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  1. I'm not sure how long I've been gone but dealing with a lot of personal stuff and had to take come time away from the computer. Apparently a lot of time. But I'm back and my day has been doing very good. I'm just happy to be back on here and back on my quest to collect all of the different dragons available on this site. :3
  2. Managed to catch four of each in about an hour, good luck on me today Also guys I'm sure its a given, but don't forget to hide your eggs! View-bombers do love to stalk the new egg threads, after all.
  3. The only good thing about being at working at 5am today is a new egg release, woo!
  4. ADD MY BREEDING PAIR: Parent Names of the Breeding Pair: Ortni III(m) x Laava III(f) Possible Offsping: egg (working slowly, life had me busy for a bit there)
  5. I finally finished my kimono ahhh It's taken a lot longer than I anticipated. But I'm really happy with how it came out and I'm really excited to wear it to con at the end of this month! Edit: Ignore my messy room, haha.
  6. I just caught a CB gold for the first time! I have one already, given to me as a surprise, but I've never seen one in the cave before, let alone caught one! Hunting for some of the new wggs paid off, I reflectively clicked really fast when I saw the description, haha. I'm really ecstatic right now!
  7. Yeah, There's some theories floating around as to how to get purple ones...I'm going to experiment a bit with the eggs I have
  8. @Ipomoea that combination looks really pretty! Ahhh.....I wish I had any purple ones now, haha, I might breed them myself
  9. I just hit 1,000 dragons finally because of this release! Too bad it won't give me the next trophy until they're all grown, I could have used that 8th slot! I am loving the hatchlings so far though, I like all the different colors in the wings!
  10. Ahh, missed it by a day, darn! Gotta catch all the cute new babies!