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  1. The crystals? I can't see their eyes either, but the whole body is clearly distinct colors. I do criticize how pixelated and blurry they look as babies, but maybe that's intentional. I hope the adults are a little more fleshed out, though.
  2. I didn't realize that the blue crystal ones were more desirable than the others, I could have traded them for other colors instead of biting and/or abandoning them.
  3. Shoot, I grabbed three of the reds! I just needed two... /sigh. I guess I'll just wait for things to cool down, but it's unfortunate. I was hoping to get some greens next hour.
  4. Lol, I'm sorry that I filled up on Blue now! But it's nice to hear we don't have another Lunar Herald situation, haha.
  5. Omg you're right. How fascinating!
  6. Woah, so many new eggs! Until I see red or green ones, I'm going to assume blues are only available for now... time to do some hunting! Thank goodness I have tonight off.
  7. After looking at the one in TLQ, I'm guessing a March dragon got added a biiit early. We'll see for sure, once we get a March release--assuming we get one, of course.
  8. I'd love another food-based Unbreedable, haha. Not that that's likely at all I would also love a green dragon, maybe an unusual color combination. I'm not sure what... green and red, perhaps? I do enjoy contrasting colors. ETA: I guess that's ridiculously Christmassy, now that I think of it. But something. Maybe light blue... idk.
  9. It really seems like the kind of anime I love, from what I've heard. Also the animation is top notch...OP is good too, I used to be into that. I might get back to it one day, once I watch all the other things on my list. Also good luck with your uni stuff, your friends having other schedules is hard.
  10. I keep forgetting to check in here, haha. Well it doesn't help that this is my weekend to work, and since I have 12 hour shifts I'm basically sleeping when I'm not at work. Good morning, Spirit! In other news, I've been introduced to a new anime recently, HunterXHunter. I've only watched two episodes so far but I'm pretty sure it owns my heart. Gon, the main character, is such a cute protagonist, and the two other protags he's picked up are fun. I especially love how even two episodes in I can tell these characters are deeply layered and nuanced, even though it didn't seem like it at first. I'm excited to see more, especially since my girlfrie d also watched the first two eps and wants to watch more with me. I love finding things we can watch together.
  11. I'm a bit sorry I missed the bush, but since I was stuck in the nest until like the last day I didn't have time to explore all the paths. It didn't even occur to me to do the obvious, I had to look up a guide to figure out how to get out, sob.
  12. Things are so scary everywhere. I'm sorry your march got called off, and I hope the talks go well.
  13. Hey, I caught a Cheese egg! That's exciting, it feels like I haven't seen any of the unbreedables for a while, and I needed some Cheese dragons on my scroll anyway. Woo!
  14. I just saw a CB Gold in the Alpine, but I missed it because I hesitated just a second too long thinking 'is that really what I think it is?' /crais. I hope whoever got it enjoys it though, honest congrats to you.
  15. I'm really not sure what's happening, but hello/good evening everyone! Trials and tribulations of not having a proper driveway means that a. I have horrid tire tracks all over my yard, and b. I got into a mini fight with my girlfriend over whether we should buy grassed turf or grass seed. I think that turf will make it look weirdly elevated and grass seed is easy. She'd never seen grass seeded by just chucking seed on the lawn, and had no idea it was possible. Thankfully our fights never last long and are usually dumb anyway
  16. Man I want some of that frittata irl, it sounds tasty. Hey Lagie come through my computer and make it for me, pretty please? Anyway, I finally have a day off work--or I would except one of my coworkers asked me to work her shift because she's sick. A tleast I have some time to relax and maybe get a nap in...her shift doesn't start for 12 hours. Sleep schedule? What's that, can you eat it?
  17. Aww mine are S2 so I missed seeing the frolicing baby. I like that a lot better than the one that was standing there like a bump. It's exciting to see them being edited already into more dynamic poses, I love it.
  18. ...considering my pixel pet problem...probably pets or stuffed animals, lol. Also yarn. I need to knit more, wow.
  19. The cards are very pretty and collecting them can be fun! I'm not sure about if it's gotten easier; my girlfriend bought one of the earlier games and she says she can't even figure out how to play it. I also once tried to play SoulSilver and I got stuck in a way i couldn't figure out how to get past. I could probably try with a guide now if I still had the game but it's not exactly the same if you have a detailed map to get there. On the other hand, the current games are practically on rails and you can't get to places 'out of order'. Since all I want to do is collect as many pokemon as possible, I don't really mind; I suppose it's about what you want out of a gaming experience. Anyway my point is I'm not sure if it's simply easier or more well mapped out and signpointed. I will say that exp. share is a godsend. So much easier to level my pokes and get that much closer to my Living Dex.
  20. Woah, I missed some drama I see. Idk. I like the new sprite, I liked the old sprite. It would be nice to someday find out what happened, but I trust that TJ would only make such a move if he had no other choice. The fact that he was in contact with the artists before he pulled the sprite says to me that he was trying to fix it with them and couldn't for some reason, so he was forced to do this instead. I'm still happy with the dragon and this site overall. I'll wait to see what's going to happen in regards to edits and the like, but for now it'll just hang out with my other holiday dragons and I'm not going to worry about it.
  21. Not much of a gamer over here so I'm not remotely interested in it. My 3DS will serve my needs just fine until such time that I manage to finally break it (I tend to drop.it a lot, sob.)
  22. @Scorpion: I was one of the people who grew up with the Pokemon cartoon and the original 151. I was super into it, had a pokedex book and posters and all the pokemons memorized. After it became clear that they were going to keep adding to that number I followed the second gen briefly before giving up in disgust. I'm only now getting back into it with X/Y and now SuMo. I know very little about it now and keep shrieking 'WTF IS THAT' every time I run into a new-to-me pokemon, lol. Also, the handheld games are way more interesting than I remember the card game being. But yeah now that I've beaten X and have ridiculous pokemon in that game a challenge might be fun as I try to track down the Y-bird (whose name I can never remember) as well as the other two legendary birbs. Doing a challenge like that in ORAS is very ambitious though, good luck! Also a belated hello to Spirit, Fortune, MP, and of course Scorpion!
  23. Woah, I've never heard of this Nuzlocke challenge before! It looks cool...i might have to try that when I get around to playing Y. Right now I'm trying to get a Living Dex in X...I need to buy OR/AS soon, because GTSing this is really rough. ...I have Sun too, I just want to get my shiny charm in X first. What can I say, I'm a slow player.
  24. Blah, at work and all I wanna do is play Pokemon. I don't have a problem! There's just....so many of them I need to breed and catch and collect and and and.... Maybe I have a problem.
  25. Man my work seriously cut into my DC time...I didn't get nearly as many past Valentine dragons as I was hoping for... Oh well I'm off work today, better at least try to get the new release!