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  1. I Want to Be Added! Forum name: Foreverflygon Prize type: Gold Tinsel x2 Lineage link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/xJsNq (male) https://dragcave.net/lineage/nIqep (female) Trading/other information (optional): Offspring is traded for either 2g Spriter's alt eggs or ~removed~. will breed purebred 2gs for any pb prize bloodswap.
  2. Good news! the egg i bit turned and didnt die. bad news! it rejected and now this was floating around the AP:
  3. it happened a good while ago but its still burned into my brain from the shame ya see that image? i bred them when egglocked. somewhere some lucky duck got one of those eggs from the AP
  4. OH YEAH okay so i actually really like the raffle system as it is, especially since it's so accessible to newer or less active users. BUT! there's some things i would like back 1. runner-ups! caveborn alts and caveborn hybrids are fantastic! 2. let us choose codes again! Some prizes have really cool word-codes and i wouldve loved to have that option a while ago
  5. either a 2g offspring from each spriter's alt (yeah i know, cold day in hell when THAT happens) or a 2g Thuwed
  6. I summoned my second GON egg AND made one of these guys! https://dragcave.net/lineage/ftzYT
  7. Some biome-specific dragons would be nice; especially the Xenos, those can be a right pain to get. Although I gotta say I'm against having prizes and holidays available: holidays being released outside their event would make the actual holiday less exciting, and allowing prizes to be bought defeats the purpose of them being raffle prizes.
  8. Well, time for me to join the no-win group. It's always really nice to see first time winners though! the happiness from the raffle is infectious, I'd say.
  9. yeah the pb gold tinsel eggs are a result of absurd luck. I think I used up any luck i might need in the next ten years lol. And I just give away tinselfails in the DC discord, although once I have another pb egg I'll be holding a raffle for it on either twitter or tumblr. In all honesty besides a very small number of things I don't really have anything rare I want. All i desire is to increase my hoard of gilded bloodscales.
  10. Huh, now that's strange. Maybe because of the absolutely absurd rarity for cb prizes, people get the sense of "you've done it, you cant get any rarer" and only go for swaps because of that? And things like NDs and cb metals require a lot of time/luck/fast internet, so that narrows the standard trading pool to a prohibitively small size. Really, when i have nobody in my list for the pb prize eggs, I just launch them out of a tshirt cannon in the general direction of a dragcave discord or skype group.
  11. Whoah when did 2nd gen prizes turn into a hostage situation? Even years ago I can't recall that happening unless someone was harassed really badly. Anda number of people (including myself) do just give away their 2nd gen eggs, but it's unlikely to be through the AP. Instead I've seen most of them in forums or chat groups. As for fairness, in all honesty no matter how the raffles are set up, people are going to be dissatisfied. It's how events with limited winners go, unfortunately.
  12. I finally made one of my dreams a reality! I'm so thrilled they didn't reject.
  13. No win for me this time, but congrats to the winners! Enjoy your shinies
  14. I prefer this raffle method too! oftentimes I didn't have the time to do all the tasks for the holiday raffles, so this is nice and simple
  15. @StormWizard212 I am planning to breed them together actually! I'm planning on starting the stairstep bloodline with something a littttle less exclusive though, you feel? Once i get a Red Gemshard and Lunar Herald line going I'll be breeding them together! And yeah I can't believe the odds of getting the exact same breed and color.
  16. I mean it's not that petty, I just like to see data because I like to make graphs and observe statistics, that's all. If someone wants to whine that's their prerogative, I just want to know because I'm curious
  17. Late to the party, but I won again (same color and species, strangely). I'd like to see the numbers on who's entering each month though, because the lack of good data is irking me.
  18. Back with a few more Undertale names, those being Lesser Dog, Grillby, and Burgerpants
  19. ooh man i remembered i snagged a bunch of Undertale names (mostly item and enemy names) quite a while ago: Snowman Piece Bisicle Unisicle Cinnamon Bunny Abandoned Quiche Hot Cat Starfait Glamburger Dog Residue Tem Flake Tem Shop Spider Donut Face Steak Annoying Dog (particularly happy about this one) Vegetoid Loox Eyewalker Moldsmal Migosp Gyftrot Madjick Knight Knight Whimsalot
  20. Be aware of the asexuals They are always watching ( asexual aromantic here, by the way)
  21. Breeding a few Desipisisisises for those of yall still tired of the cavern lurkers.
  22. 417, or .54 per adult. Not bad, considering for all my years here I've had no more than 2 personal breeding projects.
  23. Interestingly enough, I actually have the variation of how i thought it was spelled t first, Bonzu Pippinpaddleopsicopolis. Later on I got Bonzu Pipinpadaloxicopolis, which is how it's spelled on the Avatar wiki. Otherwise, lately I've nabbed Avranest Nosferatank Big Buff Cheeto Puff Jason Funderburker
  24. well I've got Solluxander Dipping Giffany Combustion Man Avranest Bowkind Hammerkind Staffkind Pistolkind Axekind Fistkind Whipkind Moldorm Bill O' The Wisp