it's not going to happen. I am more than willing to work for these dragons, to earn them by gathering up points as I play the game. If another way is implemented that lets me have them fine, but in this suggestion it's going to take me several years before I had a full set, nevermind breeding pairs. And that's if I don't take the time to gather all the holiday dragons I missed (assuming they'd be in the Store, too) I do not and will never get this attitude of 'well they're special because they were in a raffle they need to say special!' I'm sure you guys have your reasons, but I just can't fathom them.
  16. Pokemon X. I'm trying to complete my Dex so i can get a shiny charm.
  17. I guess that means I'll be keeping my living Dex in X or Y for now...I want to be able to see my pokedex fill in as I put pokemon in the game! And Celly, that's a nice offer but I want to try and get as many as I can for myself first! Even if that means slowly buying all the games I don't have...I already intend to buy ORAS, and deeply regret giving away my copy of Silver /sighs at self
  18. I may have gone sliiightly insane and want to make a living pokedex in Sun (the version I have). Well, this should be interesting, seeing as the only other pokemon games I currently own are X/Y and I haven't beat Sun yet.
  19. Opening the voting poll on November and Christmas dragons! All members are welcome to vote, but please read the following definitions carefully. Azure Glacewings Dragon Description: Azure Glacewing Dragons are one of the largest breeds. They grow to overwhelming sizes; folklore tells of ancient dragons outgrowing even lakes and mountains. They are quite oblivious in nature, and rarely care for—or even notice—the presence of other, smaller creatures. When hungry, an Azure Glacewing might strike suddenly, securing a tasty snack. An adult Glacewing is often more commonly found in the sea than in the sky or on land, due to their enormous weight. However, come mating season, Azure Glacewings return to the forests in which they were born, so that the young have lots of game to feed on. Additional Info: Didn't see any Yes: No: Fiona, Cathie, Lavinia, Xocowolf, Silver, Lastalda Fell Dragons Dragon Description: Fell Dragons are a primitive, fractious breed. They are born small but grow astonishingly quickly throughout their adolescence, and constant hunger inspires them to eat nearly anything that can be made to fit into their mouths. Legend has it that they never completely stop growing at all. Adult Fell Dragons are massive juggernauts: a diet rich in minerals and metals harvested from the earth helps them grow a dense, scaly carapace along their backs and toughens their thick hides, while their wickedly sharp claws and the bony, ax-like crest on their heads are well-suited for both hunting and physical combat. Though few Fell Dragons have crossed paths in the wild due to their primarily solitary nature, it is said that their thunderous disputes can be heard—and felt—for miles around. Additional Info: (Found on the DragonCave Wiki) Yes: Xocowolf (Life, Earth), Silver (Earth) No: Fiona, Lastalda, Cathie Undecided: Lavinia Honey Drakes Drake Description: Honey Drakes are small, energetic creatures that feed almost exclusively on flower nectar, honey, and insects. The myriad scales covering their bodies protect them from the stings of angry bees as they feed from hives, though these dexterous and wily drakes rarely need the protection. Though notably silent most of the time, Honey Drakes are capable of producing a purr-like thrum that seems to calm bees down, and their ravenous appetite for nectar results in a free meal for the hive, harvested from the drakes’ own scales. Additional Info: (Found on the DragonCave Wiki) Yes: Xocowolf (Life), Silver (Life) No: Lastalda, Cathie Undecided: Fiona, Lavinia Christmas 2016 Dragons (Snow Dragons) Dragon Description: Holiday dragons are a very mysterious breed. They are only seen during winter, and even then it is hard to catch a glimpse of one. They are responsible for the general cheer that spreads during the holidays. In essence, they are the “Spirits of Winter.” Additional Info: Snow Dragons have a tendency towards being playful and caring towards others but their personalities differ a little depending on the dragon. (Found on the DragonCave Wiki, no indication of who said it.) Yes: No: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just as a reminder, we're still voting on the latest dragons. I still don't know enough about the Christmas Dragons to vote one way or another, and I'm not comfortable closing anything but the Azure Glacewings because we don't have a consensus either way. If this goes on too much longer without any more input either way I'll take that to mean we can't put any of these dragons in the lineage at this time.
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    I joined the game! It looks cute. ...wow I have a lot of eggs now.