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...Let me be your Naiso... for I have been Graced with The Sight...sureindragon.pngubd9127.png...and wear a belt of seven magic gems...--I Roleplay! Please send me a PM if you wish to know about Roleplaying with me!ಠ_ಠ

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    Information about Roleplaying with me:

    --------------------:CURRENT ROLEPLAY STATUS:--------------------
    Accepting onexone Roleplays, and invites to group Roleplays.

    --------------------My Skills--------------------

    I would consider myself an average Roleplayer, and depending on the amount of information you give me in one reply effects how much I reply back. (My replies are also shorter when I type them on my phone.) My grammar can be incorrect sometimes, but I always try my best, and I use spell check whenever possible. I'd consider myself Semi-lit.

    -- Requirements for if you wish to Roleplay with me.

    ◇Please use the best grammar you can, and if ttlybro withno spaces orperiods is your best, then don't even bother.
    ◇Spell check if you can. If not, just do your best so I can at least understand it.
    ◇When you reply to my posts, they must pertain to what is happening, so I may reply accordingly. (EX. I describe my character is hiding in a forest, and you reply with your character in a random house or city now here near the forest. I can't reply to that.)
    ◇If you are going away for some time and will be unable to reply, please alert me. Sometimes people have to go without warning, so I wont be angry if you don't tell me.
    ◇If you get bored of the Roleplay, please tell me so we can restart or just stop it completely. Don't leave me hanging, please.
    ◇NEVER "Take Control" of my character or his/her actions. If you want to kidnap them or something, that's different, just don't narrate my characters actions.

    --------------------Where I Roleplay--------------------
    -- There are three main places where I will Roleplay; (Please specify where you want to Roleplay)

    ◇Private Messages

    --------------------Will Roleplay--------------------
    -- Things that I will do in a Roleplay, this is is including but not limited to;

    ◇Normal violence/gore
    ◇very mild intimacy scenes
    ◇1x1 Roleplays
    ◇Group/Forum Roleplays

    --------------------Wont Roleplay--------------------
    -- Things that I won't do in a Roleplay, types of characters I wont Roleplay with, or situations I will not participate in.

    ◇Over the top violence/gore
    ◇Graphic sex scenes
    ◇With characters that are not OC (EX. Ash Ketchum) (Unless in a Roleplay where its all non-OC.)
    ◇With Mary-sue/Gary-Stu
    ◇With characters mimicking Anime characters to closely.
    ◇With God-Modders
    ◇With sparkling vampires.

    --------------------Once you have read all of the above:--------------------
    -- After you have read about all conditions and such listen above, you should send me a PM and we can talk about having a Roleplay together!