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  1. Epic fail on my part All habitats were empty everytime I checked lol I began to get the feeling there was something I hadn't done to make them appear. Never mind, there's always next year ^^
  2. Ah of course. I'm such a moron. Can't believe I didn't spot that. Thanks for pointing it out.
  3. Lazlo Leafage is the leader of the Leafage clan, who reside deep within the tropical rainforests of Kaan. Whilst Lazlo is young to be a leader, what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in intelligence and determination. The clan are friendly towards humans, and often converse with the local tribesmen in exchange for gifts of fruit and berries. Blending into the canopy, you can always be sure in the rainforest of Kaan that you aren't far away from one of the Leafage clan. Abstain: I'd say that the clan is a singular word, but apart from that, nice description! Accept: I feel this comment is positive enough ^^ although I'm struggling to see where they feel clan is misused. If anyone could clarify, I'll happily change it :]
  4. WetfeetMcgee lives in a large lake in the countryside with many other dragons like him. He enjoys to zoom around atop the waters, chasing dragonflies and other such insects. Despite his apparent enjoyment at the lake, he longs for adventure and to see some of the deep water dragons that the broodfather told them about when they were but younglings. Perhaps one day he shall. Got a Reject for this one, no explanation. Nice one. *slaps mystery reviewer* Also had an accept, so at least someone appreciates it. EDIT: All my descriptions have just been approved
  5. Accept: Really nicely done. Stupid humans, really. this one made me smile ^^
  6. I'm mature when it's needed. The rest of the time I act less than half my age
  7. Chrono Trigger - Snes ^^
  8. FFXIII, Bioshock 2, and of course keeping sharp on Gears 1 + 2 in preperation for Gears 3 ^^
  9. Axphonia

    Lady Gaga

    <3 Gaga ^^ Wasn't keen on just dance, but everything else has been gold ;]
  10. Probably Lulu from FFX. That girl can throw some spellage around. Plus she doesn't take any grief from anyone.
  11. Alex the Kidd - the one that was built in to the master System
  12. Embarassingly enough I have a Taylor Swift obsession. I wish I could say it's an asthetical crush, however all her albums on my shelf would indicate otherwise *cringe*
  13. Joined today and as the creator of this thread said, I grabbed 4 eggs According to the wiki they are: Balloon Dragon Gray Dragon Water Walker Canopy Dragon