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  1. I only have three GSDs, it would seem... I'll have to stock up a bit. But I managed to get two new eggs out of them anyway! Huzzah. I also have two of the Volcano egg, and now I must go to bed lol. (My late bedtimes are good for something after all...)
  2. I really need to organize my scroll... kinda thankful we haven't added more dragons to the lineage, it makes my job a little easier that way! Welcome to the lineage, Tsunami. Sorry we're kind of not-at-all active.
  3. Same... I'm starting to think I'll be happy if I just complete the last couple of years that I either skipped or only got a few eggs from, haha.
  4. At this point I'll just be happy with whatever I get haha... I hope I get a lot though. This will be easier once the event also going on in another of my sites is over with!
  5. A full week AND old eggs!!! This is such a wonderful present, I'm so happy I came back just in time for this.
  6. Oh hey, good to see this place is still kicking! I just dusted off my scroll again... and all my dragons are still named and stuff, lol. Perhaps...
  7. I'm also back after being gone for at least a couple of years. I'm still trying to find a link to the discord server, but other than that... what Sirocco said.
  8. Dagnabbit, I forgot about this and now I have to go to work... another year, another set of collectables I miss out on! Oh well.
  9. /sigh/ Sorry, real quick though... Pyrovar Dragons - Part of the lineage in FIRE Aether Wyverns - Part of the lineage in WIND Black Truffle, Siyat, Mimic Pygmy, Ash, Boreal, and Pipio Pygmy dragons - Not being added to this lineage at this time. And with that, I think I need to bow out of the lineage, or at least step back. I have just about lost all interest in collecting dragons, I haven't named one in ages, and I clearly keep forgetting to come back here. Sorry all; the game just isn't holding my interest anymore.
  10. Thanks for your contributions and service to this lineage, Lastalda! You will be remembered and missed. ...and I keep getting eaten alive by work, man. I guess unless there are any more votes on the current dragons, I'll be posting the final results on Sunday (unless I forget again, which is looking like a distinct possibility at this point... but I'll try not to). In light of Lastalda bowing out, what are we thinking about the definitions changing? I'll take another look at them when I have the time, which at this point might not happen until after the Holidays (that i
  11. Organs that store mana? Instinctively producing different effects (does that mean they can actually change mana types???)? Able to use magic in general? Yes, I very much agree. These guys should be part of the lineage in LIFE.
  12. I got one!!! How exciting. ETA I realized that looks somewhat sarcastic but I am legit excited to get one. I like these eggs a lot.
  13. Okay, I looked around and tried to gather up all the dragons that haven't been voted on yet, please let me know if I missed one... Opening up the vote for dragons released from July-September Please check that your vote is correct! All members are welcome to vote, but please read the following definitions carefully. Ideally we would like a breed to have 2-3 distinct characteristics to qualify for an Elemental category, so if giving a YES vote please state your reasoning along with it. You may not compare a new release to an already eligible breed. They must be voted in on
  14. Pipios look not very elemental at all, they sure are cute but they seem like bird-dragons more than anything else. Agreed that Aether dragons look like a good fit for Wind.
  15. These eggs look interesting. I have four of the ashy eggs, and I'm still trying to get another spotted one. Oh! And I'm very glad they're changing up the raffle requirements. It'll make it more of a challenge now of course, but that's the whole point!
  16. Floret Wyverns: yes, Life Red-Tailed Wyrms: yes, Air Leodon dragons: yes, Fire Melismor dragons: yes, Earth Razorcrest: yes, Air Freckled Dragons, Tatterdrakes, Lacula dragons: all No Thanks so much for stepping up to the plate, Cathie!
  17. I have been so busy with work and waning interest in the game, I have no idea what's going on anymore But I'm trying very hard to get back into it at least a little bit, lol. I'm going to try and get a few dragons named and such this weekend.
  18. Dang, I somehow missed seeing this drop... I swear I checked it in the last two days. Hmph. Well I hope I'll be able to get them eventually.
  19. I wanted to help others get their very own upside down Mint, but oh well...
  20. Oh sweet, thank you! I got an upside down one, haha. Thanks for the help!
  21. Wait, is the Dragon's Dilemma really back? How do I make that happen, I can't figure it out... I won a prize last time, just not the upside down mint prize, if that makes a difference.
  22. I got two 'orange speckled' eggs, one each from the Desert and the Jungle biomes. How interesting. Here's hoping I can grab the other kind of egg! Well that was easy. Grabbed three of each of the shiny flower eggs, and now everything is hidden nice and safe. Yay. I'm so glad I checked the game tonight lol.
  23. Hi, ArgentiAertheri! Sorry we didn't get back to you sooner on this. You are free to name any dragons you like with element in the name, provided they do indeed fit our criteria. We do things a little differently than the last time you were here; we each have a spreadsheet, and we record our dragons there instead of posting them all to the lineage. But feel free to share any particularly pretty dragons with us anyway, I always love to see the things people are working on! I tend to name my frozen babins 'Frozen (something to do with the parents, usually)'.
  24. I personally would love at least one vampire that didn't have that 'bitten by' link. I used to own a fake CB on my original scroll, I still don't know what happened there but I think it was something to do with her sire's scroll being burned? Perhaps. Anyway, I was so proud of that dragon and bit as many eggs as I could with her. Having a true CB would be just fantastic for me, even if I guess a lot of people don't care.
  25. I don't know why they're doing this, it's so petty and ridiculous. But I'm also not picking up any eggs. I've been losing interest in this site lately anyway, and I don't see any point in picking up eggs if I have to watch them like a hawk. Special occasions like releases and holidays are a different story, but otherwise...