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  1. It's the opening monologue for the Witcher 3, plays before the main menu when you start up the game! It's an establishing speech about the premise/history of the game's world. Some great voice acting and visuals accompany it.
  2. Only took three years to finish Add a lineage! Forum name: Skellybones New lineage: Winter Bird
  3. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Add a lineage! Forum name: Skellybones New lineage: Queendom
  5. Some CB Zyus that I don't need to trade anymore: https://dragcave.net/teleport/3ce0dc6694443d3e350d996c833293ad https://dragcave.net/teleport/a507632568987d13456c6ef0f698e470 https://dragcave.net/teleport/ddf11c0f44b3099c5ea6a49487b96f66
  6. Have: CB Cheese Hatchling CB Astrapi 3rd Gen Silver x Female Black (Now hatchling- influenced male) Want: / CB Candelabras (Female if hatchling)
  7. Add a lineage! Forum name: Skellybones New lineage: The Conjunction of the Spheres
  8. Hi! I'm just wondering if anyone else plays/had played this absolutely beautiful game? It's a completely free base construction/management/roguelike game in which you can build intricate fortresses filled with dwarves, or set out on a roguelike adventure in a completely procedurally generated world. It's probably infamous at this point for its ASCII art (which you can customise and replace with sprite packs!), but the gameplay is so in depth and it's honestly wonderful for storytelling. I've only recently started playing it, after years of being told by my brother
  9. Add a lineage! Forum name: Skellybones New lineage: Inner Universe Add to front page? Yes Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes The second I saw the name for these guys I had to make this song with them.
  10. Add a lineage! Forum name: Skellybones New lineage: Little Boy in the Grass Add to front page? Yes Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes
  11. I had forgotten I was signed up as a breeder here! Sorry for not updating sooner. My previous username was Shadowwolf6. Breeder's Update Form Forum Name: Skellybones PM Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=77734 Notes: I'm usually happy to breed for requests! If you want me to breed anything, send me a PM or ping me here. Lineages of your special release dragons: I'll be adding any of my newer holidays to the spreadsheet. Otherwise, you can find my dragons on the website. I have a lot of 2nd gen holidays that don't have mates. I'll add these a
  12. Not including The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince or The Inheritance I have 16 from the series? You've got the 3 from the Farseer Trilogy (Assassin's Apprentice, Royal Assassin, Assassin's Quest), 3 from the Liveship Traders (Ship of Magic, The Mad Ship, Ship of Destiny), 3 from the Tawny Man (Fools Errand, The Golden Fool, Fool's Fate), 4 from the Rain Wild Chronicles (Dragon Keeper, Dragon Haven, City of Dragons, Blood of Dragons), and finally 3 from the Fitz and the Fool (Fool's Assassin, Fool's Quest, Assassin's Fate). I've got them all in English, maybe you're missing one of the t
  13. Just finished the Realm of the Elderlings series by Robin Hobb. 16 books in about 4 months. What a ride that was. I feel empty inside ;-; Gonna be reading The Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski next, which I think? is one of the last books in the Witcher series. I like the books, plot, and characters, but I'm slowly starting to dislike the author more as a person as I find out more about him >.>
  14. Add a lineage! Forum name: Skellybones New lineage: Lullaby of Woe Why did you have to go? (waiting for the 21st of December so I can try to get some more of Winter Bird done but Khusas are the bane of my existence)
  15. That one is a reference, but it's not to a game-
  16. Very appropriate ToT during the Halloween event.
  17. I'm pro choice because I believe everyone should have the final say over what happens to their body, especially if that involves preventing harm to themselves. Carrying children, giving birth, and raising a child can all negatively impact a person, even if they want the child. It's unjust to expect someone who does not want the child to go through with the entire process, even if it stops at giving birth and the baby is put up for adoption. An established person is still at risk even if they're carrying to term. In my opinion, an unborn, unwanted child (viable or not) should never take precede
  18. Maybe just a general cooldowns page, with a list of BSAs and other actions that have cooldowns (Like freezing or kills), telling you when your next one will be available? Then it could have a drop down menu to list all of the dragons you have with that BSA, with the dragons off cooldown at the top, and then sorted by time left. Personally, I don't use all of my BSAs and actions enough to ever have any that have none off cooldown, but if I did this would be a super neat thing to have available. Beats checking every single dragon manually for sure.
  19. I've been around Dragon Requests for a while now (it's basically the only place I visit/have visited on the forums since I began) and when I first ventured there I couldn't draw or sprite. Sure I did doodles but... my old drawings make me cringe. My first concept- the Glaciers- were done completely by other people the first time around when they got put on the Completed List. Since they've been completed I've learned how to do pixels to a somewhat acceptable degree, and I'm alright at sketching dragons at this point. In my opinion, spriting is so much easier to get started on than sketching dr
  20. I messed up, then went away for a short holiday and now I have two hours to re-influence my egg e.e I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks!
  21. I've been drawing this guy a lot recently
  22. Thank you so much for the invitation to contribute for this event! I'd never sprited any flowers before so I hope I didn't let anyone down. The event turned out amazing, the writing, dragon portraits, other flowers and everything was great I'm sorry for the second Zelda flower in the bunch but I just couldn't help making one, even though I was sure at least one other person would do one of their own but I had to ;-;
  23. Mine says -2 right now, but I think it said 0 until recently? None of my old warnings have given me points since the upgrade.
  24. Accidentally abandoned the first egg they produced (it alted ;-;), but I've finally finished this one. Forum name: Skellybones New Lineages: Unravel