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  1. But there are more than 60 minutes in a day.
  2. What? How is Rainbow Dash at the bottom? 1. Rainbow Dash 2. Fluttershy 3. Pinkie Pie 4. Twilight 5. Rarity 6. Applejack
  3. omygod I got 2 eggs omygod omygod! *starts cheering*
  4. You people are so lucky. Or just good at catching eggs.
  5. Can you share the wealth with me? Pleease? nvm
  6. What breed does influence again?
  7. Got one red, one sunsong, and one skywing courtesy of the Stupid Charlotte Can't Tell The Difference Between the Coast and Desert service. Oh well, I'll get more later.
  8. Sheila woke up, promptly falling out of a tree. How did I get here? she wondered. Then she remember. Midnight hunt, too tired to go back. Oh bother. She ran over to the place where the prey was buried, but there was nothing. Oh well. There were other times. She started to run back, going at ludicrous speed to get back to camp.
  9. memorized that . "i'm harry potter, school is for losers, i'm totally awesome."
  10. a king said, "joking! die, friend! HAHAHAHAHA! all lies, zack!" foipfjp
  11. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. I got bored and memorized the lyrics. Old Godzilla was hopping around tokyo city like a big playground
  12. sorry, just read that you're not accepting wishlists.
  13. i absolutely love horses!!! my first dragon was a horse dragon and i freaked out. i ride english once a week. i wish it could be more. edited for coding.