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  1. Amazingly awesome site you have there... Love it! Also bookmarked it.
  2. Terraria is AWESOME! It just came out like literally 10 minutes ago as I'm posting this and I already love it! You get to fight bosses and mine and make weapons! I'm gonna get it and build an epic fort! What do you guys think of this game? Linky linky links! Click me!
  3. I'm learning Chinese and I know English. Yeah.
  4. Pet peeves= People who talk like they know what they're talking about but really aren't, people who talk really really fast, and Teddy (You have no idea)
  5. I'm scared of heights, falling, Stinkbugs (Just Stinkbugs), that creepy doll from the saw series... Yeah, I'm also a little paranoid about that evil guy form the book Morpheus Road taking his pick and stabbing it through me... Weird right?
  6. Either Pokemon Gold or Doctor Mario. I STILL don't get how it's possible for anyone to make a pill so small.