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  1. This was a lot of fun! Thanks all. And Are we done with 40 items? Aw well, wish we could keep our little companion though. lol
  2. Well, considering that Some people have to wait 3- 13 days to earn an adult dragon, this is a hard call. I'd consider past 40 dragons of any kind an army, maybe 20 to 30 for rares
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    Can I have some clicks then, love the site, but no one will click for some reason
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    Never really tried minecraft before, but I don't think graphics are and issue when the gameplay is good. Maybe i'll try it later this summer.
  5. My nails grow super fast, so as soon as I cut 'em, about five days later, I need to do it again. So I usually don't bother unless people start bugging me.
  6. Does jumping up and down with music count as dancing?
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    Portal 2

    First she made me sad for the lie cake, then that one thing changes all of your thoughts toward her: Which is why I love portal~
  8. Acting your age.... Never heard of it.