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  1. I love the hatchies and I can't wait for the adults ! Thanks TJ and spriters for those beautiful dragons ♥
  2. Yay hybrid release no need to rush the cave Thank you Tj and spriters !
  3. Omg I'm so excited too ! The platinum trophy ♥ Happy birthday Dragon Cave
  4. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Almerald x silver, 2gen And another : Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. I am so in love with the "leaf" hatchies I can't wait to see the adults too !
  6. Aaw they are so pretty 3 diamonds and 4 leafs for me, I hope the last one will be a sort of butterfly Good luck everyone, and thanks to TJ and spriters
  7. I hope they will be more common I have only grabbed one.. Anyway the hatchlings are awesome, I'm in love with the desert one
  8. Happy Valentine's day ! Great event and lovely eggs Can't wait to see the other stories and the adults
  9. Yay ! Can't wait for the event and release
  10. Wow the adults are gorgeous ! I love them, especially the female
  11. Happy Halloween everyone ! I'm excited to see the hatchlings *-*
  12. Happy birthday DC ! Thank you TJ and spriters for those new dragons ♥ I already grab two of each, I can't wait to see the adults as usual
  13. Oh I'm happy to see that it was a glitch ! Thank you for fix it TJ :3 I have catched some pretties
  14. I'm quite disappointed to see that this new breed is rare.. I only catched 3 eggs, thinking that I could wait for tomorrow (I had 4 more eggs in my scroll) and today, they are gone from their biomes
  15. Yay new release ! Thanks TJ and spriter/s ! Got 3 of them, as usual I can't wait to see the adults
  16. Omg the adults are awesome !! Great job ♥
  17. I have bred this one : http://dragcave.net/lineage/WhATH
  18. No e-mail... congrats to the winners o/
  19. Happy Halloween everyone ! I already love the eggs
  20. New release ! Thanks TJ The two eggs are beautiful, but I prefer the "hidden in the trees" hatchling