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  1. I can't sit on the sidelines anymore. I'm with Robot Chimera. As unpopular of an opinion as it is, I don't think "The Store" is as a definitive cure-all as everyone thinks. It is one option, but it too is flawed, namely putting prices on things that did not have prices to begin with and destroying some semblance of a trade market. In fact, why trade for anything at all when I can just buy exactly what I want? Let me put something into perspective as to why I prefer a "random" method. When I started out many, many years ago, things weren't as peaceful as everyone makes it out to be. If you were fast, lucky, knew how to create Neglecteds, and had finished your own scroll goals, you could be just like everyone else and you too can get and trade for rares such as CB Metallics, 2nd Gen Hollies, and the occasional alt or uncommon breed. However, if you weren't so lucky, or very fast (for technological or health reasons), didn't have the patience to figure out Neglecteds and you were a newbie with nothing of any real value, the only things you could hope for was to hatch an alt Vine or curled/sitting alt Black, or to get lucky and snatch either a Holiday or Trio egg (and even that was only enough to buy a single messy Silver) . Of course, there were extremely generous gifting groups and individuals that helped bridge the gap, but if like me you were in the latter group and you wanted to complete your Scroll by yourself either through catching or trading, you soon realized Metallics and Neglecteds didn't even seem possible and just gave up on getting a CB altogether, settling for a decently lineaged 3G from the AP to fill in for your sprite collection. And then the Raffle happened. Suddenly, something no one had was the next big thing everyone HAD to have, and became the new CB Gold/Ungendered Neglected virtually overnight. But in the first year (in my opinion anyway) unless you were basically done with your Scroll, a CB didn't seem like something you necessarily HAD to have, you would settle for a nice low gen to say you have the sprite set. The real reason I think that has made the Raffle such a big deal is this: the Raffle can be won by anyone regardless of how long you've been there or what's on your scroll, and if you were lucky enough to win, that was literally a one-way ticket to ever hope to get something that was shiny and good enough (either with a Holly, Hybrid, Retired OR Prize) to turn an all-CB scroll from a dream to reality. Suddenly, a newbie with an unreliable internet connection and eye problems has won the Impossible Lottery and just had all the power in the world dropped into their lap. The more people that realized this, the more that played, and the more people that complained if things didn't turn in their favor. And once the Raffle was removed, the more those with 10+ Metallics and Neglecteds became angry about not getting a CB to finish their collections and the more casual users that lost hope, leaving the forums with the thought of "if I have a snowball's chance in the Volcano to get even a 2G Prize to trade for a Metal or Neglected, what's the point in trading?" Would a store help the problem? Maybe for a little while. But I firmly believe that a more random option is the more preferable way to go. In fact, a few monthly raffles centered on collecting and trading certain common breeds (the kill and release actions and Undead breed are there for a reason after all) for each Prize or rare breed would be in my opinion, the best thing to do, but then again I'm not the one making the decisions. But please don't say that a "random" option is the most awful, terrible thing to do and shouldn't even be considered as a viable option. There are just some things that are meant to be exclusive and chased after, and I believe Prizes are one of them. Edit for grammar mistakes~
  2. Is "Holy Stick" okay? (It's intended for a White dragon, but you know...)
  3. If dragon codes are canon, are they considered a dragon's 'true' name, or is it more like an ID humans write down in order to classify them? But then, what if they have a cool code? Are they just unnamed? And do sentinent dragons accept human-given nicknames as their name, have different names for each other or do they just recognize an individual automatically by coloring, personality, etc.?
  4. Never expected to catch anything like this!! Thank you breeder, whoever you are!
  5. Looks like I picked the perfect time to come back to the game~ Thanks for the schedule, TJ!
  6. Oh, well that's the other reason I'd love to see this in the future. There is no special layout on the forums for mobile/limited access players, it loads the same on everything. Which puts a strain on my phone (and dinosaur of a computer), because it needs to load all the styles, the layout, comments, the ads, and anyone with an icon enabled. Instead of overhauling the forums and giving it a special layout, something like this would greatly help us out and would be much faster to implement.
