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  1. Book Number: 25 Number Of Pages: 378 Book Title: Grave Peril Author: Jim Butcher Rating: 4.5/5 Book Number: 26 (reread) Number Of Pages: 338 (well, this edition) Book Title: Night Watch Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 27 Number Of Pages: 158 Book Title: The Last Hero Author: Terry Pratchett (the illustrator is Paul Kidby) Rating: 4/5 Review: Hopefully this counts as a regular, over-100-pages book despite being an illustrated novel. =P
  2. Book Number: 24 Number Of Pages: 342 Book Title: Fool Moon Author: Jim Butcher Rating: 4.3/5 Review: Whee, more Dresden Files. 8D
  3. Vimes? Singing? ...I just. Just. o___o I'm not sure whether that would be epic or disturbing. Probably epic.
  4. Book Number: 22 Number Of Pages: 322 Book Title: Storm Front Author: Jim Butcher Rating: 4.3/5 Book Number: 23 Number Of Pages: 394 Book Title: Going Postal Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 4.6/5 Review: I wanna see the movie. ;-; But the DVD hasn't been released in the US, as far as I know.
  5. Book Number: 21 Number Of Pages: 272 Book Title: Small Gods Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 4.8/5
  6. Book Number: 19 (reread) Number Of Pages: 408 Book Title: Night Watch Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 5/5 Review: Just as good the second time around, if not better because I caught on to some things I missed the first time. x3 Book Number: 20 Number Of Pages: 353 Book Title: Reaper Man Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 4.5/5
  7. Book Number: 18 Number Of Pages: 370 Book Title: The Fifth Elephant Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 4.7/5
  8. Book Number: 16 Number Of Pages: 437 Book Title: Jingo Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 4.7/5 Book Number: 17 Number Of Pages: 205 Book Title: Catherine, Called Birdy Author: Karen Cushman Rating: 2.4/5 Review: Aaaargh. I have to read this book for English and I hated it. >____<
  9. Book Number: 15 Number Of Pages: 357 Book Title: Feet of Clay Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 5/5
  10. Good Omens is great. <3 First Pratchett or Gaiman book I ever read. And Night Watch is my favorite Discworld book, closely followed by Feet of Clay, Thud!, Men at Arms, and Guards! Guards!. Yeah, I really like the Watch books, how could you tell? Also, I'm currently reading Jingo. :3
  11. Book Number: 14 Number Of Pages: 333 Book Title: Moving Pictures Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 4.4/5 Review: I liked all the references. :3
  12. there's whaaaa-- oh right. according to the Wikipedia article, the working title is "Snuff", it'll be mostly about Vimes, and snuff has at least two meanings. And from the excerpt read, there are Goblins and the story starts with Vimes and Sybil going on a holiday. :3 I am intrigued and excited. Very excited. Especially because it's supposed to be the next book published.
  13. Book Number: 13 Number Of Pages: 248 Book Title: Stardust Author: Neil Gaiman Rating: 4.1/5
  14. Book Number: 12 Number Of Pages: 334 Book Title: Anansi Boys Author: Neil Gaiman Rating: 4.2/5
  15. I ordered it along with Thud! last week. And yesterday I ordered the rest of the City Watch books. Speaking of which. Book Number: 11 Number of Pages: 382 Book Title: Thud! Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 4.8/5 Review: I didn't think it was as good as Night Watch, but it was still awesome. :3
  16. Book Number: 10 Number Of Pages: 408 Book Title: Night Watch Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 5/5 Review: So good <3
  17. Am I just allowed to pick a favorite author? D: If so, then Terry Pratchett. And my favorite books...ah. Probably Guards! Guards! I guess, though Men at Arms is a close second. I'd add Night Watch but I haven't finished it yet. xP Then also The Hunger Games, the Tortall Universe books by Tamora Pierce (never cared for the Circle of Magic books), and American Gods by Neil Gaiman and A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore. :3 I could go on for awhile, given enough time to think.
  18. Book Number: 9 Number Of Pages: 461 Book Title: American Gods Author: Neil Gaiman Rating: 4.4/5
  19. Book Number: 7 Number Of Pages: 377 Book Title: Men at Arms Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 4.8/5 Review: Lovely, just lovely. <3 Book Number: 8 Number Of Pages: 389 Book Title: Triss Author: Brian Jacques Rating: 3.4/5 Review: For some reason Triss really got on my nerves. Otherwise it was a pretty okay book.
  20. Book Number: 6 Number Of Pages: 437 Book Title: Lamb Author: Christopher Moore Rating: 3.8/5
  21. La la la, I actually started to read this series. 8D Yay me. Also, I got my dad and my sister into it from my long rambles of how awesome it was. My dad's reading The Light Fantastic and he says he likes how the action is pretty much nonstop, and the references. =P I finished reading Eric a few days ago, it was pretty good. Color of Magic is pretty good, The Light Fantastic is great, Equal Rites is pretty good, Mort is up there as one of my favorites, Sourcery is also up there, I haven't read Wyrd Sisters yet because the library is being stubborn and not letting me get it, Pyramids was pr
  22. Book Number: 5 Number Of Pages: 225 Book Title: So Yesterday Author: Scott Westerfeld Rating: 4.2/5
  23. Book Number: 4 Number Of Pages: 197 Book Title: Eric (or FaustEric, whatever you prefer) Authors: Terry Pratchett (with Josh Kirby) Rating: 4.2/5
  24. (some spoilers ahead, ahaha) I remember looking at the section for new kid's books at my library, picking up High Rhulain because it looked cool, checking it out, reading it, and going "o__O What? I'm so confused." Over the years I made numerous attempts at reading the whole series, but they fizzled out. Then I got inspired by one of my friends, who also reads the series, to try and reread it again. Currently I'm up to Triss. =3 Anyways. The hares are awesome, I sniffled at the deaths of some characters (Cregga and, surprisingly, Friar Hugo in Mattimeo come to mind), and I'm slowly b
  25. Series: The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas 1. The Magic Thief 2. The Magic Thief: Lost 3. The Magic Thief: Found Genre: Fantasy Holy carp that is a big list. I feel accomplished knowing that a lot of the books up there are either already on my "Books to Read and/or Reread" list or I've read them. I'll definitely look up the ones I haven't read and maybe add them to my list too. ^^ Anyways, thanks for compiling this list and collaborating, along with TVTropes (durhurr), in giving me stuff to read for probably years and years ahead.