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  1. I'm sorry again for neglecting this project, but my computer has gone from working sometimes to completely broken, so I haven't been able to access the forums. I'll try to update and answer any questinons whenever I have access to a computer. Update: tar.gzip and Faerie_fyre added to the member list, King Merari of Commons added to the King/Queen list.
  2. I'm sorry I couldn't answer your question, but thank you Mow for answering. Update: azurewingsofwind and AmalgamKhaotica added to member list. EO Queen Trichuris of Commons added to King/Queen list.
  3. I've already updated the thread again. I'm proud of myself. I added SilvorMoon and SpiritOfSakura to the member list and Queen Althea of Commons to the King/Queen list. There's no rush to finish the project, just have fun. You could probably add "Earl" to the your project if you want, only your king or queen's name is mandatory, so do what you want with the names, I suppose you could even add a generation to have an "Earl," but that would be a lot of dragons. Do what you like with your project, as long as it follows the rules.
  4. Sorry for neglecting the thread for so long. I've been way too busy to do anything on the forums other than check my inbox and glance at the news really quickly lately, and my internet has also been out for a while. I'm this lineage's only thread moderator and the linage administrator seems to have disappeared again, so I'm on my own here. I'll try to keep the thread more up to date though. Update: King Terra of Commons, Queen Racing Stripe MacSuibhne, Emperor Cadbury MacDubh, Treble Tudor the King of Commons, Queen Birdo, and Queen SpeedingVoltage of Commons added to the King/Queen list.
  5. •Your score: 115 •Gender: Female •Age range: 10-15 •Best score for your gender and age range: 0 •Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520 Those colors hardly looked any different to me at all. It looked like there were only about 2 or 3 colors per line, all of the same shade. I know this is a terrible score, but considering I could hardly distinguish them at all, it was a better score than I expected.
  6. I noticed that on the registration page you have to agree to the site terms and conditions. But I don't see any. Just another reason to think that it isn't real...
  7. You can't seem to find the scroll you're looking for... yeah I know...
  8. Update: Chasilin, b9b9b9, crimsonsnowflake, Rekha, Tiffalkin, and dreamweever added to the member list. Queen Sunsi of Commons, Fellfire Iodin King of Commons, and King Deiric of Commons added to the King/Queen list. I've finally decided to update. As always, sorry for taking so long or if I missed you and please let me know if I forgot to add you.
  9. Update Lycaenion and Elemental One added to the member list. thegreenrobby, I'll add your king/queen to the list after it matures.
  10. Update: I added Golden-horned Tangars and Spotted Greenwings, I'm not sure if I'm exactly allowed to do that, but traumeule is missing in action again so I guess I'm in charge. Queen Ranocchia of Commons, Queen Vyyuncyn Bolt of Commons, Empress-Queen Kircyn of Commons, Queen Gaia of the Commons, Chrysocolla Queen of Commons, and King Waverunner MacDubh added to the king/queen list. Zephyra, Anarie, LwyllasLaVey, Verl, and HeartOfTheDragon added to the member list. I really hope I didn't forget anyone, and I'm aiming for updating once a week now. Hope everyone is having fun.
  11. Yes, I don't see how it would hurt the project to breed your dragons after the first born, as long as you don't abandon them. Update: AmalgamKhaotica and Sorator added to the member list. Queen Hulya of Commons and King Forest of Commons added to the king/queen list. As always, if I missed you please let me know. Sorry it always takes me so long to update and that I didn't post my last update, I've been very busy, I'll try a little harder to keep up though. But feel free to start the project even if you aren't on the list yet. PhantomoftheWolves, please post your form with the
  12. Umm... I thought DC time was two hours ahead of mountain time... it's 9:55 here, and don't the eggs drop at midnight DC time?
  13. Well I've managed to grab two of each... I just need a Holly now. I'm going to bed now. Maybe I'll catch a holly someday.
  14. I'm sorry! It looks like I missed you twice. Well, I've got it on the list and I added twokeen's King as well. I also added beyzoar and thegreenrobby to the member list.
  15. Update: I added Lelyn and xXAngelicEvilXx to the member list. We've been getting a rush of new members lately! @xXAngelicEvilXx: I think it's fine to update everyone on your project, it's nice to see how every one is doing. Welcome back traumeule! I was starting to think your were going to be gone forever, but I understand, real life can be too busy. Happy Halloween everyone!
  16. Update: I added Xocowolf's and mpolo's King and Caesar to the list, I have a feeling I forgot something, so if I forgot you, please tell me, I'll add you as soon as possible. I'm off to catch another marrow.
  17. Hear ye, hear ye! A Common King was born! Forum Name: Dragon and Cat Tamer Lineage Link to your King/Queen: Lineage Breed: Coastal Waverunner Name of your King/Queen: Tide the King of Commons My pretty little 6 gen!
  18. I have finally bred my prince and princess, now they better gender right and like each other... I feel like my pinks have forgotten how to influence lately. My hopeful prince is a Canopy, and my hopeful princess is a Coastal Waverunner.
  19. We had to listen to the recording of this book in 8th grade because the author was coming to our school (I guess they didn't trust that we'd read it on our own.) Everyone made fun of it, including the teacher, but the day after we finished it everyone had the second book. I liked it, but I never did read the second one, I'm going to go look for it now!