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    (I'll try to update my profile sometimes)

    My timezone - CET (Central European Time)

    Hello everyone! I'm Nelena, or just "Nel" if you prefer - and that's my favourite nickname :3 I study Computer Science. What else... I love origami. Reading. Playing computer games. And my special one, of course <3
    English is not my native language, and I'm bad at learning languages, so forgive me any mistakes T_T

    ------------- Breeding & Gifting -------------

    If you need any dragon for a lineage/as a mate for one of yours etc. and think I can help you, send me a PM. I'll try to do my best and give you one for free! This does not include metallic (they rarely give me gold/silver eggs) and shimmers (I prefer giving them to people from gifting treads) ^^

    I would want to thank every person that gave me an egg. You're awesome! :D