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  1. Yum... Cuties (The clementines)
  2. 0/10. I don't think I've seen you before. Nice to meet you.
  3. Soul Eater, Soul Eater, Soul Eater, SOUL EATER!!!
  4. http://gifsoup.com/view3/4313913/gdragon-o.gif
  5. Apples... (After I read something, I think randomly )
  6. Depends on where it's from... Pomegranate..
  7. Well, this happened a long time ago. But I must share this for the joy of it. Anyway, I got to Polish School and the teachers there are complete wackos. Especially my teacher. She will make you write so much your hand hurts and stuff. And one day she was out sick and we had a substitute called Mr. Janek. So he comes in and we sit down, and he introduces him self and starts talking more personally about himself. And then somehow we gt on the topic of hamsters and he tells us about how his daughters hamster died by chewing on a cord. And there are curtains in our classroom and for the whole day we did absolutely NOTHING except hide behind the curtains and play on our phones.
  8. YUM. And no, I don't like M&M's weirdly enough. Croutons. Just plain croutons of any flavor. Nothing else added in.
  9. Yuck. Sweet Potatoes with marshmallows.
  10. 10/10, I see you on every forum game i've seen