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  1. Oh, great idea. *Grabs some eggs* They will be ready to deploy... soon. > BWHAHAHA
  2. I got Candy Time... still shocked at that one. And Winter's Mist. I dunno why, but that sounds like an already thought up name... Guess it's mine. I remember back when I started I got Sand... 0.0 Stupid me didn't realize the value of names though and changed it.
  3. I personally don't like them. If you don't care, then you are probably one of those people who think of the dragons as just pixels. Which I respect, I just don't personally do that. I like to give a bit more meaning to my dragons so I bite them or freeze them and chuck them in the wild.
  4. Well, I think I'll just post what I have learned from dreams. 1. You can't fly on a flying carpet on a Thursday. 2. That Carl's Junior star is very useful underwater. 3. You can't bring Girl Scout cookies to Girl Scout meetings. 4. Goldfish make great pets when you go to Girl Scout meetings. 5. Don't except rides from bus drivers after 6:00. 6. If you do accept the rides, turn the bus driver into a stick figure and beat him up with his legs. .... Huh, I guess dreams do teach you important stuff! I'm sure this info will come in use some day.
  5. "Hmm, well this isn't good. ! I was going to see my parents next week! They will be P****d" Sounds meaningful enough to me.