  7. So, I should be forced to load the entire forum frame, everyone's comments (which I don't read, but can do nothing about), and everyone's icon, potentially causing my phone to crash and eating my precious data just for TJ's post? Yeah, no thanks.
  8. @Mondat: But your argument as to why forum access is limited was about security and an imperfect 'all children are constantly watched all the time' model. I was trying to disprove it (and arguing that its restrictions like those that make anyone, no matter their age, turn to lying and secrecy). I also added: So, no one is trying to circumvent any filters because there's no need to. But anyway, let's not get any deeper into that rabbit hole. This. All of this. (Though no one knows what TJ's thinking, I wouldn't be surprised if he already has something similar code-wise already up and running behind the scenes.) And then there's the other reasons there's a problem with a tag line system: the slow loading of posts and the forum itself, the exact start and end dates (wait, October 31st at 9:00 EST?), the sprites and their descriptions, the location of said new dragons... If I went just by the tag line, I would be completely misinformed. And I would go to the forum to read the rest- oh wait, its blocked. Guess I'll go to the Wiki- wait, that's blocked too. And none of my DC friends are on my other favorite game, so I can't ask them... But I have to agree that its a great start, just not the best substitute.
  9. @Mondat (Why thank you! I like yours as well, I adore black cats~) Still, even with the locks and filters they will find another way if they really wanted to. A person locked by censorship could easily use a backdoor program (or travel). A kid will go somewhere else to use a computer (or tablet, or phone, or family member, or use backdoor/hack). You would be hard-pressed nowadays to find a place that is not in third-world poverty (which are steadily improving) to find something not connected to the Internet. If the news was on the site itself, you would have no reason to seek a way to access the forums, because you are still well-informed. Furthermore, I'd like to simplify this idea even more. I don't particularly like the layout (again, being a mobile user), but I don't see it changing anytime soon, so... Instead of a new section or notification like the holiday events, why not have it so that when you click on the link on the front page, it redirects you to the new single news post page onsite instead of the forums?
  10. As someone who pretty much quit the forums entirely, I feel the need to-- *gasp* --actually come and post my own opinion on the matter. I do fully support the idea. At least, as long as it is just a simple re-direct to a new page on the site that only shows TJ's first post and nothing else. (I believe there should be a link at the bottom saying along the lines of "read this in our forum", so you do have that option to read comments and etc., if you'd like. Which the forums would be blocked somehow, someway anyway.) And here are my reasons why: - Anyone who automatically checks the forum anyway should have no reason to click the news link, as they've already seen the post. - As someone who plays via smartphone, I find it an annoyance to have to wait for 20 different posts, 20 different avatar images (assuming they all have it enabled), and the entire forum frame to load in order to see just one post: TJ's. - If it's a matter of "if you don't use the forums, then who cares about you": Well, as someone who does, in fact, still play the game but has resigned from using the forums, I fully enjoy the site just fine. I am still working on completing my scroll, still trading with my friends on other sites, and am still doing my own thing. I literally have no reason to be here, quite honestly, if it weren't for trying to read the news. - If it's a matter of child-rearing: I don't care if you put your computer in Fort Knox, the kid's bound to go to a friend's house at some point. (I have, when I was younger, completely memorized every password anyone put up, not to mention being twice as knowledgable about technology then my parents ever were.) And this topic isn't even about that in the first place. - If it's a matter of being taxing on TJ: really? He coded the site himself (AFAIK), I'm sure he could either create a synchronized posting feature or he has since mastered copy/paste. There, I've said my peace.
  11. So, I made my first sprite about a year ago and dropped it out of disinterest, and then I decided to pick it up again. I do realize he looks a bit... cartoony, and the 41 colors aren't helping it as a DC-style sprite, so for now, he's just a personal project. I would love feedback on him to help me get on the right track and gain practice. Any crits would be much appreciated!
