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  1. I want a snake. I want some more aquariums. I want a horse. I want pigeons. I want to get a job at the zoo right now, but all I can do is intern and that won't be for a while yet.


    What I want most of all is for people to stop abusing fish. Ban bowls/vases, don't get anything less than 20-30 gallons for a goldfish (they get HUGE) or other large fish, and stop dyeing fish. That's what I want the most. But sadly, I do not see that change coming soon. Poor fish. sad.gif

  2. First and foremost, aquariums. I love my fish.


    I also love video games. The Halo series, Half-Life series (and all the other Valve games) and Call of Duty series are my favorites. So I like the first-person shooter war-type games. And the science fiction games. Another good series is the Elder Scrolls series, but my all-time favorite game is Halo 3.


    And I can't forget music! My favorite bands are Radiohead, Islands, Daft Punk, The Unicorns, Weezer, Wolf Parade, end... a bunch of others. Indie bands are generally the best. Right now my favorite song is "Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts" by Wolf Parade. It's really cool if you read about the mythology surrounding "Hungry Ghosts."


    Airsoft is another good one. I'd love to play apintball,but I'm not sure what my doctor would think about that considering I'm probably not healthy enough to play anything more hardcore than simple airsoft. unsure.gif


    I love dogs too. Pembroke Welsh corgis are my favorite. I've got a corgi named Scout and he's such a great dog. He learns really quickly, even when there's no reward besides being called a good boy (though he usually gets treats during training if I have them on hand). He's just so eager to please.


    My brother and sister and I like to make videos. We've got a few series going and we've become addicted to making more videos. I still laugh when I think about our fake news series. xd.png

  3. My user name comes from the scientific name for the green swordtail, Xiphophorus hellerii. I actually own the koi variety of the green swordtail and they are probably my favorite kind of livebearer. So I just shortened the scientific name to "Xiph."


    My real name is Anneliese, and I'm sort of named after Anne Frank, whose given name was Anneliese. We're very German in ancestry (along with ancestry from Iceland to India and just about everything on the path between those two), so my parents picked a German name for me.