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Please PM me if you want my attention. With this new job, I don't have the time to check every single forum thread I might have posted on ;)fennecmale352.pngfennec184shade7.pngMy Scroll | My DC Website | My Wishlist"If you don’t ask, you don’t get." ~ Mahatma Gandhi(Don't necessarily believe the forum if it says I am online; I have a habit of leaving myself logged in when I leave my computer ^_^)

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    What I think:
    The various breeds of pygmies are cute. This is trufax.
    Inbreeding is not necessarily bad. An ugly lineage, however, is.
    Lineages containing two different breeds are nicer to look at than lineages containing only one.
    Ev-Gens are beautiful but seem like an aspiration rather than a reality for the moment.
    Being scroll locked is very annoying.

    What I do:
    Stalk the breeding part of the forum, signing up to far too many lineages.
    Stalk the dragon requests, squeeing over the cute dragons that I wish I could have on my scroll and occasionally being helpful.
    Be constantly scroll locked... And then stalk the AP looking at the lineages of the abandoned dragons ^_^"