  12. Hey, long time no see! It’s been a long while, but I’m coming back to Dragon Requests. It seems to me that there are quite a few threads who are having trouble moving foward because of lack of sketches and spriters, and while I can’t necessarily sprite, I DO have a pencil, some paper, those really cool big white vinyl erasers, and a decent camera. I have also noticed that sketching for Dragon Requests has made me a better artist and has given me more practice than anything else, so give me something to draw! *Your sketch will be a picture of your basic pencil sketch. IF the dragon’s body is reaaally hard to see under all the frills/wings/extravagant extras, I will also post up an outlined version (probably thin sharpie, I apologize if it bleeds). *Be patient. I can’t stress this one enough, as not only do I not have internet access that is easily available unless it is from an outdated phone, but the times I can use it is sporadic and random. If I don’t post a picture within a couple of days, I will let you know if it is finished or if I’m still working on it. *I will draw for dragons that have not been requested before, but PLEASE give me a decent description to gain an idea of what you are looking for. Your proposed adult description as well as a detailed physical description or picture links of what has inspired you will help me to figure out the beauty that’s in your head. *I will also draw dragons for fun, if you wanted an original sprite or if you wanted to see how something would work out and you have no reference. *Of course, for the love of DragCave, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A DECENT DESCRIPTION IN YOUR REQUEST THREAD. I almost always base my sketches off your thread’s physical description. If it clearly says: “My dragon looks more like a deer.” Rather than: “My dragon looks more like a deer. It is however, an eastern-style dragon.” Don’t be upset when I give you a dragon with a deer’s head, antlers and hooves; and not an Asian dragon with a deer’s nose, antlers, and rounded face. DETAILS, people, DETAILS. *The whole point of me posting this thread is to give you a “starting point” so you have an idea of what it is you’d like for your dragon to be. You DO NOT have to use my sketch as your sprite, but you are more than welcome to use it however you wish without notifying me. A PM or post here that tells me you sprited it and it is now your new Scroll icon for your sig, or you posting in your thread: “Oh, LL helped me with my sketch” is pretty cool, but totally up to you. I love a challenge, so bring me your most outrageous ideas! [b]I’d like to request a sketch![/b] [b]Name of dragon:[/b] [b]Design is based on/influenced by:[/b] Stars, panthers, great white sharks, the Cheshire Cat… [b]Request thread:[/b] URL here [b]Special requests:[/b] Pose, please make it more “ “…, please don’t make it look too much like “ “… [b]Would you like updates by PM or by posting in this thread?[/b] This is just in case I need to get a hold of you to tell you “Forgive me, I’m having some trouble sketching the plants. It’s going to take me another day or two.”, and which method you prefer. Finished: Pose 1 (Male?) Pose 2 (Female?)
  13. Please remove me from the list! I was able to snag a few.
  14. My best wishes are with Sandy victims. However, as I can only get to a computer on a weekday, I guess i'm also not going to get any '12 halloweens.
  15. Sign me up too! I'm sure most users (like me) do some version of this already, but its nice of you to organize/make an official thread for it.
  16. OMG, FILTERS AND TRADE LINEAGES?? Awesome. Thanks a TON! Summon... not exactly going to need that, but still cool.*whistles and walks away*
  17. Oh. My... The Tsunami's are GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see the others!
  18. OMG! *races off to catch* HAPPY B-DAY DC!!!
  19. AAAHHNEWDRAGONS!! But I need the eggs I have, so I got my pair. Thanks to everyone who worked on this dragon!
  20. ^ This. Your style's pretty darn good and I love how clean and smooth the art looks. <3
  21. Whoever bred THIS is AMAZING! I love this dragon like you just don't know. (Finding another like it though...)
  22. After getting nothing from the pairs I attempted to breed, I pressed Summon as a joke... and I am now officially a DOUBLE summoner! I fell backwards with my chair. (Although now I can't even see the action anymore...)
  23. This has got to be the best thing i've ever heard of that came from an April Fool's prank... Now i'm interested.
  24. Hmm... something tells me its the Dinos that are real. The site however, probably not. So i'll stick to dragons. Happy April 1st! (And merry pranking!)
  25. Forum Name: LadyLuck777 Scroll Link: Scroll Because I loved both, why not? I'll play. (Might take me a little while though, I'm going to see if I can try representing all the District imports. )