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  1. Hi everyone! First, I'd like to apologize for being absent for such a long period of time and letting this thread die. Unfortunately, I am not playing Dragon Cave at the moment, so I have not been keeping up with any of the releases. Secondly, because of my absence, this project is going to be passed into the hands of Narvix. It should be up and running soon by the next release, if not the current one. Thanks, BirdSpirit
  2. Are the Fleshcrownes uncommon or rare? Haven't been able to catch one yet.
  3. This thread needs a bump. :3 So! Aatrox just came out.
  4. Today for the first time I saw a CB Silver in the cave. I didn't catch it though.
  5. What's the worth of a Golden Wyvern at the current moment?
  6. Haven't seen a single copper yet either and I've been visiting at the top of the hour. Seen everything else though O.o
  7. Yeah I realized the stupidity of that question after I posted it.
  8. Sorry where are the orange ones? Edit: Don't answer that. I'm just being dumb. Process of elimination.
  9. Was just clicking like mad and managed to catch 4 instead of 2. Guess I'm gonna have some gifts for unsuspecting people. :3
  10. I have 5 more to go. I don't think I'll make it.
  11. Awww man. I'm not gonna make it
  12. I have 43 O.o Can I still make it?
  13. Singalana just gave me a cute silver hatchie! Thank you!
  14. Hmm. I'm a few days late for this. Unfortunate since I just deleted my junk mail too. Does TJ only send emails? He should send a PM on the DC forums too.
  15. Squeeee!! Singalana just gave me a CB Ice and CB Blusang!
  16. Thanks for the CB Magma! It's lovely!
  17. I haven't been gifted yet either. The gifting period lasts until the end of this month though, so just be patient.
  18. whitebaron I agree with you. I myself have not inquired to my giftee about it. I apologize for assuming that someone did. Since there was actually no rule against this in the OP, perhaps the user should receive a temporary ban? Something along the lines of not being allowed to participate in the next two gifting sessions. There is also the matter of courtesy to consider. You should not be trading away a gift under any circumstance. I will send you the details about the situation in a PM.
  19. Thank you everyone for expressing your sympathies. Much thanks in particular to panic siren for gifting me a nice UV egg! I hope this does not happen to anyone else. I am also willing to offer my services in taking over my giftee's list if needed.
  20. I believe my giftee got their eggs but I got no response. >.< Edit: Actually I just found out they traded the Silver I gave them to someone else. T_T
  21. Gifts sent to Purpletail162! __________ *attempts to sneak down the chimney* Oh dear. It appears that I have gained too much weight after all those Christmas dinners. I pulled myself out of the opening with much effort and proceeded to tumble down the rooftop, landing in the yard. My Golden Wyvern, who was hovering nearby, snorted with amusement and I glared at him. Luckily, it seemed that no one had seen (or heard) my clumsy attempt to enter the house, so I opted for a more civil approach. Shuffling up to the front porch, through the thick blanket of snow, I carefully set my little presents on the doorstep. I rang the doorbell and dashed away. Happy New Year!