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    I lovelovelove dc dragons with funny codes. ^^ I heard all about this site from a friend and I decided to join...although all of that lineage and breed stuff seemed too complicated for my tiny brain, (LOL) so I decided to focus on codes.

    {Trading Comments/Requests}

    Right now, I particularly would appreciate funny-coded reds and pinks, just for their BSA purposes. Of course, I'd offer something in return, and sometimes I may post on the Oddball Code Thread when I find a code that isn't...umm... let's just say, amusing enough to me.

    I'd also love any other funny codes as well - all breeds and lineages are welcome! ^^ I hope I can trade you something that you'd want in return, whether found in the ap or bred off my scroll. (My breeding oppotunities aren't very good right now since I just started, but I am a pretty fast clicker, and I may be able to snag you something good in the cave or ap.)

    LOL, and if you haven't noticed already, I also am kinda...chatty. ^^ Well, I hope I didn't bore you to death with my life story. ^^ Bye!