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  1. Wow! These eggs are fantastic!
  2. Wow, the adults are so beautiful! I like expecially the blue ones
  3. Wow! The dragon is fantastic!
  4. Nice eggs! Merry Christmas!!
  5. Wow! Tha tale is very beautiful and the little dragon is awsome The Christmas dragon "redraw" is fantastic!!
  6. It would be great!! Even if, it would be enough for me to have a method like the BSA tracker, that indicate when the week expired.
  7. We can catch the new eggs only the first two minutes of every hour? It is a little 'cheap? It isn't a little short time?
  8. I just woke up and start hunting! New egg is so cute! But... Are biomes are empty... What happened?
  9. Wow, this event is very nice!
  10. Great! I can't wait to be tomorrow!
  11. All this would be very useful. Especially the opportunity to see the lineage of the egg/hatchling offered
  12. This would be very useful. You could also add the warning that the offer was rejected.
  13. I'm curious about the "cave blockers"... And I'm waiting impatiently for the Halloween breeding and release
  14. Wow! They are very cute! Thanks TJ!!!
  15. Yay!! I found an orange and a blue one!!
  16. Wow! The eggs are fantastic!! I'm courious about dragons
  17. Also I'd like a division by boxes. It was a little I thought of proposing it. A box for Pygmies, a box for Dinos, a box for Rare, ... But it's right that everyone can choose if he wants to use boxes or not.
  18. Elyn05

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    Thanks a lot for the new features, TJ!!! The Help page is wanderful, I wish there was when I signed up, a couple of months ago, it would have been useful. I tryed to change the skin, but I prefer the Default one. I also preferred the link to the profile with uniform background to Scroll, in this way it breaks the page... A little question: is there a list that says in which biomes are the eggs?
  19. I too would very much like there was a possibility of freezing the eggs! If the problem is that many people would take eggs just to freeze them, you could put some limits, some of which had already been told, for example: - you can freeze only the eggs from your dragons born, so not CB - you can freeze only 3/5/... eggs a week - you have to wait 5 hours before you can freeze an egg - you can freeze only an egg-type
  20. Wow!!! It's fantastic!! I'm really curious about the Biomes And I'd like the new eggs/hatchlings limit and the Teleport!
  21. Thanks! I had not seen this page in the Wiki homepage
  22. Three of my five eggs have hatched last night: hatchlings are adorable! The fourth is expected to open in a few hours. Just one question: When the wiki is updated with new Pygmy dragons?
  23. Two hatchlings were born this morning, so I could take the fifth tiny egg! I'm curious to find out if they are breedable with Pygmies