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  1. Here's my house! http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/Pooz18 I think it's kind of boring, but I've never been the creative type ahaha
  2. C'est moi! (: Ahaha took this yesterday. That's my bird, Fred. <3 Clickk
  3. Mine is a picture of my three sorority sisters and I. (:
  4. Bahh, this may not be gross for most people, but me being a huge germaphobe, I wanted to die. I once ate cereal out of a dirty bowl from our dishwasher, and only after I finished did my parents tell me the dishwasher wasn't clean. I'm so paranoid about dirty dishes and check dishes, cups, and silverware where ever I eat (including restaurants). -shudder- Another time I found a huuuuge silverfish on my computer desk. It was sooo nasty and I still freakout because they've been on my desk before. Sometimes I find bugs (both alive and dead) in the baskets I store my socks and underwear in in
  5. Two years ago during my Freshman year. First boyfriend, first kiss. I don't like to think about him because he only dated me because he pitied me. >> I have yet to kiss someone that I actually like.. My first crush also kissed me my Freshman year, but on the cheek (she was a flirt, had no interest in me).
  6. Waah that's so scary reading about all of these cases. D; My brother got lice from someone at his school a few years ago; I was so nervous and embarrassed. My mom ending up getting it, too, because she was the one who was cleaning his hair every day. My dad washed his hair just in case, but I didn't. I never got them, but I do remember laying on my bed and I looked down at my chest and one was crawling up my shirt! I ran to the bathroom and my mom squished him and flushed it. I had my head checked constantly and never got lice. <33 I hope I never will. -knocks on wood-