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  1. Granted, but every single one of them is absolutely horrible at roleplaying and spams your board with inanities and leetspeak. I wish I wasn't sunburned. D:
  2. I'm about 5 foot 5 inches, which is just taller than my mom and just shorter than my dad. My sister looks like she's going to be even taller when she stops growing. Despite being a rather average height for girls, I often wish I was taller.
  3. ... I can do an impeccable voice impression of Blue from Blues Clues. I'm not sure if that counts as special, haha. :3
  4. The worst injury I've ever gotten is a cut on my leg that required 11 stitches. It was from passing to close to a two-ton granite boulder, funnily enough. There was a razor-sharp blade of quartz that stuck out from the corner, and I caught my leg on it.
  5. Granted! However, it's full of ingredients you are allergic to, and you die from anaphylactic shock as soon as you approach the cake. I wish I Data from TNG was real. :3
  6. I'm a collector. I want exactly five of each type; adult male and female, hatchling male and female, and ungendered hatchling. No more, and no less. No inbreeding, either.
  7. ksjch Ken's sandwich just caught herpes. ddhgieed
  8. I have a phobia of getting shots. I don't know if it's a full-blown phobia, as I don't have any others, but I do know I hate hate HATE shots. If someone mentions needles (specifically hypodermic/medical needles, I'm fine with sewing needles) I get all squirmy and twitchy. When I actually have to go get a shot, I start really freaking out.
  9. cfjnhjoqaf Can Fast Johnny hold judgment on quests after fakes? knblaebgjd
  10. nfdashujf No freaking dice are seen here under Jeff's freeway. wyrvkddued
  11. igfkhgf Italicizing good fonts kills hardly great fonts. kuglkjncvi
  12. dlvkjfv Dearest love, voraciously kill juicing fruits viciously. tdcjkjhg
  13. What a lovely graduation present, thank you TJ!